God of Christianity & Islam

God of Christianity & Islam: Same or Different?

by Raj Richard:

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Pope Francis’ disquieting statement that the God of Christians and Muslims is one and the same surprised many.1 This was further echoed in the academia. Dr. Larcyia Hawkins of Wheaton College claimed that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.2 When theologically controversial statements are proclaimed by the Christian leaders, chaos governs the flock, for the fundamental belief of Christians (about the Godhead) is rattled.

Any dialogue between Christians and Muslims would hit a bottleneck while discussing the Godhead. While Christians believe that God is a Trinity, Muslims claim that God is one (a singular being – one in essence and person) and deny the Trinity.


NOTE from SunGrist:  Since there is only one God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, any other worship and service is for the only other supernatural being which is Satan. The Word is clear from God the Father, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Tragically with continued worship of Satan, he naturally gains control if the worshiper is willing, and we have the many radicals of Islam doing all the works that Satan wants to do in the destruction of Christians. Somewhat brutal but true.

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