Don’t Be Any Part of This Bad Mathematical Hermeneutics

“…so any study of that Word which ignores those divisions must be in large measure profitless and confusing.” (From Cyrus’s Hermeneutics I course called “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth”.) WRONG!

This is part of the bad hermeneutics of Scofield, and helps to explain both the haughty nature of Scofield mites and their bad hermeneutics, a condemning and seductive spirit that not only condemns all the Bible students of the word today but also in the long history of Bible study. What a bad attitude! Many, many, many of us can testify to 50 plus years of beneficial and fruitful, blessed of God, Bible reading and study without even knowing either the 7 dispensations (or “divisions” as he calls them), or without knowing about them. For 13 hours flying over the Atlantic in Naval Aviation at low altitude in all weather, my red Scofield Reference Bible was read without looking at his notes, and honestly until today many years later of Christian life and service, this is the first day I have allowed myself to look at the mud of Scofield’s original dispensations.

1. MAN INNOCENT.—This dispensation extends from the creation of Adam, Gen. 2: 7, to the expulsion from Eden. Adam, created innocent, and ignorant of good and evil, was placed in the garden of Eden with his wife, Eve, and put under responsibility to abstain from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The Dispensation of Innocence resulted in the first failure of man, and in its far reaching effects, the most disastrous. It closed in judgment—” So He drove out the man.”

NOTE: Yes the sin was and is far reaching effects to this day which speaks more of one division of the history of God and man. Sin was sin at any time or age right up until today. And by the way grace was made available immediately.

2. MAN UNDER CONSCIENCE. — By the Fall, Adam and Eve acquired, and transmitted to the race, the knowledge of good and evil. This gave conscience a basis for right moral judgment, and hence the race came under this measure of responsibility—to do good and eschew evil. The result of the Dispensation of Conscience, from Eden to the Flood (while there was no institution of government and of law), was that ” all flesh had corrupted his way on the earth; “that “the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually; ” and God closed the second testing of the natural man with
judgment—the Flood.

NOTE: Do you see any division in the actual Word of God in Genesis to divide up Genesis into some artificial divisions, except for an outline to teach and preach not really an interpretation of the Bible of good hermeneutics, but more theology and you know always the many departures of theology especially of Dallas Theological Seminary, but beyond that by a PHILOSOPHY OF THE WORLD AND WORLD HISTORY that is unwarranted and tries to tell God and His people how to think. Obviously this is an adding to the Bible as condemned in Revelation 22:19.   Scofield could convince many of this as truth with his YMCA course, but hardly active students of the Bible in many churches throughout the world and in Bible colleges and seminaries that have never seen this foolish seven.

3. MAN IN AUTHORITY OVER THE EARTH.—Out of the fearful judgment of the Flood
God saved eight persons, to whom, after the waters were assuaged, He gave the purified earth with ample power to govern it. This, Noah and his descendants were responsible to do. The Dispensation of Human Government resulted, upon the plain of Shinar, in the impious attempt to become independent of God and closed in judgment—the Confusion of Tongues.

NOTE: If God actually “purified the earth”, that would last until eternity and really not need for another division except for teaching his course, writing his notes, and making much money and fame from the SRB, no real need he falsely teaches for a new heaven and a new earth. By definitions of divisions, one division can not overlap in all over divisions. And if they do overlap there is no reason for 7 divisions, which is really the truth. Now, you talk about a “confusion of tongues”, with this confusion of the Bible, Scofield and the SRB created a CONFUSION of Bible and hermeneutics.

4. MAN UNDER PROMISE.—Out of the dispersed descendants of the builders of Babel,
God now calls one man, Abram, with whom He enters into covenant. Some of the promises to Abram and his descendants were purely gracious and unconditional. These either have been, or will yet be, literally fulfilled. Other promises were conditional upon the faithfulness and obedience of the Israelites. Every one of these conditions was violated, and the Dispensation of Promise resulted in the failure of Israel’s family and closed in the judgment of Bondage in Egypt. The book of Genesis, which opens with the sublime words, “In the beginning God created,” closes with, ” In a coffin in Egypt.”

NOTE: Interesting, 4 out of 7 Scofield divisions of the Bible are complete with only 1 out of the 66 books of the Bible. Did you know that currently many Scofield mites are publishing new KJV Bibles, including for kids, and by especially DTS graduates, that do not even have the divisions of the 66 books of the Bibe, but use “epochs” for cover up of the dispensations of SRB, Lifeway the official book store now of the SBC is heavily promoting them {there are currently 23 pages of SR Bibles advertised by Lifeway.

