Logistics of Numbering versus The LORD’s Mathematics!


Since it is the LORD that adds to the church (Acts 2:47):, no vote for fellowship is required; hence no church roll except that written in heaven of the assembly of the firstborn, and in today’s modern church (whatever that is), the word fellowship should replace membership.  Yes, pastor or evangelist or the secretary that takes care of numbers in a local church or what is sent to the SBC, it is ego busting that you do not get the credit that people normally like to give you for additions to the church.

A logistics nightmare, yes, and it goes so counter to custom developed somewhere along the line in the over 2000 years of Christianity and Christian churches, and like one pastor says “the church roll makes it possible to show the bank when getting money for a new building”  (so many things are wrong with that, but is a subject for later).

The church roll and a vote of approval for membership by its very existence and popularity denies the realities of a New Testament church where “the LORD adds to the church daily those which are saved”.  Have you ever had the experience immediately as you attended a new church that you belonged already, and that experience quickly dissipated as you were called a “visitor” in what you knew to be a house of worship and prayer to your heavenly Father.  You belonged in this house of prayer and worship more than half of the membership!

What we have in contrast here is the social norm of the church roll versus real fellowship in a NT assembly of the Firstborn, written in heaven.  Yet custom and tradition has replaced the NT reality of fellowship with a certainly numbering of the people of God for many worldly reasons, like David sinned by numbered the people of Israel and Judah, and consequently as told by the Prophet Gad from God Himself had to choose between 3 possible chastisements against the whole nation for such sinful numbering.  What was so wrong?  Obviously the motivation to number, coming from greed, gloating, pride, and selfishness; wanting to brag rather than give God the glory.


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