Apostles and Prophets, thru the Bible in a new way

This Free thru the Bible study will begin September 2017. If you are a serious searcher after more Bible, you must sign up for this study by email at sungrist@gmail. Please only your name, email address, and country. Those that sign up by email receive a notice of registration and a free copy of the chapters on the book of Revelation.


A&P, thru the Bible on Facebook–https://www.facebook.com/groups/103878250238434/?hc_ref=ART5TFYi-_ZYG_q9tRozTsyRq-JjWXGNr89cluQnOuuReNDhOCKYYOtxzzwxYg7pW9A

A&P, thru the Bible community on Google Plus–https://plus.google.com/communities/109507333320355906768

The 4 sections of Thru the Bible with the Apostles and Prophets:

(1a) Prophets and Apostles, a one volume Bible commentary;

(1b) Gospel in the Old Testament–Proclaimed, Established, Explained, Reinforced, and Appendix;

(1c) Top 12 Topics of the Bible, alias the OT according to the NT; and

(1d) Magic Outline of the Bible, exegetical subject outline of the Bible.

4 sections of lcc_1

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