Christian Fable #1:  Escape from Tribulation.

Christian Fable #1:  Escape from Tribulation

“You won’t see me in the tribulation, I’ll be gone…I will be gone…I will be gone” and “After the tribulation I’ll be back…I’ll be back.”  Have you heard this tricky little Christian Fable that makes Scofield mites smile.  It is false and that is the reason it is a fable.  Clearly in Revelation 9:4 Christians are in the tribulation as all the action of destruction is stopped while the seal of God is placed on His people.

In the nature, meaning, and truth of II timothy 4:3,4 when you hear such foolishness as this Christian fable, you know that the person or persons has already “turned away from truth”; you know they have already passed through the third stage of the great apostasy called the falling away which is have “heaped up to themselves teachers with itching ears”; through the second stage of unchristian motivations of control by their own desires or wants rather than by the Holy Spirit and Christlikeness; and what was hardly seen or detectable over a period of time, they have developed a lack of tolerance for sound doctrine, they just will not listen or heed to sound doctrine.

That singer is already gone, gone down the rabbit hole of heresy and unsound doctrine.  Yes, it is hard to tell in these days the teachers and preachers of sound and unsound doctrine, as all of them when they are reading straight from the Bible sound so good naturally.  We know the Bible and every word of the Bible is good, true, pure, and helpful; but Satan at the extreme end of all Christian fables as the inventor of the lie can read from the Bible, in fact, Satan quotes from the Bible as he did with Jesus during the 40 days of temptations in the wilderness where Satan had to learn that it was not going to work on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hard to tell unsound doctrine yes, but when you hear such a Christian fable as “don’t look for me in the tribulation, I’ll be gone”, then you know that this person has already passed through the first four stages of the falling away in order to arrive at the last and fifth stage of “turned aside to fables”.  He started with an intolerance toward sound doctrine, continued with motivations by his own wants and desires, was either the heaped up teacher with itching ears wanting to hear comfort or he was influenced by such an itching ears teachers because he was looking for want satisfaction anyway.  He turned away from truth in order to come to the point you see and hear as a Christian fable.

Hopefully you have read of the disgusting but inevitable time of the great apostasy with the five stages in II Timothy 4:3,4–

“For the time will come…(written by the Holy Spirit through Paul in the first century, and attested to as here and now often by the evidences of Christian fables in churches and Christian organizations today)….(1) when they will not endure sound doctrine, (2) but after they own desires (3) they will heap up to themselves teachers with itching ears, (4) turn away from the truth and (5)…(with the bottom line and final proof in the falling away pudding) they turn aside to fables.”

And the sad part is they are deceiving whole churches!  Why is the falling away so effective in this day and time.  The Bible gives us five reasons at least:  (1) the church and churches are influenced and even pressured by their worldly social and political environment; (2) “the deceitfulness of abounding sin”; (3) the cares of this world that chokes out the good seed of the Word; (4) the failure to properly Learn Christ with the Jesus prescribed 9 month new birth; and (5) the propaganda and glorification of self help machines built around self love and self pride, alias personal desires and wants.  The other victims of Christian fables are in misery and desire to share that misery so as not to be alone.

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