Termites in the SBC Temple #1: Fundamentalists Fables of Fiction.

NOTE:  A preliminary explanation of the Termites in the SBC Temple.  It is the residuals placed in professional denominational leadership by the 10 year Takeover plan of Patterson and Pressley like Thom Ranier and J. D. Greear with their “Church Growth Movement” and getting the Evangelist Beth Moore to help, all of Scofield mites.

Fundamentalists Fables of Fiction.

How fundamentalists deceive themselves on eschatology is represented by predicting signs of revival in the signs of the Falling Away; yet that is the very nature of the Falling Away.  As church members move further and further away from God, as did God’s people in the time of Jeremiah, they become blind to the evidences of the Falling Away in their own churches and in their Christian lives. What Jerry Falwell predicted as signs of revival in our nation–the evangelistic work of Ted Haggert, the fictional works of Tim LeHaye on eschatology, and the purpose driven popularity of the books by Rick Warren–have provided more current evidences of the 5 stages of the Falling Away as clearly presented in II Timothy 4:4,5:  (1) intolerance toward sound doctrine, (2) church members purpose driven by their own wants and desires rather than the Bible, Christ, and the Holy Spirit; (3) the heaping up of popular Bible teachers, in the local churches and on a nation scale with “itching ears” to match the large number of “itching ears” church members who need the unsound doctrines, especially on eschatology, to soothe their itching ears; (4) the turning away from truth on a massive scale to deny the very existence of the Falling Away, the most determinative event in present day church history as well as in the rest of the world; and (5) the being turned into fables which is the inevitable consequences of the first three stages, beyond the control of churches and church members that have yielded themselves willing to be victims of the first four stages.

13-1:  Separation from the World Disappears.

In the influence of the fundamentalists, we are seeing a repeat of what happened to God’s people of Jerusalem which lead to their destruction.  The dominant characteristic of such peoples is that they become such a part of the economic, political, and social society of the world, that their very religion becomes that which is despised by God.  {In the jargon of the Bible and evangelists of the past, the churches and Christians have adopted the ways and methods of the “world”.  Just to make popularity and numbers in attendance is worldly!}

  1. Today, like in the Temple of Jerusalem during the time of Jeremiah, God’s people are treating their buildings of worship, government, homes, and protection as if they are owned and blessed by God; when in fact, that heritage has long ago ceased to be.

“The Temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD are these.”  (Jeremiah 7:11)

This repeated chant of daily worship in the temple, much like the repeated and meaningless words of praise songs today, showed the delusions of God’s people and leaders in that while on the very verge of destruction by God through Babylon, they found false security in their architecture and craftmanship of buildings, the “these” in the words telling us that they thought God was present in not only their Temple but also in their public buildings, their homes of comfort, and their fortresses of walled cities. Ichabod, Ichabod, and Ichabod.  There was a time when God was present in their homes, their cities, government, and houses of worship; but not more.  That was in the past; and what had happened to the northern kingdom of Israel in the destruction of their own place of worship in Shiloh was promised  by God to also happened to Jerusalem and the nation of Israel.

  1. God’s people had so deluded themselves into thinking that the blessings of God still rested on them–goodness, the fact that they still existed as a nation in spite of so much opposition and in spite of the recent destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel, meant that they were “delivered by God” to just keep on doing things as they had done them for many years.

“We are delivered to do all these abominations.”

Certainly the word “abominations” came from God and Jeremiah, hardly a part of the deluded thinking of God’s people of Jerusalem and Judah.  They had so turned away from truth that a spade was no longer a spade, that acts of unrighteousness were actually consider as acts of worship and deliverance.  Yet the very acts of abominations made part of their religious practice and worship, were the basis of unrighteousness for which God warned them of impending judgment.  God’s people could only remain in the land and with the blessings of God “if they thoroughly amended their ways and doings”.

