Books by SunGrist on Amazon.

Amazon has created an Author page at this link for the 15 books of Jerry McMichael’s SunGrist, paperbacks, kindles, and in some cases free for members of Kindle unlimited.   Truly in honor of my dear departed to our greater home in heaven Wife, it should be Jerry and Ann McMichael, as Ann was the editor of all our books.  (My, my, did we have a time over commons as Ann was good in English and as for me, like Paul, I would have preferred to write single sentence paragraphs.)

SunGrist Jerry McMichael author page

Living Tribute to the Life and Work of Ann McMichael best

Short Bio of SunGrist and Jerry McMichael

About Jerry Vaughan McMichael

Administrative Director at SunGrist 12 years with 5 Bible websites, numerous WordPress sites, also numberous Google+ and Facebook groups, and Twitter and LinkIn.

Professional Certificate in Desktop Publication, University of Arizona Tucson.

Retired Flight Test Engineer at Lockheed Martin (General Dynamics) Fort Worth Texas

Retired Principal System Engineer at Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson Arizona

Electronics Technology Instructor at Lee College

Assistant Professor – Faculty of Electronics at Eastern New Mexico University – ENMU

Interim Pastor of 16 churches in Maryland, Arkansas, Texas, and New Mexico.

Ordained by FBC Hot Spings Arkansas while pastor at Walnut Valley Baptist Church

Studied Bible at Ouachita Baptist University

Licensed to preach by Dr. R. G. Lee and Bellevue Baptist Church

Aviation Electronics Technician (AT1) 4 years in Naval Aviation, Air Early Warning, Argentia Newfoundland and Paxtuxent River Naval Air Stattion

Graduated Galena Park High School

This book of the Apostles and Prophets, or Prophets and Apostles, are Learn Christ from the Apostles and Prophets, back in about 1990, was the first Bible commentary written, and only recently when I saw the need for one in depth and thorough Bible course, did it occur of the necessity to get it out there for both the consumption of Katy McMichael, a Christian brain of “sound mind” and to complete in public availability (beyond the free downloads of SunGrist websites) the 7 volumes of the Learn Christ Commentaries. Actually, this is more than the equivalent of two Bible courses, a survey of the Old Testament and a survey of the New Testament, only in one volume, because it is primarily a study of the Bible Itself more than “about the Bible”. It could be compared to a Baylor freshman equivalent course of Woodfin’s survey of the NT using the RSV Bible Itself, or a UT Austin Bible chair course at University Baptist Church on the book of Acts where Acts itself was studied in the Moffatt translation. Romans under MacGorman at SWBTS in the summer of 1961 was meant to primarily use the book on Romans for which he was famous on campus, but as was the personal habit for Bible Itself, a complete study, teaching, and preaching outline was done on Romans to more than supplement the Bible course. If you have seen the seventh and second volumes of the Learn Christ commentaries on either or other numerous bookstores, you will recognize that the originality of this volume 1 was not changed; that is, the custom of all Bible quotes in green has been wavered for this first volume to help preserve the inspiration of the moment, first written on a typewriter and then later on a MAC computer and printed out on old printer sheets with the holes on the sides. (There was just no heart to change such marvelous moments of Bible concentration from 1985-1995 at Rosamond California while working second shift at the F-16 Combined Test Force at Edwards Air Force Base.} Ann came out to California later and with her marvelous sense of humor of expression, said, “The words just poured out the trailer when she opened the door.” It was not long after coming to Rosamond as she had the habit of doing at least six times, she miraculous came out of the inability to walk, which started at Mineral Wells Hospital while on duty in the ER, and where the doctors said she would never walk again since her spinal cord was 99% occluded with a slipped disk. She went to work again as an RN at Ridgecrest and herself rented a nice trailer with an outdoor hot tub, the point being that the pouring out of pages in the Comfort trailer at Rosamond continued, and we had the weekends together at Ridgecrest. (Ah, the great memories!) And partly this paragraph is added for Katy as she is so much like her grandmother, Ann McMichael.) And quite frankly, as the final preparations were made for the publisher, there was a sense of amazement not unlike that of J. B. Philips stated in the preface to his translation of Revelation, “It was felt as if electricity was going through my body”; for it is still a marvel that God has allowed us to see the wonderful structure of His Design of His Book by using through the Holy Spirit and Prophets, through Jesus and the Apostles, the unity and consistency of the Bible by the way of the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament. You too, with continued reading and study, will be awed as the Great Design of the Bible by God the Father as you grasp and bask in the spiritual illumination of one quoted verse after another! In the final editing of this book, often a pause was made to revel in the spiritual insight of almost forgotten Scripture of the Bible, benefiting myself as I pray Katy and others will benefit from this volume 1 of the LCC.

