The Literal Bible

NOTE:  An announcement that THRU THE BIBLE and the original of Apostles and Prophets will now mostly be called THE LITERAL BIBLE.

The progress in the outline so far to this date is shown below:



chp 1         Preface:  The Literal Bible.

chp 2         Apostles summarizes the NT, Prophets the OT.

chp 3         Seducing Spirit and Doctrines of Devils

chp 4         “Come and See”, The Gospel of John

chp 5          And it shall come to pass in the LAST DAYS says God…

chp 6         Bad Mathematical Hermeneutics

chp 7         The Apostle Paul, Chief editor of the New Testament

chp 8         THE GREATEST “DUE TIME”

chp 9          An Introduction to Good Bible Hermeneutics

chp 10        Bible Hermeneutics = Bible “Understanding”

chp 11        Apostle Paul and a Brief Outline of His II Timothy

chp 12        LEARN CHRIST!

chp 13        The Bible is Christ

chp 14        The Living God of the Living thru Christ (Top Topic #1)

chp 15        Righteousness of God and Man  (Top Topic #2)

chp 16        Catching on to the ASPI version of the Bible (Top Topic #3)

chp 17        Short history of the Hebrew nation

Chp 18       Our Heavenly Father Deals with us Through Christ. (TT #4)

Chp 19       Hebrew History II: Period of Beginnings (Genesis 1-12)

Chp 20       Who Will See God at the Great Resurrection?  (TT#5)

Chp 21      Hebrew History IIIa:  Introduction to the Genesis 12-50 Period

Chp 22      Hebrew History IV: The Fall to Abraham

Chp 23       Literal Bible on Wisdom of God and Man (Top topic #6)



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