Help in Scot Irish Navigation

Special Guidance Note:  WordPress, especially where there are 4 distinct blogs, pages, and a website has gotten more complicated to navigate (and parenthetically more expensive), so to help you get from Christian Mind t/American Mind to the Scot Irish blogs, etc…this help below is added. should take you to all of them, but that still gets complicated and sometimes sungrist3in1 is required.  Below are many references and links of SunGrist to the Scot Irish American heritage.  If this too gets complicated, simple click on the link to see what it has to offer you.

1. The Scottish Corner on SunGrist at
2. Indian and Scot-Irish American heritage at
3. And the related Scot Irish American blog at


Any time you desire more research on Scot and Scot-Irish American heritage as well as live contacts with those in Ireland, Scotland, and the US go to Scottish Corner on Google+…/108322440275849756011/posts…
Also there you will find Collections, present and past, of Scottish American Tidbits of History–…/collection/cZSSv…
And a couple of related communities you can Browse and/or join:

1. Scot-Irish (Ulster Scots) Americans at…/communities/111831128088811985249…
2. Americans of Scottish & Scots-Irish Descent at…/communities/107120566894116666511…

Scot Irish American heritage on Facebook:

Jerry McMichael to McMichaels/Macmichaels: Oral History Dialog

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