“Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Devils” (I Timothy 4:1)

Today, like with the Southern Baptist group on Facebook, many claim that Scofieldism is rapidly disappearing and the so called conservative resurgence has taken its place.  Not so, as evidenced by Lifeway’s promotion of the New Scofield Reference Bible with the image of Scofield, rather than Christ, on it; by the Scofield mites now running the SBC like Thom Ranier, the  CEO of Lifeway and Greear the new President.  Also there is the Dallas Theological Seminary influence, since Scofield himself and Chafer, they continue to be a hot bed of Scofield mites, presently with the graduates like Ryre, LeHaye, Jeffress, and on an on either popularizing gain Scofieldism or kicking out Study Bibles that emulate Scofield Notes.

They ignore the book of Romans on the chief advantage of being a Jew, that is to them were committed the oracles of God, we dare not ignore that, neither ignore that the all Israel that will be saved is the new Israel defined to Romans as mainly Gentiles and a few Jews.  Of course, we need to support Israel as the only democratic nation in the Middle East, but not incorporate the follies of Scofield notes like separating the Christian church from the kingdom, like straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel to make a difference between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God, and mainly the tampering with the great commission and the single salvation plan of God and the Bible.

Anytime there are “doctrines of devils” in the nature of I Timothy apostasy, you expect with it seducing spirits, and of such you will not notice is with the pride and arrogance of the believers in a rapture and in a third coming of Christ.  They both ignore all commentators before Scofield and Darby, and consider that they alone with a Scofield Reference Bible have a corner on truth.  In short, you can detect the haughty seducing spirit quite often more than the unsound Bible doctrine.

What is the worst bad of Scofield mites besides they have the audacity to subvert with additions in notes of “the faith once for delivered to the saints”:  (1) They teach like Jefress at FBC Dallas, that the great commission is not presently the obligation of the church, that converted Jews will in the millennium and the millennium age (we are in, they falsely say some “church age” now) will carry out the Great Commission: (2) They foster two plans of salvation, one for the Hebrew Zealots to rule during the millennium and another for Christians; and (3) they continue with the haughty seducing spirit attitude that only they have the literal inherent Bible, while fostering a theology and philosophy that adds to the Bible concepts and actual words not even found in the Bible Itself, like rapture, millennium, and dispensationalism.  (You have to realize that the Scofield Reference Bible was the first Bible with a commentary, and the only commentary many knew.)

NOTE: Another word of caution, there is a very active group of “love Jesus” advocates that both love themselves and that currently with at least two other sites support Scofieldism. These are the sites run by Sandra Ward and Sandy Ward with large numbers of adherents and cramming the airways since 2012.  They are well organized like a business, and they well be but the connection is obscured, like one of them says they really know the Scriptures but show no background in Bible, only schooling at a Business college.  Anyway, here is the group of groups names they use:

Love Of Jesus Christian Inspiration

and at



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