5. MAN UNDER LAW.—Again the grace of God came to the help of headless man and
redeemed the chosen people out of the hand of the oppressor. In the wilderness of Sinai He proposed to them the Covenant of Law. Instead of humbly pleading for a continued relation of grace, they presumptuously answered: “All that the Lord hath spoken we will do.” The history of Israel in the wilderness and in the Land is one long record of flagrant, persistent violation of the Law, and at last, after multiplied warnings, God closed the testing of man by Law in judgment: first Israel, and then Judah, were driven out of the Land into a dispersion which still continues. A feeble remnant returned under Ezra and Nehemiah, of which, in due time, Christ came: ” Born of a woman—made under the law.” Him both Jews and Gentiles conspired to crucify.

NOTE: This would make a good teaching outline or preaching, but not adding to the Bible by the supposition that this is Bible. What another affront to the Bible, to use and abuse the in due time verse of Jesus was born as justification for this division. Once again, this is just an interpretation of history, not Bible. And notice once again the lack of balance of his divisions when he begs in his paper on Hermeneutics that it provides symmetry and balance. Oh by the way if you did not know or teach or believe in this and the other 7 divisions, you are confused–“…so any study of that Word which ignores those divisions must be in large measure profitless and confusing.” Did you know that before Jeffress everybody else in studying and reading their Bibles were confused, and this is written by Scofield, a divorced lawyer with only formal Bible training as assistant pastor of a Presbyterian church and later a pastor of the First Congregational Church of Dallas.

6. MAN UNDER GRACE.—The sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus Christ introduced the
dispensation of pure grace—which means undeserved favor, or God GIVING
righteousness, instead of God REQUIRING righteousness, as under Law. Salvation, perfect and eternal, is now freely offered to Jew and Gentile upon the acknowledgment of sin, or repentance, with faith in Christ.

NOTE: “introduced a dispensation of pure grace”; WRONG, it not only was introduced in first division of Genesis, but continued all through the Prophets and Apostles with more and more complete information. Once of real Bible study must say that the grace of God was made known from the beginning and continues through all his divisions, demanding once again one big division, like in reality the Bible is.

judgments which attend the personal return of Christ to the earth, He will reign over restored Israel and over the earth for one thousand years. This is the period commonly called the Millennium. The seat of His power will be Jerusalem, and the saints, including the saved of the Dispensation of Grace, viz., the Church, will be associated with Him in His glory.

But when Satan is “loosed a little season,” he finds the natural heart as prone to evil as
ever, and easily gathers the nations to battle against the Lord and His saints, and this last
dispensation closes, like all the others, in judgment. The “great white throne” is set, the wicked dead are raised and finally judged, and then come the “new heaven and a new earth”—eternity is begun.

NOTE: What foolishness, can you imagine two simultaneous kingdoms on this earth, one in Jerusalem where all tourists will not be able to go, but the foolishness of believers after being with Christ for one thousand years will go back to sinning like before the one thousand years. You must understand that this number 7 as a false prophet to make disciples to himself, to scatter the flock of the SBC and others, and to honor a contract with Oxford Press with zealot bias.

There should be some admiration for Cyrus as a creative bad mathematician, that not only practices addition and subtraction on the Bible, but also multiplication and division with his false 7 dispensations. And if you think this is bad, you should listen (not recommended) to Jeffress and other DTS graduates like LeHaye, Jeremiah, with their “hyperdispensationalism”.

“And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” (Revelation 22:19)








2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Any Part of This Bad Mathematical Hermeneutics

  1. 1948+70=2018. 1+9+4+8+2+0+1+8=33. 2018+7=2025. 6000 minus 2025 = 3975. 2+0+2+5+3+9+7+5 equal 33
    33+33=66 6+6+3+9+2+7=33 you go figure. 2nd Peter 3 verse 8. 6th millennium ends in 2025. 2nd Thess. chapter one. Dr. B. R. Larkin The Battle of Armageddon Google search. By the way, Rev chapter 22 verses 18-19 is a sword that cuts both ways. Times up next year starting March 31st to April 7th. Be careful who you debate with. They may be better read than you are. I ain’t guessin’ you are.


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