“If you become a Christian, you can get new shoes.”

Part I.

Interesting, thanks to Angela Pardie from Taiwan and now of Raleigh North Carolina. Attractive food but also J.D. Greear. a specialists in church growth is the pastor of The Summit Church, in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, and the new President of the SBC.

part I

🌞Today, I went to the church to do ministry, after it, I went out for lunch with a church sister. The food is delicious! Would you like to try🥢🤭 it? Do you like spicy food? 🌶”

Part II.

Rather than brag about numbers, take the “Our Final Victory” long look of I Corinthians 15 and Consider the gap span between verse 50–“Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God…” and verse 58–“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” The first is the beginning of church growth, of the Spirit not of the behaviorism of the flesh, the second describes the continuing, cognitive work of church growth, and the gap in between describes both a real member of the assembly of the firstborn written in heaven, rather than another name of the church roll of another multi-satellite mega church built on Skinnerism. Are we saying, the new leaders and Warren with their addition of the new church growth movement are doing superficial work? Yes, it ignores or bypasses the work of the Holy Spirit of internal growth of both a and THE church. Granted of the 128 times the word ecclesia, or assembly, is mentioned in the NT, about 22 are of the total church body and 106 are of the local church; well, these new church growth specialists of behaviorism are mixing up the Bible meaning of both, on the one hand with multiple campuses controlled by satellites they are deny the Baptist distinctive and NT concept of autonomous local churches as they strive to build a THE BAPTIST CHURCH, and on the other hand of the total body of Christ, they would replace the works of the flesh for the real work of the kingdom of God.
Stated in simple form: Once a new shoe church member, the shoes can not grow.
In Koen Kean Thailand and the area around some dedicated and sincere Christian Missionary and Alliance missionaries in horror discovered the rumor going around among the Thais that, “If you become a Christian, you get new shoes.” That is the ultimate in Skinners behaviorism on how to build or grow a church, but neither the kingdom of God nor the assembly of the firstborn written in heaven are enlarged by those methods and maneuvers. Remember the crude saying, “You can take a pig out of the mud, but you can not take the love of mud out of the heart.” The professionals of the SBC, originally put in their positions by the Scofield mites of the 10 year plan for takeover of the SBC, manipulated the election of J. D. Greear to President naturally because he has built a massive multiple campus mega church and the survival of the Convention along with those professionals demand a stop in a lack of real evangelism and new members and churches, also naturally caused because of during any time of war evangelism goes down. An Christianity today interviewer went to analyze all the success of this massive church building in North Carolina, and even without reading the Church Growth thesis of Greear and Ranier (CEO of Lifeway), he observed the friendliness between the community at large in NC and Greear, the people saying of him “that is the church that does things for people”. Good to do things for people but not in order to give them new shoes in order to become Christians or church members.

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