Refreshing Evangelism or How to Grow A or The Church during this Falling Away!

Chapter 2: A Refreshing Textual Look at Acts 3:19-21

NOTE:  As advertised, one of the free checkout books of the SunGrist Free Library is the free download of “Refreshing Evangelism, or How to Grow a NT Church in the Falling Away”. Below is a REVIEW in the form of a quote from the book–
You have read Acts 3 before and this total Sermon from Simon Peter; however if you sit under a fundamentalists Bible Baptist preacher I doubt that you have heard all the words in textual format, especially on God’s holding of Christ captive in heaven until the very end of this old earth and the ushering in of the new earth, that is at “the restoration of all things”. Therefore just a fresh look at the words themselves should be refreshing for you, but beyond that is the potential for more, much much more!
In the first of this series on “Refreshing Evangelism” or “Times of Refreshing from the presence of the Lord” if you prefer, Blackwood’s book on homiletics, PREACHING FROM THE BIBLE, was mentioned; and from that book as a source of authority along with Riley’s PRECHER AND HIS PREACHING, Charles Spurgeon’s LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS, we would note that there in general 3 types of sermons: (1) textual, which goes straight down through the text like in Acts 3:19-21 and in the order of the text; (2) expository, where a chapter or so of Bible verses are expounded like we may do later in this series on this whole sermon from Simon Peter in the early days of the kingdom of Christ immediately after the ascension of Christ to heaven; and (3) topical, where a certain doctrine of teaching {doctrine and teaching are interchangeable words} in the Bible is covered everywhere it is located in the Bible, or as many as the preacher can find with the use of something like NAVE’S TOPICAL BIBLE or a good concordance.

7by7 free download books were promised, here is the refreshing first of REFRESHING EVANGELISM, or how to grow a NT church in the Falling Away.

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