Lately, especially on Facebook, disparaging words have bee said about the Old Testament as compared to the New Testament, which makes a mockery out of the internal structure of the total Bible God the Holy Spirit used to put in all together in a book o 66 books, that structure being the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament. It also makes a mockery out of the Jewish people of whom Paul wrote their chief advantage and contribution was “committed unto them were the oracles of God”. It would seem that they are either admitted an ignorance or neglect of the Old Testament, or the Scofield followers find the Old Testament interferes with their addition of dispensations to the Bible. In either case, they can not be forgiven for minimizing or tampering with the total “faith once for all delivered to the saints”. God speaks through His total Word, much in the New Testament is made clear in the Old and even more of the New Testament makes clear and builds on the Old Testament. There just is no Word of God without both Testaments.


Goals of SunGrist and Jerry McMichael for “the glory of God in the Christian calling” (Carver).

  1. Walking in the sun and Son while it is still daylight.
  2. More Bible, More World.
  3. “Freely we have received, Freely we Give”.

Jerry McMichael

Admin · October 24

Here is a supplement to be added to the textbook of Prophets and Apostles, the Bible. It will also help you with some links on Assignment #2. You might click on them to become familiar.

Introduction to Jerry McMichael and SunGrist

Walking and working in the sun and Son while it is still daylight; An introduction to what the SunGrist of Jerry McMichael stands for with a free download of Some Sounds of Sound Faith (Doctrine) at www, . SunGrist on this BiblecomBibleman website has been online operational for about 12 years, but it is normal that some new potential followers become aware of it each day especially here on Facebook, on Google+, and on WordPress.

Listed on the web page index of this site are thousands of Bible subjects and teachings, you can check in the nature of the Bible admonition to test and prove all things by Scripture, such as the basic doctrines (teachings) block shown in the photos which start with the God of Morality, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A third website of SunGrist by Jerry McMichael is which is called the SunGrist Topical Bible because if you look on that index page you will see a topical index (also shown in the photos) of most of the Bible Topics on the site.

9 major teachings of the Bible, taken from SSOSF are also shown in the photos below as about the Bible, God, Christ, Salvation, Holy Spirit, Faith, Gospel, Assembly, and Day of the LORD, with the free download of ssosf with the link above you can easily read those.

Since going online and continuing with the free distribution of Bible books, commentaries, and pamphlets, a major thrust and concern of SunGrist is to “Contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). This includes the free distribution of the 7 Learn Christ Bible Commentaries along with another about 2500 free Bible downloads. An introduction to Learn Christ is shown on . 99.46 of the books of SunGrist are free in keeping with the theme “Freely we have received, freely we give” and More Bible More World, 11 books are available including two volumes of the LCBCommentaries in stores like Abe, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Half Price.

Here on Facebook you can find offered free many posts and books on proclaiming the faith once delivered as well as contending for IT, on sites such as:

Some Sounds of Sound Doctrine (Faith) at

Bible QC and Bible Q&A at

“Believe and Be Baptized” (LEARN CHRIST) at

Administrative Director at SunGrist

* Former System Engineer at Raytheon Missile Systems

* Former Flight test engineer at General Dynamics Fort Worth Division, Texas

* Former Electronics Technology Instructor at Lee College

* Former Assistant Professor – Faculty of Electronics at Eastern New Mexico University – ENMU

* Assistant Professor at Institute of Electricity and Electronics at Boumerdes, Algeria.

* Interim Pastor of 16 churches, and Admin of 3 Bible Websites.

* BS in Physics and Math

* Bible Courses at Baylor, Ouachita, and Southwestern Seminary in Romans, Mark, Acts, Revelation, OT Survey, NT Survey, Life and Letters of Paul. OT Prophets, Biblical Backgrounds, Pastoral Epistles, Christian Doctrine, Gospel of Redemption.

* Methods Courses in Learning Theory, Pastoral Duties, Teaching for Results, History of American Thought, American Literary History, Homiletics.

* Liscensed Private Pilot.

* Liscensed to Preach by Dr. R. G. Lee and Bellevue Baptist Church and Ordained by FBC Hot Springs, Arkansas.

* Went to Galena Park High School

In honor and memory of Ann McMichael, probably now a greeter  and entertainer of so many of our friends and associates of the 59 married years, like Dr. R. G. Lee that married us and the same weekend licensed me to preach, like Mamaw a great influence on my young life with getting me into Scouts and taking me to Queensboro Baptist Church, Rev Ira Peak and evangelist Hyman Appleman, like the Steelman Phelps parents of Ann, pure gold; and on and on.  Yes, and members of the 16 churches, mainly Baptist of which I was pastor or interim pastor.  The true statement is common that “churches make the preacher”, so thank you!

hope so

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