The Faith Once Delivered at the 2018 SBC Part IV.

The Democratic Faith and Confusion in the SBC Congregation.

{Confusion between Democratic Faith and Faith in the Bible Creates More Confusion in the Congregation!}

Confusion in the Congregational meeting of the SBC 2018 continues between the American Democratic Faith and Christian Faith in the Bible.  Women and gays and divorces do have the right in the American democratic faith to (1) divorce for any reason, (2) serve as pastor and deacons and (3) gays and lesbians have equal rights in the church body and the kingdom of God, but in the Christian faith of the Bible as the Word of God those American rights are rebellions against the Word of and from God.  What is tolerant in the American Democratic Faith is intolerance on sound Bible doctrine.  The probability is that women like Beth Moore who are stirring up confusion in the congregation rebel also against the male as ordained by God to be the head of the family even as Christ is head of the church.  (Sometimes you wonder if these ladies and gays and unauthorized divorces do not want to also be the head of the church.  Minorities often seeking for equal rights have more in mind a matter of their own control.}

We love our system of government, the best In the world, and our American Democratic Faith but it can not anywhere any time for real Bible believing Christians become a substitute for “the faith once for all delivered to the saints”. Russell More and the ERLC of the SBC which seemed to dominate the Convention along with J. D. Greear, seem to think that the American Democratic Faith can usher in the kingdom of God, and ignore both the Bible reality of the Great Apostasy of the Falling away and the consequences given in II Timothy 4:4,5 of the Falling Away in America, churches, and denominations.

A common conviction of Greear and Moore is the famous secret rapture of the Scofield mites; and this belief system of Scofield both prevents them from seeing that we are in the Falling Away now, and gives them undue optimism of the future  It is hard to believe that a Russell Moore with a PhD and who taught ethics at Southern seminary, so educated has bought into Scofieldism and like Greear into the Left Behind movies of Cage; but in spite of their education, or really because of it like most of the DTS graduates they have bought into Scofield.  Moore writes about the arguments for what he calls pre-tribulation rapture.

“Just because these arguments for a pretribulation rapture are not conclusive, this does not mean that the second coming could not come in two stages, one of them being before the tribulation. The Bible nowhere precludes a pretribulation rapture, and God has in times past fulfilled in stages prophetic events (such as the coming of the Messiah, after all). I certainly hope I am wrong about the timing of the rapture and will gladly concede this point to my pretrib friends while flying through the atmosphere.”

This bad and false hermeneutics of Moore and Greear explains why they, and their group of feudamentalists like Paige Patterson and Judge Pressler, are so messed up on so many of the sound doctrines of the Bible on women pastors and deacons, on women as head of the family, on gays and lesbians with equal rights in the church and the kingdom, and on and on with these doctrines of the American democratic faith that have quite naturally during the Falling spilled over into the churches and church.

NOTE:  following are some of the things written in the years before the 2018 SBC so that you see the American Democratic Faith versus Christian faith in the Bible were not invented for this Convention.

The American Democratic Faith

At first I thought it strange that an authority on the history of American

Thought would call his book THE MAIN DOCTRINES OF THE

AMERICAN  DEMOCRATIC FAITH. However though the years as I have

pondered what Bible teachers and believers substitute for the faith of the

Bible and of Jesus, it has dawned on me that the substitute is an American

Democratic Faith.  I use to gainsay what former prime minister of  Israel

said about Americans and Jews.  What he said was that “we in Israel are

born Jews just like you Americans are born Christians.” At first it sounded

ridiculous, but that the two kinds of faith have been mixed should be

obvious. I think there are some overlaps because it is obvious that during

this time of the Fulness of the Gentiles, the period during which the Jews

are blind to the Gospel, the United States has been the undisputed leader

in the spread of the Gospel to every nation.   This is another way of saying

that God has indeed used the United States to help in the spread of the

Gospel to every nation.  Some of us also reluctantly accept the

observation by a foreign student of the US who said “to be an American is

more a religion and a character than a set of beliefs or a mater of

citizenship.” More often you will hear from mister average citizen what I

heard as a young pastor visiting with a man up the valley in Arkansas when

I asked him if he was a believer. “Yes”, the indignant reply was, “I was born

in this country!” And, “Did you think I am a heathen?”


