Start of a Bible study series on TRIBULATION, that started with some questions between Great Tribulation in the first two centuries after Christ and final tribulation and the END as this old earth crumbles.

The subject of TRIBULATION has come up on Facebook discussions, so there is a need to share on the subject with the introduction here, starting with the outstanding retired lawyer and Christians gracious statement and question–

(1) Ruth.

“Ruth Magnusson Davis Looks very good, however I am not at all sure about the great tribulation. There have been many times of great tribulation. The 13th-16th centuries were also.”
(2) Reply.

SunGrist Ruth Magnusson Davis, you have a good point and as always are very Christian and gracious. Somehow found a copy of your paper on “GOD’S WORD ON HOW IT ENDS”; and with your permission and condolence on a couple of notes, would like to share that paper here in this group and in other groups especial “Eschatology, Home of Last things”. Here would be the beginning of the share–


We can Trust God’s word. He knows what he is doing. He is purifying his children. Lean in to Jesus Christ every day. We can endure to the end. We walk by faith and not by sight. If you want to study God’s word regarding the tribulation and second coming of Jesus, here are scriptures to verify. It is impossible for Jesus to return tonight. (hint: his very word tells us)
NOTE: Our dear sister in Christ and Canadian friend, Ruth Magnusson Davis, a retired lawyer and thorough Bible scholar wrote this. You should be aware of her Profile and location on Facebook:

(1) Intro–Retired lawyer. Founder, New Matthew Bible Project. Love traditional Anglican BCP, Luther, Tyndale. Founder, editor, chief bottlewasher at Baruch House Publishing Studied English Common law and Quebec Civil law at University of Manitoba Manages Baruch House Publishing

(2) Location on Facebook:… . Personal notes and comments in this thorough and kind presentation—Ruth does not call the opposition Scofield mites—are shown in blue like this one. Ruth reminds one of some outstanding Christian and scholarly lawyers of the past like Simon Greenleaf, dean of the Havard Law School who wrote “Testimony of the four Evangelists”, and also Irwin Linten, practicing law before the American Supreme court wrote the outstanding book on Christian evidences called “A Lawyer Examines the Bible”.
Top 30 Reasons….
Ruth, Thank you for your dedication to Christ and faithfulness to the Bible, also your conservative and scholarly Bible contributions.


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