Master Index for 5 sites

Striving hard to keep up with the way Facebook organizes, and to guide you and me through an index of the 5 sites:

Scot Irish American,

 Flight adventures,

Scot Irish American Blog,

SunGrist 3 in 1, and

the Christian Mind.  

Granted they are all inter related and somewhat mixed; and we both need some help to find our way around the Five.  First since is both a Web site and 5 blogs, here is a list of the pages.


         WEB PAGES 

Enthusiasm for Work
Hideout for Bad Habits
3 Frogs Bring World to Megiddo
Israel Complete on New Earth
When Truth Dies In a Nation of Gods People?
NSA5: A Statement of Faith.
SunGrist at BiblecomBibleman
Introduction To Free Downloads from SunGrist_Bible
An Evidence Summary.
The Seared Conscience.
SunGrist on
An Introduction to SunGrist on Biblecombibleman
Life and Living
Off the Beaten Path to the Uttermost
The Christian American Mind

(And the sungrist3in1 web pages)


           The 5  Blog Sites


  1.  Scot Irish American history with some mixtures of NSA autobiography.

1 scotirishamerican

2.  Flight Adventures Blog with an emphasis on the missile and airplane work of the owner/administrator, and to illustrate some autobiography of Natural Scout Adventures.

2 flightadventures

     3.  Scot Irish American Blog which combines some NSA autobiography with tidbits of  Scot Irish American History.

3  scotirishamerican blog

4.  SunGrist 3 in 1, the original effort with Facebook which turns out to be a combination of all 4 other major subjects.

4 sungrist3in1

4.  The Christian Mind and American Mind, sort of self explanatory, however this beginning post, Master Index. is a help to get to and around all 5 sites.

5 Christian mind

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