Eyelashes Debates Hands

 Fox and Megan Debate Trump at Fox Theater in Detroit
Fox News wins the Debate taking unfair advantage of other candidates to prepared slides available on cue.  In an unprecedented move by Fox at the Fox theatre in Detroit, the moderators became participants in the debate something the American people did not want as they came to listen to the Presidential candidates, no matter how attractive Megan looked with those long eyelashes {guess it beats hands} and striving to steal the show with her hostile witness tactics, and typical fact making of a trained lawyer.  Big Wall Street and the RNC made it last ditch stand to block the nomination of Trump through Megan’s eyelashes and slides to dominate the debate.
Now we visualize–we remember more of what we see than what we hear–what candidates have been telling us for years, and only Sanders and Trump have a handle on, America’s enemies from within are not only the big money of drug companies, insurance, and others; but also big news and the establishment.  It is hopeful that Americans can see through this and in Sanders and Trump continue their progress forward.
The reason for “Dens” as in NATIONAL DENS OF THIEVES the famous “den of thieves” in the temple message of Jeremiah 7 and quoted by Jesus included the greed in religion, society, government, and surely if there had been big news then it would have been included.  For more information of NATIONAL DENS OF THIEVES, Jeremiah and Prophesy, including a free download of the book in PDF, see the pinned post by that name at
trump hands

‘Her lashes are bigger than Trump’s hands!’ Megyn Kelly mocked by debate viewers for her ‘comically large’ fake eyelashes

  • The 45-year-old joined Bret Baier and Chris Wallace to moderate the Republican debate held in Detroit, Michigan, on Thursday night
  • Critics flocked to Twitter during the debate to slam the Fox News star’s long eyelashes and make jokes about her appearance
  • Megyn received similar online backlash for her eyelashes during the January 28 debate held in Des Moines, Iowa 
  • Some question that the continuous uproar over her make-up is a symptom of the same sexism that she has often tried to stand against
  • During the debate, Megyn was reunited with Donald Trump for the first time since he boycotted the January debate because she was moderating
  • The two remained relatively cordial despite their ongoing feud 

From today’s Daily Mail .com

This is the way People Magazine online tried to spin it to excuse Megan and  Chris Wallace to take the attention off their injecting, with prepared slides no less, joining and often dominating the debate when we paid for the candidates to debate.  Fox excuses it as they often do with “fact checking”, and we all know the spin often heard on fact checking.

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly Play Nice After Reuniting at Fox News Debate

It looked like real People rather than People magazine saw it differently, and I am sure big money and big wall street and the big RNC wanted to see it like People Magazine.

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