7 Baptisms in the New Testament, Part 2.

4. Baptism of a cross to bear, also called by Jesus as a cup to drink that He drank of, and that all disciples are called to bear and drink.


5. The great One Baptism of the One Salvation, one of the 7 major doctrines of the Bible.


6. The baptism that saves: (1) the answer of a good conscience toward God because of obedience of faith; and (2) based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


7. Baptism unto death and the newness of life also based on the resurrection of Christ, and the same as the One Baptism.


NOTE: Sort of strange that no where in the Bible is the major doctrine of the Swaggarts of “Baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of the speaking in unknown tongues”. Wow, what we among the saints to whom “the faith once delivered for all” are letting such unsound faith and practice go on among us that is unchallenged. We must like Jude “contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints”. And what is the danger in the body of this itching ears teaching is that the recepients of unknown tongues consider that to be their sanctification, a instant emotional outburst that can last them all week or forever. The problem with the Swaggarts is that they are striving to replace the known tongues or languages on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension with the easily self-generated and self glorifying unknown tongues. And how about Osteen who is very talented with the ability to win friends and influence people, who with original doctrine from some unknown source always speaks in a language unknown to the rest of the body of Christ. Of course, it is known to students of American Thought as the “gospel of wealth and the corollary of success”, or should be called a Gospel of Prosperity meant to be another Gospel that places a curse on their heads of a substitute for the Gospel of Christ. How do you summarize the Gospel of Osteen, his mother, and the people of Lakewood, it is a lopsided gospel of optimism, peace, and material things. Like in the days of Jeremiah when all the prophets, priests, and pastors were preaching “peace when there is no peace” and “comforting God’s people only slightly”–only Jeremiah standing alone with God–the present Falling Away with these itching ears teachers is duplicating the two evils God proclaimed on Judah and Jerusalem before its destruction: “they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, and hewn out cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water.

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