One Commentary on the Bible Chapter 2: Properly Learn Christ.

Chapter 2:  Christ properly Learned is the Major Theme of One commentary, the must goal of Your Life!

The seven volumes of LCC for Learn Christ Commentaries originated on the foundation of the writing of this first volume of Prophets and Apostles in turn which was built on the total outline of the Bible around the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament.  As you read the other six, as here, you will notice that like in Life and Letters of Paul and John on 5 books of the NT, these quotes form a backbone to the 7-volume set even as they form the backbone and structure to the Bible Itself.

NOTE:  Recall that this is a study of the Bible Itself more than anything about the Bible., although other good solid survey courses and books have been utilized and are recommended to you if you have time for more than one in depth Bible course.  Like Hester and Sampey’s surveys of the OT, and Hester’s Heart of the New Testament with Biblical Backgrounds by McGee and the Bible as History from Werner.

 2-1:  The Original 7 Volumes of the Learn Christ Bible Commentaries that are extensively free distributed on and and continued each week with a steady flow of over 800 free downloads each week, and that are the base for this ONE COMMENTARY ON THE BIBLE in two books of the 7 volumes.  Would that with so much unsound doctrine spewing out of seducing spirits and doctrines of devil’s preachers and teachers that these two books, a complete set of Bible commentaries in ONE might be placed in the hand of every sincere Bible seeker.

  1.  Prophets and Apostles, the Bible.
  2. Christ for Individuals, the 5 books of the Apostle John—Revelation, the Gospel of John, and the 3 little epistles.
  3. “Believe and Be Baptized”, the 14 New Testament letters of the Apostle Paul.
  4. Christ, Paul, and the Falling Away, the book of Hebrews.
  5. The 19 Writing Prophets of the Old Testament.
  6. National Dens of Thieves, Jeremiah and Prophesy.
  7. The Literal Forever Kingdom.

Below is a list of those seven and with the links where you can download them in PDF as hundreds do every week.

Volume 1a:  Prophets and Apostles, a Survey.

Volume 1b:  Gospel of the Kingdom in the Old Testament.

Volume 1c:  Top 12 Topics of the Bible, the Old Testament according to the NT.

Volume 1d:  Structural Outline of the Bible, OT quotes in the NT.

Volume 2:  Christ for Individuals, the 5 books of the Apostle John.

Volume 3: “Believe and Be Baptized”, the Ministry and 14 Letters of the Apostle Paul.

Volume 4:  Christ, Paul, and the Falling Away, the book of Hebrews.

Volume 5:  The Message of the 19 Writing Prophets of the Old Testament.

Volume 6:  National Dens of Thieves, Jeremiah and Prophesy.

NOTE:  Sorry, Google sites wiped out the free download of NDT, but you can get it on Amazon at, and as time permits a Kindle version will become available.

Volume 7:  The Literal Forever Kingdom.

You should know what only two books of ONE can do for you in Bible study and Bible reference, so here is a combined Table of Contents of all 7 volumes.

Learn Christ Bible Commentaries Book 1  (Volumes 1-3)

