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7 years of Plenty without 7 years of famine on “More Bible and More
In commeration of 7 years of SunGrist_Bible on THOUGHT FOR
CHRISTIANSfor more details, go to the7 year Index
Fall 2013
Flat Rate
Syria a Regional
Conflict with Iran,
Hezbollah from
Lebanon, Russia,
China, and North Korea
involved, that is a joke
and gullible.  Please
what the Bible
predicts as they come
against Israel.
Sort Out “This Sort”Progress Chart for The Prophet Messiah
Bible Studies

Condensed Doctrinal History of

What Happened to the Southern Baptist
Convention and Protestantism?

What Sort?

The Prophet Messiah and the Holy Spirit

Christ’s Appearance News Net for
Weekly Current Events

2014 Index

Prophet Messiah and the CrossProgress Chart for Bible study series of

“Religion Denying the Power of God”

“…having a form of godliness but
denying its power.”  (II Timothy 3:5)

“Contend for the
faith earnestly, which
was once for all
delivered to the
saints” (Jude  3b)
with Bible exegesis.
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from all countries!
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