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What are the Top 12 Topics of the Bible as the Spirit determined by the structure of OT quotes in the NT.  {exegesis turned to topics}

I.  The Living God of the Living.

II.  Righteousness of God and Man.

III.  The Composite Witness of the Bible.

{Also called “Principle of Witnesses” or “Consistency of the Bible”.}

IV.  Son of God/Son of Man.

Many of the OT references, especially of those quoted in the NT, are to the Prophet Messiah of Deuteronomy and Isaiah as the Son of God.  The great mystery of the Bible, possible only by the virgin birth by the power of God, is how Jesus of Nazareth was able to be both God and Man.  While “Son of God” is a frequent title for Jesus in the OT, to Jesus the title of “Son of Man” was one of His favorites {although often in His life God Himself intervened to tell others that this Jesus was His Son}, and Son of Man is a solo NT title, once that Jesus in HIs teachings used often to describe His Second Coming.
V.  The Resurrection.

VI.  Wisdom of God and Man.

VII.  The Gospel of the Bible.

So much of the Bible is Gospel, or good news, that it is proper it the Gospel of the Bible.  While many students of the Bible know that “the gospel was preached to Abraham”, and by God Himself; so few realize that in the quotes of the OT in the NT and in the order of the OT, also are:  (1) the Gospel PROCLAIMED in the OT; (2) the Gospel PRESENTED in the 4 Gospels of the NT; (3) the Gospel
EXPLAINED in Paul, especially of Hebrews and Romans; (4) and the Gospel Appendixed in Mark.

VIII.  Listening More Important Than Sacrifice.

IX.  What Happened to the Jews as the Chosen People of God?

X.  The Salvation of God.

XI.  The New King of the New Israel.

XII.  The Living God Wants Others to Live.

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