How Billy Graham views his controversial Moscow trip

Considering the fact that a final interview with Graham revealed that there was so much controversy over his 1982 trip to Russia and some of the statements he made, that he thought this might be the end of his ministry. A recent film of memorial to Billy Graham also revealed that fundamentalist like Falwell of the very popular moral majority were very critical of Graham’s trip.
You know what people of the Bible do is to compare the ministry of Graham to Moscow to that of Jonah to Nineveh, and had Graham not gone would a whale or something else swallowed him, directing his paths to lead Moscow to repentance like Jonah did for Nineveh. The part hard to understand is how Graham said he knew the Russians would use his trip for political propaganda. 

What do you Baptist think, for obviously there was a rift between the fundamentalists Jerry Falwell, before they took control of the SBC generally called Bible Baptist, and the mainstream SB before their 10 year plan lead by Judge Pressler did in fact take control of the largest Protestant denomination in the world. Was Graham a victim of this same mob lead by Stanley, Criswell, and Rogers that destroyed under the false disguise of literalism the careers and reputations of many pastors and teachers much more Christian and loving than they themselves, or really was as it seems just another part of the Falling Away enhanced by Darby in 1830 and further by Scofield in 1908 with the Scofield Reference Bible. Any comments from you Baptists today?

Following is what the New York Times reported June of 1982:


BOSTON, April 15— In the fieldhouse of a working-class university in downtown Boston, on the first truly brilliant spring day New England has seen this year, the Rev. Billy Graham began what aides say is the most ambitious crusade of his long career.

It is the first, apparently, to address what Mr. Graham regards as the mission of his remaining years: the danger of war from nuclear arms. It will carry the evangelist from Boston throughout New England this month, to Moscow for a peace conference in May and back to Boston for a series of rallies in a stadium the first week of June.

”We are living at this moment on the very edge of the annihilation of the human race,” Mr. Graham said. ”I do not believe that there could be a limited war with nuclear weapons.

”I plan to spend the rest of my life not only presenting the Gospel of Christ, but also working for peace among nations, because I believe I owe it to your generation,” the 63-year-old evangelist told an audience of 800 or 900 students in the Northeastern University Arena.”

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