SOS #2: Sufficiency of Scripture.

SOS:  What we have today in the SBC and America is the opposite of SOS, a Sufficiency Scripture!

The SBC and America effectively are crying out today SOS, sitting on the verge of Ichabod because the glory of the Lord has departed.

  1. Lack of endurance. Bible teachers and preachers start off well but then fall by the wayside in the quality of their Bible teaching and preaching.  That is described in the first phrase of II Timothy 4:3,4 as “The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine….”  Lack of endurance in the sufficiency of the Scripture is pure and simple caused by the “love of the world” defined in I John as “all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world.”  As a teacher or preacher gets popular with books and speeches, they get rich, and when they get rich they accumulate houses, lands, cars, jewelry, and so many other things:  Satan and the world has caught them and distracted them, so they lose their endure for sound Bible and sound Doctrine.
  2. Wants and Desires. “out of their own desires shall they heap up teachers having itching ears”.  Love of the world in things is addictive, wanted a bigger car, a brighter boat, a larger more beautiful house, finer clothes and jewelry, and suddenly security is in things and lessened the dependence in God of faith, so no amount of millions is enough.
  3. Itching Ears. The competition for the crowds is also addictive and the competition for the consumer of books and TV programs is stiff, the challenge of the competition to have a more than fair share of the market, that naturally leads to give the people what they want.  I recall when in Houston, Joel started to amass crowds with new and novel, extra-biblical messages, and my preacher boy friends in Northshore said, “It is what the people want, leave him alone.”
  4. Heap up. Churches seek out and find popular preachers to amass numbers, and suddenly souls become numbers, and numbers become money.  Since the falling away is a grassroots movement, it is easy to blame the Christians, since “like the people like the priest” we must see a balance of church members and church leaders as the deficiency of Scripture.  Looking up the anonymous for sufficient, we find “insufficient,  meager, unacceptable unsatisfactory, deficient, inadequate, lacking, poor, and wanting.”

Today in this apostasy of the SBC, words from God are insufficient, words from God are meager reminded of the statement by Dr. Lee in the “Menace of Mediocrity” of “wrens make prey where eagles dare not perch:; unacceptable, any time by any body any where when one iota of addition to or subtraction from the word of God, that is UNACCEPTABLE teaching and preaching; lacking–of course it is lacking in the Spirit of God, the love of Christ, and ungodly in that it falls short of the holy character of God revealed in the Bible; POOR taste, poor hermeneutics, poor homiletics, poor Bible knowledge, and on and on it is ICHABOD, that is God has departed from any teaching that does not hold with endurance to the Sufficiency of the Word of God; WANTING, deficiency in consistency with the Scripture lacks everything you can name in any qualification the Bible names for those chosen to be evangelists, pastors, and prophets.  And those that would seek to elevate themselves to the status of Apostles and Prophets of the Old and New Testament that were used by God to reveal Bible have the highest Ichabod on them possible with the arrogance to claim so status and power from the throne of God.  God chose 19 writing prophets in the Old Testament, and including His Son only a few Apostles to write NT Scripture.  When you step back to see what those of popularity and prosperity are doing with the Bible as they extend the offer of just one iota or title of new and itching ear Bible, it is better for them to have the predicted curse on the book of Revelation for addition or subtraction rather than to fall into the hands of an angry God that sees trifling with the treasure of the Word that he has “once for all delivered to the saints: (Jude 3).

  1. “Turn away from truth”. Any addition to the Bible, any subtraction from the message of the Bible of necessity means a departure of truth from the Absolute truth of the Bible as divine in origin, absolute in authority, and sufficient in its message.
  2. “Turned into fables.” That is what we are seeing and hearing now from Osteen, Moore, and Meyer:  once in the beginning of their ministry so much sound Bible, but as popularity and prosperity has grown so has the size and magnitude of the fables necessary to tickle the ears with comfort of the masses. The biggest fable of all is to effectively say that God did not know what He was done when He gave us the book of 66 books; God shorted us; and God Himself is inadequate.  “We moderns can do better.”


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