LCBC 7 Volume Set Now Complete on Amazon books.

NOTE:  In case you forgot, LCBC stands for the Learn Christ Bible Commentaries.

The challenge was accepted years ago to under the guidance of God the Holy Spirit to cover the whole Bible in 7 volumes based on the QuickSweep by quotes method that God the Holy Spirit built into the internal structure of the Bible, that is the OT quotes in the NT. Now all 7 of the volumes of the Learn Christ Bible Commentaries is available on Amazon Books.  Dr. Carroll in his “An Interpretation of the English Bible”, the same lectures with which he started SWBT Seminary, covered the Bible in 17 volumes; thanks to the ASPI version of the Bible in II Peter 1:19-21, SunGrist and Jerry and Ann McMichael have done it in only 7 volumes.

Would, by the grace of God, that by herein contending for the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3), some dint might be made in the unsound (“they will not endure sound doctrine”) doctrine of 2018-19 churches and denominations.  Much of it, if not most, caused by a priority of theology and philosophy over Bible and “Preaching from the Bible”, in homiletics from Andrew Blackwood.

Theology has two main goals, both of which exalt the reasoning and wisdom of men to know God:  (1) to know and identify God; and (2) with so much present and historically accumulated wisdom of men and women to find the way to a common god for the whole world.  Lest we forget the Bible warns us about the Preaching of the Bible priority over Theology in the words:  “The wisdom of the world is foolishness with God” and “When the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save those that believe.”

Sorry about some of the paperback cost, but Amazon if you go for expanded distribution by and large determine what min you can chose.  Good news, however, if you are an Amazon Prime member, like many of us, then you can borrow free from your Kindle device, and with Kindle unlimited the Kindle edition in most cases is free.

Sometime, hopefully, a special LCBC set of commentaries price can be worked out with them.

SPECIAL FINAL NOTE:  A series of “Faith and Faith Contending” messages is underway based on 6 little epistles of John and Paul, “If two agree…”

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