Natural Implications of Satan as the “god” and “prince of this world!

MUSLIMS, MORMONS, AND MASONS SUBJECT THEMSELVES TO SATAN, the prince and god of this world and worldliness.

How is Satan god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4)? at

No matter how tolerant we want to be as part of our American Democratic Faith, we must stand up for the only God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ; and realistic admit according to the Bible that Muslims, Mormons, and Masons who worship a god other than the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, have an idol. Furthermore since they devotely worship that idol, and the only other supernatural being is Satan, the reality is that THEY ARE SERVING AND WORSHIPPING SATAN. A lot to swallow for Americans who desire and continue to be tolearant as far as citizenship and friendliness, however we do them no good when we compromise the reality that there is only one God, and that is the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. When all these Muslims, Mormons, and Masons continue their worship and service of other gods, they are (1) in danger of demon possession, (2) compromise on the morality of the God of morality in the 10 commandments, (3) can not find salvation only through Jesus Christ, and (4) are inevitably on their way to hell if there is no turning around called by Jesus repentance and the new birth. Brutal but true, and the sooner they learn it the better, likewise Americans must distinguish between the tolearance of the American Democratic faith, which we all respect and appreciate, and the Christian faith where increasingly in this time of the great apostasy called the Falling Awy, Christians “will not endure sound doctrine” (II Timothy 4:4,5), simultaneously with straining at a gnat of citizenship intolerance are swallowing the intolerance of unsound doctrine that is contrary to the “faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3) in the first century A.D.

“Choice you this day, whom you will serve, God or Baal {any other god than the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ}; and wake up to some other Bible facts, while the majority is always adhered to in the American Democratic faith, the Bible in passages like where Jesus taught of the world population of all time that many go to the broad way of destruction and few go the narrow path to God and eternal life, thus telling us the difference between the MANY and the FEW is the difference between the majority and minority. Popularity and the majority is never, never, ever a good thing in Christian faith.

You don’t believe in what Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount that “the children of the world are smarter than the children of light” and furthermore that the “children of this world know their own” meaning bluntly that Mormons and Masons will recognize their own among Muslims as will all unbelievers or less than completely dedicated beleivers IN CHRIST.

Once again you see in the Bible that word of “many” for the majority in the teachings of Jesus of Matthew 24 as He taught of the great Falling Away of extremely tolerant Christians near the last days with the words, “And because sin will abound, the love of MANY will wax cold.” Of course if you have become so tolerant of sin and the sinful and unbelieving that you do not recognize today the increase in the mystery of sin and lawlessness, then no doubt you do not have enough Bible and Christian conviction to recognize the inevitablity of the present Falling Away and the consequences.


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