Growing Church with False Prophets in the Falling AWAY: about the false in False Prophets.

Some Clarity of Thought on the FALSE in False Prophet

  1. The false prophet is by no means false all the time. In fact the majority of the time you listen to him or her, the message is normal; in fact, it is popular and sounds good.  That is the meaning in the Bible of savage wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They look like normal sheep, they sound like normal sheep, they walk and talk like normal sheep, but inwardly they are like savage raging wolves because of just a few false messages that they deliver subtly.  The message of the Bible here on sheep and wolves is that you can not tell the difference outwardly of the false from the true prophet.  In fact, often the wolves in sheep’s clothing are the best looking and best sounding sheep.
  2. In Jeremiah before the destruction of Israel and Judah, the prophets were in agreement with one main false message, and that was on PEACE. They spoke optimistically on the future, saying, “Peace, peace, when there was to be no peace.”  Except for 70 years after destruction, and the big difference now and in America is that there is going to be no peace after 70 years.

“An astonishing and horrible thing

Has been committed in the land:

The prophets prophesy falsely,

And the priests rule by their own authority;

And My people love to have it so.

But what will you do in the end? (Jeremiah 5:30,31)

  1. The no peace zone of the falling away, called in the Bible the great apostasy and then the END. There will be no second chance in this generation for America, for the world.
  2. The false teacher, preacher, or prophet calls white black and black white but only on a limited scale so you can not distinguish him from a true teacher or preacher of sound doctrine. Quite often that one false message is on optimism for the future, because that is what the people want to hear anyway.

The false tendency in our churches is for optimism for the future, and the complete absence of any false hood in our church. And they know whether at a football game or in a church assembly, the large numbers within itself creates optimism

  1. How are they savage inwardly when they look so good and sound so good? (1) first they create confusion in the congregation or assembly with certain unsound Bible about social issues in order to enlarge their base of popular support–alias, “scatter the flock”; and (2) then they make disciples unto themselves with huge non-autonomous mega-churches, further violating sound doctrine on what an autonomous NT church is. And they know whether at a football game or in a church assembly, the large numbers within itself creates optimism.

It is like laying down a smoke screen in a large assembly, and then crying fire, fire to make disciples that immediately listen to your message.

large numbers in assembly

NOTE:  You are welcome to free download this message about the most urgent problem in churches and the world today, that of the falling away and False Prophets at 

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