National Righteousness versus National Sin

The most simple definition of righteousness is rightness. Our chief engineer at General Dynamics would say “just do what is right”. Well, the millionaire pastors and preachers in this nation know that such greed is not right, the congressmen who steal time from the public by working 3 days a week for the Party, know that such is not right and try to work hard to conceal the truth, likewise their wives who make millions as lobbyists know such conflict of interest is wrong; gay and lesbian advocates and defenders know that God can not bless a nation that ignores the natural of Romans 1, and it is not right for them to cheat Americans of the blessings of God in order that they might indulge themselves; divorce is not right in the sight of God according to the Bible, yet the laws of the land encourage it and the lawyers profit from it; it is still wrong to take the name of God in vain and desecrate the Sabbath day, yet those national sins grow.…

National Righteousness versus National Sin

The supreme question related to the fate of prop 8 in California, voted in by a majority of the people and ruled out by one judge and no doubt on the way to the…|By SunGrist_Bible

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