Surfing Some Free Downloads

In keeping with the gist of SunGrist_Bible online of “More Bible, More World”, this sample below is introduced to you from the SunGrist websites, just a sample of the most exhaustive free Bible resources you can find online. You will enjoy browsing these Bible subjects below. Simply click on the www link, the document will come up in PDF; then you can browse it or read it or save it to your computer, free. What is the gimmick? None, Jesus said “Go into the world…” and the Apostle Peter said, “Freely we have received, freely we give.” Enjoy! Way back over 9 years ago when the first web site was launched, the primary free download offered was a Cup of Water, and you know what Jesus said about giving contacts a cup of water. Well that book on the life and teachiings of Jesus is still there online, with a little extra last things from Daniel; and you can download it free also at

1.  Apostle Paul.
2.  Arabs, Jews, and God.
3.  Atheism, the 10 commandments.
4.  Bible Philosophy.
5.  Christian 10 C’s. {}
6.  Church of the Firstborn.
7.  Cross and Comforter.
8.  Doctrine, Erosions of. {}
9.  Doomsday.
10.  Evangelism and the Church.
11.  Faith.
12.  First Corinthians.
13.  God, Arabs, and Jews.
14.  Gospel of John, the 7 Signs.
15.  Hermenuetics.
16.  Holy Spirit. 
17.  Hope.
18.  Messages from Gospel of John on 7 Signs.
19.  Messages for the Masses. {}
20.  Messages from Jesus.
21.  Miracle Signs.
22.  7 Miracles of the Gospel of John.
23.  Muslims, 47 former of Pakistan.
24.  Philosophy of Life and Living.
25.  Prophet Messiah, The.
26.  Psalm 23.
27.  Reality and Turning Away From.
28.  Romans, the 7 Amens.
29.  Soul’s Hearing, The.
30.  Understanding Bible, a Skill.
31.  Who Adds to the Church and Where?
32.  Zingers on Religion. 

Surf and browse all 3 websites of SunGrist_Bible for more, much much more:


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