Fables Hidden by Obvious Talents

Fables Hidden by Obvious Talents

swaggart and osteen 3

1.  Being in the Falling Away that must come before the Second Coming of Christ, and being that so many doctrinal sound evangelists and pastors agree the time is close for the Second Coming, the present falling away with Christian fables predominating among popular preachers has to be both discerned as unsound doctrine and as a large part of contending for the “faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3) spoken out against.

2.  Much of the problem is a confusing between obvious talents in the world and the gifts of the spirit that come only from God.  For example as in Osteen who is a mother {she owns Lakewood church} called preacher rather than of God, his talent is obvious on how to win friends and influence people and hence make millions out of best selling books, it is very hard for other Christians with the obligations to “test the spirits” to find any of the major gifts from the Ascended Christ that apply to him as “pastors, teachers, apostles and prophets and evangelists”.  Granted the world calls him a pastor; however he himself when he first ascended to his pulpit throne stated that surely the church people could not expect him to spend time in visitation as a normal pastor does, because he was reaching so many millions of people on TV and in his books.

3.  On the other hand, there is Jimmy Swaggert whose twin gifts of music and evangelism are obvious, but who has shown disdain for the other gifts in the body of the church, by claiming three or more gifts.  It is obvious that Swaggert is in the top 7 evangelists in America, and much of that is because of his music capability which was learned from his grandmother.  None can compare to him in singing, playing the piano, and leading other musicians.  Swaggerts questionable talent that he claims is as a Bible Expositor.  Not having received any formal Bible training, and striving to transfer his evangelistic skills to Bible expositions with the writing of the EXPOSITORS BIBLE, has to be both commented for efforts to reach the world with free Bibles, but with a certain fear that those same people will get as much unsound doctrine as they do sound doctrine.  The very serious question is how do you admire obvious talent that are gifts from God, without allowing a falsely claimed gift of Bible exposition to go out unchallenged into the world.

4.  Stated another and more positive way, what do we do as Christians obligated to “contend for the faith” with the Christian Fables of our talented?

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