“For if you thoroughly amend your ways and your doings, if you thoroughly execute judgment between a man and his neighbor, if you do not oppress the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place, or walk after other gods to your hurt, then I will cause you to dwell int his place, in that land that I gave to your fathers forever and ever.”  (Jeremiah 7:5-7)

  1. How, you ask, can there be such a gap between the ways and doings of God, and the ways and doings of God’s own people?

Well, this total study in the book of Jeremiah has attempted to answer that; but in a nutshell, the answer is in the shocking words of Jeremiah 5:30,31.

“An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land:  the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their own power, and My people love to have it so.  But what will you do in the end?”  (Jeremiah 5:30,31)

Surely Chuck Swindoll is right in saying that preachers in the pulpit, and pastors, have become routine about their message and service to the extent of a “shopkeeper”; but like the priest like the people, and it must be considered that so much routine worship today with “spirit” and urgency is the product of the people as well as the preachers.

13-2:  When Dreams and Visions Replace Revelation.

Prophets {the primary spokesman for God in the land} had substituted their own “dreams” and “wants” for the Message of God about destruction, righteousness, and the future.  While a third of prophesy, another word for speaking in the church, is to be “comfort”, along with edify and exhort, the prophets of Judah for years had spoken only words of comfort:  (1) you will not be destroyed, nor taken captive by Babylon; and (2) the blessings of God of security and preservation, comfort and prosperity will continue on this nation.  Fundamentalists are doing the same thing today!

  1. Today the fundamentalists evangelists and preachers are telling their congregations that their church is a house of God, and that God will continue to bless them as He did their righteous forefathers.
  2. They are telling God’s people the false gospel of prosperity, peace, and security.
  3. They are passing on dreams and fables that: (a) there is no such thing as the Falling Away, and (b) that all church people will be removed from this earth before the Falling Away and Final Tribulation.
  4. In order to explain by itching ears teachings, dreams, and wants, and popularity among the people, they have created (a) the fiction of a “rapture” before the Second Coming of Christ and (b) the fiction of one thousand years well before the Second Coming.

13-3:  Calamities of the Second Kind.

Consistently in the Bible, at least 3 kinds of Calamities are presented over and over:  (1) calamities from God on His own people to get their attention and to discipline them; (2) calamities of this old earth nature leading to the end of this old earth and the Creation of the New Earth at the end of time and at the Old Day of the LORD and Lord; and (3) calamities of the immediate kind like the calamities of the first kind, however are on the wicked for their awesome wickedness like the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and for the destruction of the whole earth by flood except for the salvation of 7 people.

Calamities of the Second Kind are those on automatic control from God leading to the total destruction of this old earth in order to bring complete judgment on the wicked and to usher in the new earth.  The recent earthquake off the coast of Japan which caused a rift in the earth under the water 150 miles long and 50 miles wide is a Calamity of the second kind as it is part of the total disintegration of the old earth, on automatic control, and to be completed on that One Day of the LORD and Lord.  While these calamities of the second kind are not to be taken personally because they are on automatic control leading to the end time for this old earth, calamities of the first kind like the intense series of calamities on God’s people of the United States since 911 are to be taken personally as chastisement and an effort from God to get our attention.  {Never forget as you notice from  the news that God’s grace is always at work, and His angels, providing physical salvation in miracles of rescue during these calamities of the first and second kind.}  About the only time, God’s grace is not seen to work is in the calamities of the third kind where the whole cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, and during the great flood the whole earth.  Even so, Lot and his family were rescued from the twin wicked cities, and Noah and his family were rescued by the grace, leadership, and provisions of God during the great flood.

We are told that:  (1) natural disasters are on the increase and that in 2010 there was the economic loss of $217 billion dollars, not to mention the loss and injuries to life and the emotional toll and social upheaval like in New Orleans; (2) further that 2011 will be worse than 2010; and (3) that in some of these huge Tsunamis like in Japan and Indonesia, the earth is so shifted on its axis that time is actually changed.  Well, in the final culmination of a series of calamities of the second kind, in one gigantic earthquake and the elements melting with a fervent heat, time as we know it now is going to be stopped.  Time keeping on this old earth will cease at the same One Day of the Second Coming of Christ, and eternity starts with the creation by God out of this chaos of a new earth.

