Learn Christ Commentaries Volume 1: Prophets and Apostles.

Did you know that one way to get the approval of God is to study the Bible. II Timothy 2:15–“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Every person, and hopefully in their youth, needs one strong and in-depth, and thorough Bible course. Since asking Katy McMichael to take one such course, it was considered how difficult that is for most persons not having access to a denominational school or a Bible chair at a church associated with a public school, so after seeking a solution it was discovered that the volume 1 of the Learn Christ Commentaries, Prophets and Apostles, was not one such solid Bible course but was also two in one.

Some long hours were applied to get it in shape in order to make the October 9th birthday of Ann McMichael, who like Katy was a Christian “Sound Mind” Brain, making A’s since Salutatorian in high school, and when we took Life and Letters of Paul together at Ouachita Baptist, she also made an A, while Nursing and delivering Elizabeth, in fact in any course she ever took a A was racked up. Effort is also being made to get Prophets and Apostles published in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon by October 12, and when it happens will try to get a copy into the hands of all those here, but right now the best that can be done is the free download of a PDF copy at www.biblecombibleman.com/LearnChristVolume1.pdf .


NOTE:  As changes and updates are made between now and October 12, and also later, the free download above will also be updated, so keep tuned here.

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