A Big Sigh for “Under Theology”

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Monday heard the church service of FBC of Waco with the preaching of Dr. Todd Stills, Dean of Truett Seminary at Baylor.  Let me be kind by saying in spite of the fact he is ordained and preaches in churches all over, he is not among the great preachers that preached there like Carroll and Truett, and about the only part of the message memorable was the great SIGH he gave and talked about as his wife, saying Amen to the SIGH, and himself considered the evil and startling events of these times like the killing of so many at the Synagogue in Philly.

The great mistake Theologians like Dr. Todd Stills, even with all the hard studies and degrees, make is they insist on treating of the Bible books as an independent study, this ignores the work of the Holy Spirit through Prophets, Apostles, and Jesus to make it a whole.  They ignore what is perhaps the single most self-interpretative rule that the Bible Itself lays down, that is compare Scripture with Scripture for proper understand since God the Holy Spirit is within Himself a Consistency.  And in context, the largest context beyond chapters and books, is the total Bible.

Our sympathies go out in him and all you have the gullible courage to delve deeply into theology, thinking that they of all people can remain unspotted and holy in pursuit of the Word from God.  Stills favorite description of his own, that of Baylor, and that of the Truett Seminary is “under the Bible”; and oh my, he must be sincere only failed to see when and if during theology studies at Baylor, Southwestern, overseas, and numerous other schools, which would have been admirable he could have overcome, as few if any can, Theologies habit of making all captive to the wisdom and foolishness of other scholars rather than like Martin Luther staying captive to the Word of God.  It must be said by any intellectually honest Christian preacher that THEY ARE UNDER THEOLOGY.

Personally are well known at least three brilliant students and academic scholars out of Galena Park High and FBC Galena Park that succumbed after many years of education and doctorates in theology to the perverted wisdom of men and theology.  It changed their lives, once our heroes, making them to come by habit into the folly of II Timothy 4:3,4 of “they will not endure sound doctrine”…  Goodness, they could not endure sound doctrines under the onslaught of a doctors degree in theology, and that of having to give the approvers of a dissertation, or grades in questionable classes by Muslims and others, what they wanted to get the Palovian award of a high degree.  As Southern Baptist, we just are not treating our young Christian men and students of the ministry fair.  Theology must be wiped out in our schools.  And don’t give this malarkey that B. H. Carroll was a theologian, for he started SWBTS with teaching through the English Bible, you have the 17 volumes today, called “An Interpretation of the English Bible.”

Please decide for yourself and compare the following two statements of Faith about the Bible, the first by Dr. Still for Baylor and from SunGrist–

  1.  Where does Truett seminary stand Theologically? A description by Dean Todd Still online at https://jonathanbalmer.com/2017/08/25/where-does-truett-seminary-stand-theologically-a-description-by-dean-todd-still/First of all, we stand under scripture even as we seek to understand it. The Bible, we have said, when properly interpreted, is authoritative for matters of faith and practice. It is the norming norm. It is the standard by which we measure our beliefs and our lives. Even though no creed but the Bible is too simple of a slogan, and too shallow of a shibboleth, to capture adequately the theological complexities that attend our work and witness, it does nonetheless convey the belief that the bible serves as our convictional guide and our doctrinal core.

    Such a high view of scripture does not preclude higher criticism. Indeed, we welcome such here. The Bible does not interpret itself. It must be interpreted. The so-called “plain sense of scripture” must seek to make sense of a biblical text both in its ancient and contemporary contexts. As it happens, every seminary course you take, in one way or another, will require you to interpret and interact with scripture. Here, that is as it should be.

    Additionally, one who holds the Bible as trustworthy, and inspired by God, need not fall prey to bibliolatry, nor feel compelled to subscribe to some sort of rigid inerrancy. Rather, that for which we seek and aspire is a hermeneutics of trust that sees the thrust of scripture in none other than Jesus the Christ. We do not commend a flat-footed, wooden literalism with respect to biblical interpretation. Instead, we encourage a commitment to approach God’s word, both in public and in private, with all the tools as one’s disposal and with an attitude of chastened curiosity and reverent humility as we struggle, wrestle, grapple, and see if but in a glass dimly. The text is truth, and truth in the text, which will in turn serve to us as lamp and light. ‘Where do we stand theologically at Truett seminary?,’ people wonder. [We respond] under scripture.

  2. From SunGrist:  The Bible is the Word of God, divine in origin, absolute in authority, sufficient without theology in Its message and for study, high fidelity in communication,  and self interpretative with the ASPI of II Peter 1:20,21, dynamical alive.  The Bible must be understand first by those of the new birth since “the natural man (matter how educated and what) can not understand the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness with him, neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned.”  The Bible is not an academic dissertation but a guidebook for learning, and one way to please God is by the proper study of the Bible using the rules the Bible lays down for self-study (the good hermeneutics of the Bible and of Bernard Ramm (the former head of graduate religion study at Baylor) and Dr. Ray Summers (Greek scholar, author of the book Worthy is the Lamb and professor of relgion at Baylor and our teacher in a graduate class on the book of Revelation).

For more, much more, please follow SunGrist on the websites of http://www.sungrist.org and http://www.biblecombibleman.com .

Jerry McMichael for SunGrist



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