Combined and Original Tables of Contents

Volume 1:  Prophets and Apostles, The OT according to the NT. Introductions to LCC set and this Volume 1
     Prophets to the Nations.      The 7 Volumes of the Learn Christ Commentaries.
     Respect for God’s Great Design of the Bible. Preface:     Learn Christ from the Apostles and Prophets                page 1
chapter 1: Paul Wraps up the Bible                    page 3                     1-1  Other Scriptures to Support Colossians 1:25.            page 3
                    1-2   Where Paul Got His Doctrine.  page 5 1-3   The Apostle Peter acknowledged Paul as a Scripture Writing Apostle
                    1-4   Word of God (Scriptures) from the Apostle Paul.                     page 7 1-5   The Apostle Paul, a champion of inspiration of scriptures as on all other
                    Doctrines.                    page 8                     1-6   Sufferings and the Ministry of Paul.       page 9
                    1-7   Apostle with Children, I Timothy and II Corinthians.                page 12 chapter 2: The Bible is Christ  page 15
                    2-1   The Living God of the Living                    page 16 2-2   Righteousness of God and Man.  page 19
                    2-3   The Composite Witness of the Bible page 21                     2-4   God, Man, and the Son of Man.                 page 25
                    2-5   The Resurrection of Jesus.         page 29                     2-6   Wisdom from God.                    page 32
                    2-7   The Gospel.        page 33                     2-8   Listening More Important than Sacrifice.            page 34
                    2-9   What Happened to the Jews as the Chosen People of God.           page 35                     2-10 The Salvation of God.           page 37
2-11 The New King of Israel. page 38                     2-12 The Living God wants others to Live.                   page 40
chapter 3: The Old Testament According to the New Testament                    page 42 3-1   Stephen’s Outline of Old Testament History in Acts 7. page 43
                    3-2   Amos the Prophet.                    page 45                     3-3   Wrap-up of History of Stephen.                  page 46
                    3-4   David to Christ.                    page 47                     3-5   The 16 Writing Prophets.  page 49
                    3-6   The Prophet Isaiah.                    page 50 3-7   A Short Message from Amos, Joel, and the Great Maker of History
                    3-8    A Harmony of History.    page 58                     3-9    Prophets, Apostles, and the Spirit of Christ.              page 58
3-10  Acts, the Old Testament according to the New Testament, and the                      Gospels and the Prophets.  page 60
chapter 4 Matthew  and  Jesus.                    page 63                     4-1   Who is Jesus to His Contemporaries?      page 63
                    4-2   Who is Jesus According to Subsequent History?                    page 66                     4-3   The Sources, the Bible and the books of the Bible.                    page 68
                    4-4:  Christ, Marriage, and the Church.        page 71                     4-5:  Jesus and the Builders of History.  page 71
                    4-6:  Understanding from Peter’s First Sermon.                    page 74                     4-7:  Choose Jesus or the Temple.    page 75
4-8:  Judas betrayed Jesus in order to save his own temple.  page 77                     4-9:  The Cornerstone is Alive!        page 79
                    4-10 How are the Living Stones today?             page 80 4-11 Jesus Proclaimed in the Old Testament and Established with His teachings
 in the New Testament by the Apostle Matthew page 81                     4-12 Matthew and Psalms.     page 83
                    4-13 Matthew and the Prophets.  page 84 chapter 5: John Mark and the Apostle James           page 89
                    5-1:   Mark.                  page 89                     5-2:   James on Mark.                    page 91
                    5-3:   The Old Testament in James.  page 95 5-4: “The Living God of the Living” from Genesis 1:26 thru Exodus 16:18 p 99
                    5-5:   Mark’s Appendix.                    page 103                     5-6:   The First Seven.                    Page 104
                    5-7:   The Second Seven.                    page 107                     5-8:   The Third Seven.                    page 109
                    5-9:   Fourth Seven.   page 110                     5-10: Fifth Seven.       page 112
                    5-11: Sixth Seven.      page 112                     5-12: Seventh Seven.                    page 112
chapter 6: The Gospel Explained and Reinforced: Paul in Hebrews and Roman, and Luke.                     6-1:   Hebrews and Psalms.     page 115
                    6-2:   Romans and Isaiah.                    page 122                     6-3:   Jesus is the Foundation Stone.    page 124
                    6-4:   The Gospel Reinforced, Luke.      page 127                     6-5:   Luke and the Apostle Peter’s Epistles.             page 128
                    6-6:   The Old Testament in Peter’s Epistles and Luke.     page 130                     6-7:   Another Composite.                    page 131
                    6-8:   Gospel Reinforced.                    page 132 chapter 7: Prophets and Apostles                    page 135
