The Faith Once for all Delivered at the 2018 SBC Part I.

The Faith Once for all Delivered at the 2018 SBC Part I.

“Certain doctrines are clear enough and important enough that we simply must draw clear lines regarding who is “in” and who is “out.” By this I mean doctrines like “the Trinity,” “penal substitution,” “salvation by grace through faith,” the “bodily resurrection of Jesus,” “biblical inerrancy,” and the like. Even though each of these points has been disputed in the history of the church, I believe these things are clear enough and important enough that we have to limit our ministry fellowship to those with whom we see eye to eye regarding them.”

The newly delivered “once for all delivered faith” of Southern Baptist?  Doubtful that is an adequate representation of the Bible doctrinal beliefs of the southern Baptist people, only the beliefs of this highly educated new generation of so called Baptist leaders; and note that it falls far short of good Baptist statements of faith as written in works like Herschel Hobbs “Fundamentals of the Faith” and “These Things we Believe” by J. Clyde Turner.  Goodness it falls way too short of the Jude 7 admonition to “contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints” of the Bible as the Word of God.

  1. That is a very small list of Major Bible doctrines from the newly elected President of the SBC: (1) Trinity, (2) “Penal Substitution” (suppose that is the liberally educated substitutional term for the atonement and justification doctrines; (3)  salvation through faith (now that sounds good, like Bible and Baptist); (4) the bodily resurrection of Christ (yep); and (5) biblical inerrancy {always a good flag to raise at the end as did fundamentalists before him like Scofield with false literal Bible, John R. Rice, Bob Jones, and J.D.’s hero’s of Paige Patterson and Nicolas Cage, and in case you haven’t figured out why Case is so important to J.D. it is because he starred in the Left Behind Series.  What do Page and Cage share in common the Scofieldism of the Scofield reference Bible.
  2. Later in Part II, the matter of Calvinism versus Arianism which the young generation of high education Southern Baptist had been enamored with, will be dealt with in Part II. The Bible answer simply stated right now is THAT THEY BOTH ARE TRUE WHICH CAN BE EASILY ILLUSTRATED WITH PAUL’S EXPERIENCE ON THE BOAT AND RECORDED IN ACTS. The Bible fun is for later.  You know, these young intellectuals of the SBC remind one of Aerospace Engineers that would talk more to snow and impress than to communicate.  And it is not all their fought except for a personal ambition for success, it is rather:  (1) To be laid on the heads of pulpit committees that demand Doctors degree which now even among Baptists and Presbyterians are under control of  secular liberals; (2) the falling away with erosions of sound doctrine; and (3) Professional Christians and professional denominationalism more than Bible.}

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