Growing a Church in the New Dark Ages of the SBC!

A New Dark Ages in the SBC
Sorry, must put this dialog post here as after the discussion on the Southern Baptist group was started with Mark, the group leaders turned me in to Facebook before it could continue. Cover-up is the outstanding characteristic of the pros now that the takeover plan Presidents of the SBC put in positions even as cover-up under the twin disguise of literal Bible and conservative resurgence were the method of operation of the Patterson and Pressler takeover plan.
Mark Mitchell as long as Baptist people know and use Lifeway book store of the SBC they know of the full shelves and new editions of the Scofield Reference Bible, and the new duplicate study Bibles coming out of DTS and on the shelves of Lifeway. Did you know that recently Thom the CEO added a newer SRB with the image of Scofield on the cover, and by the way Thom like so many of the SBC professionals the Presidents of the famous 10 year plan to takeover the Convention are dedicated to the SRB persuasion.…/
Mark, run the references along on Facebook, the MBTS has as you well know, a Lifeway book store on campus and on Facebook at


and a reference to Lifeway on line, and if you do a search there for Scofield you get a total of 36 different kinds of SRBs

{. }.

Am beginning to think that either you haven’t thought about this, or you are not sincere only trying to protect your SBC pension which is understandable..
Yes, Baptist leaders then in the 10 year Takeover of the SBC plan under Patterson and Pressler did cover-up and now the Southern Baptist Facebook group is continuing their dirty work. Censorship is unbecoming to the Baptist legacy. Is this a new dark ages? That would be consistent with their use of Skinner behavorism as in “Beyond Freedom and Dignity”.

See for yourself on Lifeway:

scoffield on Lifeway

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