“Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion”

Caution, Caution: “Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion”:  Some unbelievers and nominal believers (“The devils believe in God and tremble.”) think they are so noble in that they can ignore or rebel against the Great God, the Maker of this Universe, failing to realize that since God made them in the first place with a character and personality for fellowship with Him, they diminish themselves without this fellowship, and certainly are beyond eternal life.

NOTE: This “strong delusion” from God Himself of II
Thessalonians is so strong that church members and leaders
will not,or can not, face up to it! You church members never 
thought, did you, that the stock market and once reliable
financial institutions of this country and the world would also be part of this strong delusion from God. The worst part of the
final tribulation, at least on Christians, will be the Strong
Delusion from God Himself during the Great Falling Away at the very end as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from earth, releasing from bondage Satan, who has been bound for the variable one thousand years. {1000 years is Biblical doctrine, but the millennium is fictitious} (II Thessalonians) This strong delusion from God will happen only to those many church members who have allowed themselves to the victims of the first three stages out of five of the Falling away as described in II Timothy 4:3,4: 

(1) intolerance toward sound doctrine;

(2) lives and church membership primarily motivated by personal desires;

(3) heaping up of teachers and preachers with itching ears;

(4) turning away from the truth; and (5) turning into fables. This
bottom line of the Falling Away of stages four and five is the
strong delusion, and you do not want to be part of this.

You can by avoiding the leaky barriers in your Christian lives and
churches of inadequate implementation of II Timothy 3:16,17:
(1) avoid the sink hole of not ALL SCRIPTURE, (2) avoid the
revolt against “reproof and correction”, and (3) avoid the
breakdown of all righteousness and all good works in the
implementation of the profitablility of ALL SCRIPTURE to ALL

See much more on
“Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion” AT


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