Quickly I would mention two obvious differences between the American

Democratic Faith and the Faith of the Bible and Jesus. (1) The majority is

king in the American Democratic Faith while it is the minority in the Bible

that goes the narrow way that leads to life eternal. You will note that the

schools as the chief custodians of American culture, government, and

society do most of their work in terms of the priority for the majority.

Always, in the Old Testament, and in any movement or country in history,

there has been a “remnant” of real believers, definitely a minority type word

and concept.  Quite often in the Old Testament, God preferred a dedicated

minority to a majority.  Jesus taught the parable of the broad and narrow

way, clarifying that the many that go the broad way to destruction are the

majority and the few that go the narrow way that leads to eternal life are

the minority.  One might contend that the United States is completely

different from the world in which Jesus taught in that now in our country

and in our time, the majority of US citizens go the narrow and right way

and the minority of US citizens go the broad and wrong way. Perhaps, if it

were ever true of this country, in this time in which our country has also

become part of the world wide Falling Away movement, it is no longer true.

As far as real faith in God, Christ, and the Bible there is little difference

between citizens of America and citizens of any other nation, and you can

make a much better case for that conclusion.

We might put it this way for simplicity and agreement:  While the emphasis

in America is on the priority for the majority, the emphasis in the Bible is

on priority for the minority.

What difference does it make? Well, without this Bible concept of priority

of the minority, you will be more influenced by the world.  Satan, the prince

of this world, runs this world whether it is in the United States or elsewhere,

and consequently he uses the majority of this world in order to deter and

destroy faith in Jesus and the Bible.        {By the way if you claimed that

the majority in American go the narrow way that leads to life, then maybe

you would be inclined to think that Satan only works in other countries.

You could have the simplistic concept that all evil is in Korea, Iraqi, and I

forget what the other country is.}  What difference does it make?  Well,

without this Biblical majority-minority concept for now and in this country,

you will have  trouble  accepting  the  Scripture,  “all  that  will  godly  in

Christ Jesus will suffer persecution”, and this is not limited by any means

to physical persecution.   The politically correct in churches,

government, and society can separate you as a member of that Jesus


The greatest danger of all is that you can subject yourself to Bible teachers

and believers that have already become victims of the Falling Away.  You

will tend to become like them, and you will listen to what they do teach and

preach even though long ago they came to the point where they would not

endure sound doctrine, “they out of their own desires heaped up teachers

with itching ears”, turned away from the truth and turned into fables.  {One

word of caution, look for Bible teachers and believers that are preaching

(1) the Falling Away and (2) A 9 month of so new birth, and shun the

progenitors of silence on the Falling Away.}

(2) A second major difference between the American Democratic Faith

and the faith of the Bible and Jesus is on the concept of “toleration”.  So

much that believers know to be true they will not even speak, for the fear

that  they will seem non-tolerant and therefore non-American.  An extreme

example is that the Presbyterian Church a few years ago voted whether to

decree that a stop should be made on the claim that Jesus is the only way

of salvation, because it seems too intolerant. I don‛t know how the vote

came out, but the very fact that a so-called Bible believing denomination

would have to vote on such a fundamentals Bible belief about Jesus and

salvation is within itself intolerable.

There is not time or space available now to present so much sound doctrine of the Bible that defies these lady and gay rebels against the Word, but here it just one reminder from the literal Bible of the Word of God, impossible to mis-understand unless you just want to!

“Now therefore, it is already an utter failure for you that you go to law against one another. Why do you not rather accept wrong? Why do you not rather let yourselves be cheated? 8 No, you yourselves do wrong and cheat, and you do these things to your brethren! 9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor [b]homosexuals, nor [c]sodomites, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were [d]sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.” (I Corinthians 6:7-11)

Bible doubters and Bible gainsayers on obvious Bible about gays and women rights in the church and on marriage and divorce are just as obviously the itching ears teachers that the SBC 2018 is heaping up today.

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