A Certain Immunity to Scofield and his notes

Don’t know how to explain a certain immunity to Scofield and his notes except to compare with a life of growing up in Houston without ever seeing a drug, unbelievable but true; but even as I had so many constructive things to do in high school like scouts, life guarding, and FBC Galena Park, so also I carried and read thru the Bible several times of the Scofield Reference Bible in 13 hour Atlantic AEW flights (stumbled across the photo from one flight the other day showing my Bible under the radar display at my ditching station), ignoring as in the rest of my Christian Baptist life and training Scofield notes, also the words rapture, millennium, and dispensationalism.

There was just no need for it until: (1) the realization while doing graduate work in Physics at Baylor, knowing that Dr. Ray Summers that summer was teaching his commentary on Revelation, “Worthy is the Lamb”–it was becoming increasingly apparent that our failures as Bible preachers and teachers to deal with the book of Revelation created a vacuum that weirdos sought to fill; and (2) words supposedly from the Bible but not in the Bible were beginning to fall on my ears with the Left Behind series that caused the seeking of a balance between major doctrines of the Bible and the book of Revelation and eschatology, which about 12 years ago necessitated the writing of “The Demonic Veil of the Rapture”.

Certainly most of the preacher boys at Ouachita except perhaps Bailey Smith (later President of the SBC and part of the behind the scenes takeover of the SBC by the feudamentalists of the fundamentalists along with Adrian Rogers, Criswell, and Charles Stanley) were enamored with the Scofield notes and eschatology, quizzed as to why as the young pastor just out of Naval Aviation at Walnut Valley Baptist Church was not as enthusiastic as them, so were told “It is more important striving to reach people with sound Bible doctrine than to deal with controversial subjects”. Sort of naïve, yes; however it cost an early departure from the parsonage and church after losing popularity with the deacons enamored with their former pastor, now an evangelist specialized on Scofield notes. Beginning to plan for a revival meeting, the deacons invited him up, saw some of his charts, listened to one of his dirty jokes as the deacons and myself took their smoke break out behind the church, and decided against him. (Have always noticed, maybe not as far as telling dirty jokes, but in other ways a bad attitude and character default among those enamored with Scofield notes. It seems that Scofield mites even as they isolate exegesis of Revelation from the total context and exegesis of the rest of the Bible, especially the teachings of Jesus on eschatology, also isolate Christian life and behavior from their professional life.)
Pray that here and in other groups like Eschatology, that deficiency is being rectified as it is clear in spite of all the flack and camouflage of the fuedamentalists of the fundamentalists in the SBC, faithfulness to the Scofield notes on eschatology more than their Christian Bibles and brotherhood, split the Convention and is now underfire with their efforts to gain doctrinal control, especially out of DTS and with new study Bibles that copy Scofield notes.

By the way, that Bible was really red (read) like it is the Word of God–divine in origin, absolute in authority, consistent and sufficient in content, dynamically alive and high fidelity in communication, and self-interpretative with the ASPI version of the Bible according to II Peter 1:20,21).

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