This Freedom Day weekend, a little more objective info is needed on TRUE FREEDOM.

What is “True Freedom” according to The Trumpet,

“Notice what the Apostle Peter said about many people who promote freedom: “They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption; for whatever overcomes a man, to that he is enslaved” (2 Peter 2:19; Revised Standard Version). If you are overcome by something, you are enslaved to it. What does that mean, exactly?”

What Is True Freedom?

People everywhere fight and strive for greater freedom. At the same time, they fight against law. That shows a dangerous misunderstanding of the nature of true freedom and the need for righteous law.

What Is True Freedom?

Many religious people like to talk about freedom. But are they getting their definition of freedom from the Bible? “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). If they have a different idea of freedom, they are enslaved. They are not following true Christianity! And that is true of many who consider themselves very religious.

Jesus said to the religious people of His day, “This people honourethme with their lips, but their heart is far from me” (Mark 7:6). Christ condemns a lot of people with this statement! Many people talk about God and Jesus Christ; they act religious. But in truth, their hearts are far from God! They are actually enslaved to a false religion, and think they are obeying God.

We must be free from that kind of false Christianity!

If you’re going to be a Christian, you must follow Christ (1 Peter 2:21). Christ lived His life in perfect subjection to the law of God. He resisted the pulls of His flesh rather than being overcome by them! We need to be like Christ—free of human nature! Most people don’t even know what human nature is.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9). That is God’s view of human nature, though most people don’t believe that. Do you recognize the evil in your own heart—or are you, like most others, deceived about human nature?

We can see this truth illustrated all around us: If you let a desperately wicked heart run free, it will do great damage!

It is very difficult to keep God’s law. But the problem isn’t with the law, it is with us. We need to change and conform ourselves to that law. We need to replace the wickedness of our hearts with the righteousness of God by writing God’s law in our hearts! (Hebrews 8:8-10). We need to write God’s law on our hearts indelibly—to etch it on our hearts and minds so it will never go away! That will bring true freedom into our lives!

We have been deceived to believe just the reverse—that God’s law somehow enslaves us. That is false! Beware of men—no man can give you true freedom! Only God can do that.

God’s law brings us the ultimate, most wonderful freedom of all. It protects our families. It protects our children. It protects us from all the evil in this world.

We should have joyful freedom. I want to be free! “Live as free men, yet without using your freedom as a pretext for evil; but live as servants of God” (1 Peter 2:16; rsv).

How beautiful and precious is freedom! True freedom is a wonderful gift! The greatest gift God can give us is to make us truly free.

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