13-4:  These Professional Dreamers Today are like the Official Prophets and Priests of Jeremiah.

Yet you will hear little or nothing of this from the professional dreamers of religion, so bent on success and the gospel of prosperity and the power of positive thinking, that they have little or no time for the half of the Bible on the eschatology of calamities.  Instead as mentioned earlier, these preachers of the fundamentalists fables of eschatology {primarily the false beliefs of a rapture before the Second Coming and one thousand years}, offer these substitutes of Darby and Scofield to (1) delay the Second Coming of Christ by over one thousand years, and (2) deny that church members are now in the Falling Away and will be in the Final Tribulation which is more physical than persecution as the universe around us disintegrates in pieces.

Do not be deceived by these respected professionals, the modern day prophets and priests.  Any group of fundamentalists that can see blessings of revival in the splits of the Southern Baptist Convention, the continuing warfare between moderates and fundamentalists, and the 3 signs of revival like from Falwell of Ted Haggert, Tim LeHaye, and Rick Warren have either deceived themselves or have, as part of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:4,5, become so attuned to the intolerance toward sound doctrine, the wants and desires of their church members and of the larger public in the SBC, such a part of itching ears preaching and teaching, that they have in spite of their professional positions and respect–just like the official prophets and priests during the time of Jeremiah–turned away from truth, at least on eschatology, and turned into fables.  And like in Plato the people who lived in only partial light and reflections of light never knew the difference from the real light of total truth.

13-5:  Today’s Power of Purpose Driven “Wants”.

This is a hard, big pill to shallow; and like most of God’s people of Jeremiah, God’s people of America today “want it so”. After all who really wants to go through the Falling Away and to go through the Final Tribulation as this universe crumbles.  Recently when at the funeral of a youngest sister in a suburb of Houston which was once a strong hold of real Southern Baptist work, now a place where my sister while dying of cancer had been deceived by some of these official dreams of false prophecies on the gospel of prosperity into thinking that if she only had enough faith, and her family, she would both be healed of the cancer and be prosperous.  Such creation among the people of God of such false hopes and beliefs is hideous, and it is deceptive; and I am sorry if you can not recognize in these present holders of positions in the pulpits, these dreamers of dreams and creators of false visions not from God, the same kind of greed and deceit as that practiced by the official prophets and priests  before the destruction of Jerusalem by God through Babylon.  And the story of this one destroyed family can be multiplied by thousands and millions, all done in the name of Christ and the church!  It reminds one of the dark ages of the Roman Catholic Church.  As I noted this to several acquaintances of my youthful hometown, they said about this and the fake worships of getting excited on Sunday then forgetting it the rest of the week, “This is what the people want!”

Yet we must look carefully at an exegesis of (1) Jeremiah 6:13-14, and (2) Jeremiah 23:16-22; and (3) Jeremiah 23:25-40.  With these we must make sure that we stand on the sure ground of the Word of God in identify most of the fundamentalists preachers of today on eschatology with the false official prophets and priests of the time of Jeremiah.  {I don’t think we will do that exactly, we will do exegesis on these 3 passages, and let you decide if what you are hearing from the pulpit of fundamentalists preachers of the SBC has the same results of:  (1) denying the real status quo in churches of the Falling Away, and (2) denying the imminent Second Coming of Christ by delays of artificial creation.}

NOTE:  Fundamentalists preachers have taken up and ride the chants of the lawyers of the past because that is what people want, and you know about lawyers!

Once again in order to get the full impact, and for yourselves, from the Word of God, then read the aspects of this sectional point straight from the Bible as listed below.

NOTE:  Most people would even doubt that such things are in the Bible!

