7 Baptisms in the New Testament, Part 1.

“baptism of the Holy Spirit”, baptism of the Holy Spirit, baptism of the Holy Spirit, you HEAR that all the time from the Swaggarts. Well, it sad news about this false doctrine like the secret rapture, is that those words are not in the KJV of the Bible. If you have a copy if the KJV software in your computer, tablet, or smartphone run the precise words that we hear so often from this evangelists, “the baptism of the Holy Spirit” through the NT, you will not find it. It is easy since the Swaggarts use it so often, much like the words rapture, dispensation, and millennium, they are not in the Bible.

This illustrates today how we are before our eyes seeing the fulfillment of II Timothy 4:3,4:

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own desires shall they heap up teachers with itching ears, turn away from truth and be turned into fables.”

Without a dobut Swaggart and Osteen on some ocasstions are examples of itching ears teachers, and their gifts from God and Christ are not even for teaching and Bible exposition. Obvious is Swaggarts gift from God evangelism being easily among the 7 top evangelists of America: Billy Graham, Billy Sunday, Dwight L. Moody and R. A. Torrey, Charles Wesley and George Whitefield, and Jimmy Swaggart. Now, Swaggart has tried to remedy that my writing his own Bible, often including “baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues”, not as notes at the bottom like with Scoffield but with notes within the verses like Joseph Smith did for the Mormons in their KJV Bible among their 4 Bibles.

The world loves these itching ears teachings because they desire something new to tickle their ears with comfort in worldly ways, because each generation things it is getting smarter and therefore should be among those that heap up the teachers with itching ears. Joel, a young man without Bible training and called more by his mother than God to pastor the church at Lakewood {his mother owns the church}, is sort of a victim of circumstances since the semester he was at Oral Roberts University he studied Radio and TV. {You can find all this in Wikipedia under Joel Osteen.} Itching ears teachers is a grassroots movement among the people even as the Falling Away described in II Timothy 4:3,4 is a grassroots movement among all the peoples of the world. It should not be thought a strange thing that the people of the world and falling away churches and Christians should call and create in turn teachers like themselves of itching ears.

However, the subject now is “baptism in the Holy Spirit” which is not a Bible doctrine, and a good clue is that you do not find the phraise anywhere in the New Testament. Well, let us break it down to see if the Swaggarts innocently stumbled with the words, how about the word “baptism”. Baptism, simply meaning immersion, is used at least 7 ways in the NT, all having a distinct meaning.

1. Mentioned most often is the “baptism of John”, a baptism preparing the way for Christ, a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins; and a baptism the disciples of Jesus built on to teach the “baptism in the name of Jesus”.


2. “Baptism in the name of Jesus” includes it all, the “One baptism” is each really the One salvation of the 7 major doctrines. It includes the new birth which includes the Holy Spirit residing in the heart of every believer, and it includes what most Bible teachers call the process of sanctification, or continuing salvation, as the Spirit works more in the heart, which is really what Swaggart is trying to do but with the unnecessary  addition of unknown tongues that they can use as a gimmick and control.


3. “Baptism in fire” was a teaching phrase Jesus used with His disciples how He came in order to divide the children of God from the children of the world, and the fire is the final division as the second coming when the whole earth is destroyed by fire and the complete separation between goats and sheep takes place.


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