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You Heard (Read) It First Here on SunGrist_Bible: Before the Complete 5 books of the Literal Bible series is on Kindle, you can receive them in a free PDF download.

These 5 small and handy books, reminds one of the paperbacks from Moody Press in the 1950’s, in the LITERAL BIBLE series can take you all the way through the Literal Bible according to the Bible with Old Testament quotes in the New Testament. Imagine that it even took the late great B.H. Carroll, founder of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 17 volumes in his “An Interpretation of the English Bible.” Perhaps 5 is easier than 17 because this Literal Bible is the ASPI version for Authorized Semi=Public Interpretation version based on II Peter 1:20,21. Authorized because it comes from God the Father Himself, through Christ, and the Holy Spirit moving Apostles and Prophets (when this Trinity of God moves anything, you can count on the Movement), and based on the internal structure of the Bible Itself, which is hardly noticeable unless you take the time to study it, perhaps with a list of all the OT quotes in the NT arranged in the most probable historical sequence of writing; then from which this total Bible outline is garnered 12 subject titles:
A Topic Outline of the Literal Bible.
The Living God of the Living                                                                    Literal Bible series #1
Righteousness of God and Man
The Composite Witness of the Bible
God, Man and the Son of Man                                                                 Literal Bible series #2
The Resurrection                                                                                        Literal Bible series #3
Wisdom From God
The Gospel
Listening More Important Than Sacrifice                                             Literal Bible series #4
What Happened to the Jews as the Chosen nation?
The Salvation of God                                                                                  Literal Bible series #5
The New King of Israel
The Living God Wants Others to Live

Semi-Public in that it can not according to God be a completely Public Book of instructions and information from God as it is classified primarily for God’s children, simply stated means you must be born again and then have the guidance of the Holy Spirit for understanding. The Bible is only self-interpretation for those who have the inward spirit of God, that are willing to do His will, and that meet the other rules (hermeneutics) of the Bible for understanding.

NOTE: Granted it is like little David with a sling shot against Swaggart (only on Bible exposition) and the Scofield Reference Bible (on the Notes); however the goal is large, to get as much as possible, in the nature of Jude’s “contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints” to replace the onslaught by DTS graduates to duplicate the Scofield Reference Bible notes with new Study Bibles which the SBC Lifeway Book Stores are now eating up and feeding to you as if it is real Bible, and then there is Jimmy Swaggart’s so called Expositors Bibles—this among the top 7 of all U.S. evangelists and gospel musicians has adopted to himself all the gifts. NOT A LITERAL BIBLE EXSPOSITOR EVEN AS SCOFIELD IS NOT. ALSO you are welcome to purchase the five books on Kindle if that is the way you prefer to read them. It has been observed that while many of you visit THE LITERAL BIBLE SERIES on Facebook, you are reluctant to read them in their entirety on WordPress, so you have two routes to go, or both: (1) Download the 5 free PDF downloads; and/or (2) Purchase them on Kindle. They can save you a lot of heartache in your Bible study.

Free Download from SunGrist on (Only the first 3 books are available now in PDF and on Kindle.)
Free Download in PDF Kindle on 1. The Bible is the Word of God. 2. Son of God/Son of Man. 3. The Resurrection, Wisdom, and the Gospel Literal Bible. 4. Human Zeal No Substitute for God’s Righteousness. 5. The Great Maker of History (Living God wants other to Live).

You friends of SunGrist and Jerry McMichael were there during the months of the Literal Bible series development: first under Apostles and Prophets, then “Thru the Bible”, and lastly under the “Literal Bible series”; so enjoy them and profit in Bible along the goals stated above.

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