  1. Jeremiah 6:13-14.
  2. Jeremiah 23:25-40.
  3. Jeremiah 23:16-22.

13-6:  Dreams Become Substitutes for the One Day of the LORD and Lord.

What you hear from the pulpit on what is going to happen in the future {eschatology} is not the most consistent and persistent subject of eschatology in the Bible, the One Day of the LORD and Lord, but their own dreams and visions on a false “rapture” and a false “one thousand years”.  Instead of the One Day of the Bible, they give us 365 days times one thousand years and 365 days times 40 years, and on and on delaying the Second Coming of Christ in favor of some postulates from two lawyers.

I know, just like you have trouble believing that all the official prophets and priests among God’s own people during the time of Jeremiah were false, deceitful, and greedy, you also have trouble believing this of the fundamentalists since they seem so united in their charts, timelines, and corresponding fables on eschatology.  So united, so were the official prophets and priests with the people in the day of Jeremiah; however, what they were united by was not a common eschatology of what was about to happen from God, but on their own wants, desires, dreams, and visions and that of their constituents!

  1. Everything happens, and comes together for God, on that One Day of the LORD and Lord:

(1).  The Second Coming of Christ.

(2).  Culmination of the rising tide of the mystery of lawlessness and sin, in the end of the 40-80 years of the Final Falling Away.

(3).  Near the end of the Falling Away, for a “little while” the Holy Spirit becomes so grieved by sin abounding and the love of many waxing cold, that He is withdrawn from the earth back to heaven, which naturally looses Satan from the thousand years of bondage caused when the Holy Spirit came to do His work on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension.

(4).  With synchronization of the peak of the rising tide of the mystery of lawlessness and sin with the Falling Away and the visual on the man of sin, and with the release of Satan from the bondage of the Holy Spirit, Satan and the man of sin lead a gigantic world army against Jerusalem and the camp of the saints.

(5).  The universe reaches it peak of coming to pieces, as the old world passes away with a gigantic earthquake and the melting of the elements of the earth with a fervent heat, at the same time as the cumulation of the rising tide of the mystery of lawlessness, and of the Second Coming of Christ.

(6).  Christ and His army of angels defeat the army of Satan and the Man of Sin outside Jerusalem and the camp of the saints; confines them to the lake of fire and brimstone; and meantime in that same One Day the angles are traveling throughout the four corners of the earth to gather the living and the dead, from land and ocean, for a final separation and judgement.

  1. Like a friend in the ministry still says, “now what is so hard to understand about that”; and quotes first the following Scripture.

“Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.  Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.  And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”  (Matthew 24:29-31)

Yes, what is so hard about this:  (1) the universe crumbles; (2) Christ Comes Again; (3) the wicked mourn because they know the truth of judgment; (4) Angels go out to collect together the elect living and dead.  {This is the only close to equivalent of the rapture of the fundamentalists, only it is at the Second Coming of Christ.  Everything happens in one day not one thousand years of days, and 40 years of days, and 7 years of days.

  1. But you know where the fundamentalists stumble and fall today {other than making the mistake of buying the Scofield Reference Bible notes on eschatology and the Eisegesis imposed on the book of Revelation and the rest of the Bible on eschatology by two divorced lawyers and one a Congregationalist minister in Dallas}–you know it might as well have come out of hell itself:


(2).  Likewise, they will not buy the obvious and simple implication that there had to be a time when the Holy Spirit started restraining Satan by the work which He was sent to do on earth, and that time was the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension of Christ, the time when the Spirit came in great power and glory to start the “last days” {according to Peter and Joel}, and to bind up Satan.

(3).  Instead these fable, dream, and vision creators gender up many weird explanations–and this is one place among many where the fundamentalists are not united in their eschatology–of what BOUND and what LOOSED Satan.  You hear them all the time when you see the weird charts and timelines which make you think the book of Revelation is so out of step with the rest of the Bible on eschatology, including Jesus in Matthew 24.

