American Scots Ventures and Adventures.

You know how as a senior in high school, you are asked for a motto to live by; well, here is the one chosen in 1953 at Galena Park High School, which as turns out is as much a weakness as a strength, “Your best today can be better tomorrow.”  The problem here is that it is almost impossible to get anything wrapped up, and that is the case of this biography of McMichaels including a short bio of Jerry Vaughan McMichael.

However the good news is that it is not in concrete and can be updated on both the Amazon Kindle version and the free download in PDF on SunGrist:

  1.  On Kindle, just updated yesterday and will be available in expanded (178 pages) version on in 24 hours.  (You that have been sent a free gift, and others that will be, should know that Kindle Create does  a wonderful thing in that they allow updates and publish them, so it is sort of like a personal letter updated from me to you.

2.  It has been easier to live an interesting life under the grace, graciousness, and guidance of our Heavenly Father through guardian angels that it is to adequately represent it; and that is even more true of the McMichaels all the way back to the pre-Revolutionary Indian fighters of John Thomas Mac of Bucks County PA who received his land grant from William Penn, to John of Mecklenburg and son William Mac who fought in the American Revolution, also of one of our heroes who did everything right, GA state Senator John Madison McMichael of Butts County GA–a pioneer that Chief MacIntosh brought across the Catawba River to settle in Indian Springs and an early missionary minded Baptist who joined Macedonia Baptist Church when kicked out of Bethel Baptist for practicing missions; and we are also indebted to his son, Judge Griffin C. McMichael of Cass County Texas, and then his son John Bruce Confederate soldier.

Anyway here is the free download on SunGrist, available to all as it has real stories of real ordinary people who pioneered the westward expansion of America and the Scot Irish from PA to NC to GA to Texas, and beyond.  It turns out that real life is more adventurous than fiction.

Enjoy and keep updated!

Jerry Vaughan McMichael

April 16, 2018

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