Progressive Textbook Part I Installment (Exegetical section, 1-5)

I. Bible Sessions. (Exegetical Outline of the Bible)

1. The Living God of the Living. [Genesis 1 – Exodus 19]
2. Righteousness of God and Man. [Exodus 2 – Numbers]
3. Catching on to the ASPI version of the Bible. [Deutoronomy]
4. How the Heavenly Father deals with Us Through Christ. [Job and Psalms 1-15]
5. Who Then Will See God at the Great Resurrection in the Sky? [Psalm 16-35]

Subject Outline of the Bible.

I. The Living God of the Living
II. Righteousness of God and Man
III. The Composite Witness of the Bible
IV. God, Man and the Son of Man [completed so far]
V. The Resurrection
VI. Wisdom From God
VII. The Gospel
VIII. Listening More Important Than Sacrifice
IX. What Happened to the Jews as the Chosen nation?
X. The Salvation of God
XI. The New King of Israel
XII. The Living God Wants Others to Live

What is amazing is that the whole Bible of 66 books, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament, can be outlined under 12 major subjects! I will tell you upfront why that is possible: because of the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament, and because the New Testament provides the proper interpretation of those Old Testament quotes.

NOTE:  Free download this Part I of the Textbook.


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