(4).  Why not combine all the Old Testament scriptures on the One Day of the LORD with all the NT scriptures on the One Day of the Lord Jesus Christ, with all Jesus taught on earth on eschatology, all from the Apostles like Peter and Paul, and just agree to a positive statement of conviction that can keep your last days beliefs straight and sound, namely:

According to II Thessalonians, the coming of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the last days and on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension is what bound Satan for “a” or “the” thousand years, never one thousand years, which represents a very long and unknown period of time which Jesus could not and would not disclose–known only to God–and what looses Satan at the end of that long period of unknown and undisclosed period of time is the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth.

13-7:  What Truly defines these professionals of fundamentalism is their official connections with the “world” with their Gospel of Prosperity and Success.

In many subtle ways they identify with the community and the world, and they subsequently seek to be leaders of the world with an itching ears message.  Of course, they are reinforced and made influential by the intolerance toward sound doctrine, and the purpose driven wants and desires of church members–even of the world itself outside the church with, for example best selling books.  This was true in Jeremiah and it is true among God’s people of the fundamentalists variety in the United States today!

Numbers, large churches, fine suits and clothing, presidents of the SBC now controlled and dominated by fundamentalists, huge choirs and fancy architecture is what sets them apart from their less fundamental brethren.  In other words, the world is too much with them.  Instead of being “in the world” and “not of the world”; they are “of the world” and not in this world with their eschatology.  They create a fictious world that their church and denominational members want:  one where church are not part of the Falling Away; one where the Falling Away does not even exist; and one where all their church members are at least monthly assured that they will not be here for the Falling Away and the Final Tribulation of the earth coming to pieces, as some fictitious “rapture” {not a Bible word} and “one thousand years” {one thousand is fictitious, check the Bible it is “the” or “a” thousand years, like a marker or a symbol for a very long period of time} will rescue them off this earth before it crumbles.

Holding onto their positions, in Jeremiah and today in America, becomes everything!  A preacher came to the FBC Alamogordo from a larger denominational church in El Paso, to essentially tell the people of the church and churches to “cool it” after the spits in the convention revealed the warfare of fundamentalists against their own brethren.  Everything will be okay, he said, yet since those days the rifts have grown worse and worse and the condition of the SBC has gotten both smaller and less spiritual and evangelistic.  What he really meant to say, and it is the same from most of the SBC pastors today that Swindoll calls “shopkeepers”, they just want to hold onto to their positions, the tithe to the Convention, and their retirements.  Now, what is that in face of a lie, except greed, deceit, and cover-up!  The good “ole boys” are in charge of the SBC; and they are more “of the world” than they are “in the world”.

Just imagine that what with their fine suits and fancy places of worship on Sunday, what they would or would not do on THE ROYAL LAW OF LEVITUCS AND JAMES if one came to visit of the poor status and clothing type on their front row or on the podium of their pulpit.  Of course, you say in the name of order such a person of poor status would never be allowed by the deacons and other leaders in the church to be seated up front!  Well, there it is:  therefore they are (1) are showing partiality, and (2) they have become judges with evil thoughts (James 2:4).  However, we all recognize that they are so traditional and well organized in such a non-royal way of thinking, that it would never go this far:  the poorer status are received at the back door or seldom solicited in attendance; more poorer dressed preachers of lesser status are not allowed to preach and teach; and part of the heaping up of Bible teachers with “itching ears” of II Timothy 4:4,5 is to heap out by influence over many years the preachers of sound doctrine and heap in the preachers of intolerant, purpose driven church member wants and desires, and similar itching ears doctrines, especially on eschatology and love.

You can free download the whole book in PDF from which the above is chapter 13.  The book is entitled “National Dens of Thieves, Jeremiah and Prophesy”It is also available on Amazon.com in paperback, but is free in PDF here.  “National Dens of Thieves” is volume 6 of the Learn Christ Commentaries of SunGrist.

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