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Good place at Barnes and Noble to start your Bible books library–


Bible Reports for Believing: The Way of Continuing Faith by Jerry V. McMichael

Written in 2004 for a Pastor in Myanmar to teach in a Bible course.  Originally distribution was on,  now through Ingram Spark distributors is available at stores like Barns and Noble.

What it is About:  “Believing”, part of the purpose of the Gospel of John, given in John 20:30,31, is about ‘Continuing Faith”. If you miss it in the reading of the purpose, or the 7 miracle signs of John as highlighted in this book, you will get it with the additional chapters, especially those based on the purpose of I John in I John 5:13, “that you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God”.


Christ for Individuals: LEARN CHRIST COMMENTARIES, volume 2, the 5 NT books of the Apostle John by Jerry Vaughan McMichael


Volume 2: Christ for Individuals, the NT books from the Apostle John of Revelation, the Gospel of John, and 3 epistles of John.

Also Desktop Published and free distributed in 2004, now in 2918 through Ingram Spark is distributed in stores like Barnes and Noble.

What it is About:  To LEARN Christ is to learn Truth from Jesus, who said “I am the way, the truth, and the life”; from God the Heavenly Father, the Creator of all; and from the Bible, God’s Great Design in a Book. Not even family is more important than the Truth of Jesus, God, and the Bible; as a matter of fact that also defines love for God more than family, country, and all. Jesus said, “He that does not love me more than father and mother is not worthy of me.”

Also Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and the second is like it you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Volumes can be written on “who is my neighbor”, but Jesus defined it as someone you see, that is in need, and you are able to help. However, the emphasis here is that this love is second, the prime love and loyalty is for God and His Truth, the truth “once for all given to the saints” in the literal Bible of II Peter 1:20.21, the ASPI version of the Bible.

IN CONTEXT to total Bible and of all the Apostle John’s books is not only a key to hermeneutics but to this book Christ for Individuals, starting with Jesus on eschatology in Matthew 24 that outline is expanded in 5 chapters on the book of Revelation; then John having learned the word for the Word in Revelation wrote the last of the four Gospels starting with Jesus as the Eternal Word, and not through with the necessity of contending for the faith, John wrote the 3 little epistles of I, II, and III John. You can tell by the title CHRIST FOR INDIVIDUALS, that Jerry and Ann write with the example of John for individuals, not scholars, and with the Bible as a guidebook for living.

Copyright by SunGrist November, 2004


In Chinese


相信的圣经报告:Jerry V. McMichael持续信仰的方式

写于2004年,为缅甸牧师教授圣经课程。最初分销在amazon.com上,现在通过Ingram Spark经销商可以在Barns和Noble等商店购买。

它是什么:在约翰福音20:30,31中,“相信”是约翰福音的目的的一部分,是关于“持续的信仰”。如果你在阅读目的时错过它,或者7个奇迹在本书中强调约翰的迹象,你会得到附加章节,尤其是基于约翰福音5:13中约翰的目的,“你可以继续相信上帝之子的名字” 。





桌面发布和免费发布于2004年,现在2918通过Ingram Spark分布在Barnes和Noble等商店。



版权所有SunGrist 2004年11月

NOTE:  On, Browse the 11 books by SunGrist and Jerry and Ann McMichael, both Paperback and Kindle at

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