                    7-1:   The Apostles Peter and James on the Prophets.       page 135 7-2:   A Rapid Survey of the Prophets according to Peter and James.  page 137
                    7-3:   Applications.   page 144                     7-4:   The Minor Prophets from Joel to Malachi.                   page 148
                    7-5    The Prophet Joel.                    page 149                     7-6:   The Prophet Amos.                    page 150
                    7-7:   The Gospel on Jonah.        page 152                     7-8:   The Prophet Obadiah.  page 153
                    7-9:   The Prophet Hosea.                    page 154                     7-10: The Prophet Micah.                    page 155
                    7-11: The Prophet Nahum.    page 157                     7-12: The Prophet Habakkuk.                   page 158
7-13: The Prophet Zephaniah. page 158                     7-14: The Prophet Hagaii.                    page 160
                    7-15: The Prophet Zechariah.                   page 162                     7-16: The Prophet Malachi.   page 163
chapter 8: All the Prophets of the Old Testament          page 165 8-1:   The Prophet Messiah and The LORD Thy God. page 165
                    8-2:   The Progressive Flow of the Gospel.  page 172                     8-3:   The Gospel to the Jews is that Jesus is their King!                    page 177
                    8-4:   Major Inserts from the Majors on the Gospel.          page 178 chapter 9: Solid Foothold in the Prophets and Christian Faith. page 184
                    9-1:   The Prophet Joel and the Apostle Peter.                 page 185                     9-2:   Axes to Grind. page 186
               9-3:   Christian Faith.                    page 188                     9-4:   The Prophet Obadiah.  page 196
9-5:   The Historical Context of Bad Blood between Jacob and Esau.   page 200                     9-6:   In the Total Context of the Bible.                 page 203
                    9-7:   The Fair Judgments of God.      page 204                     9-8:   We Preach Christ.                    page 204
                    9-9:   Shew us the Father: We Preach Christ.     page 207 chapter 10:                  Prophetic Messages on History                  page 211
10-1:  Major Prophets of the Chaldean Period, Daniel, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah.             page 211 10-2:  The Prophets on Jerusalem, Zephaniah, Ezekiel, and Habakkuk and Jeremiah.             page 218
                    10-3: An Outline of Ezekiel.     page 222                     10-4: Why Me on the National Level, Habakkuk?      page 224
                    10-5: The Temple: Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.                    page 225                     10-6: The Prophet Haggai.     page 228
                    10-7: Zechariah.         page 232                     10-8: The Prophet Malachi.   page 232
chapter 11:                  LAST DAYS and Eschatology in the Prophets                    page 234                     11-1:   Beginning of the Last Days.                    page 235
                    11-2:   The Great and Notable Day of the Lord.           page 236                     11-3:   Battle of Jehoshaphat and Jewish Conversion.                 page 237
                    11-4:   All Israel Saved, Romans 11.                 page 238                     11-5:   Jesus on Eschatology, Matthew 24.         page 239
                    11-6:   Great Tribulation.                    page 241                     11-7:   Out of Respect for B.H. Carroll.                page 242
11-8:   Apostle Peter on Eschatology. page 244                     11-9:   Eschatology and Fear.           page 245
                    11-10: Eschatology in the Pre-Prophet Prophets.                 page 246                     11-11: Eschatology in the Prophets of the Assyrian Period.                    page 248
                    11-12: Eschatology in the Prophets of the Chaldean Period.                    page 252                     11-13: Eschatology of the Persian Period.           page 256
                    11-14: The Composite Witness of the New Pentateuch.                    page 259 chapter 12:                  Eschatology in the book of Revelation              page 261
                    12-1:   Last Things (Eschatology) in the book of Revelation.                  page 261                     12-2:   Cycles of Historical Events.      page 264
                    12-3:   Eschatology in the Prophets.  page 265                     12-4:   Bottom Line of the book of Revelation.  page 270
                    12-5:   The Seven Last Plagues.    page 271                     12-6:   Two Cautions.                    page 272
12-7:   A Candle Still Burns in the City until the Fall of the U.S. page 274                     12-8:   Composite Witness of the Five of the New Pentateuch.                    page 274
chapter 13:                  The Prophet Messiah.  page 250 chapter 14:  The Literal Forever Kingdom.
Volume 2:  Christ for Individuals, 5 books of the Apostle John. I.  The Book of Revelation, it is where John learns from the Ascended Christ this new word for Jesus as the “Word”.
1.  Introduction to Christ for Individuals, “Come and See”. 2.  Eschatology in the book of Revelation.
3.  Pride or Worship God, Revelation 1-3 . 4.  Number the People of God or Worship Christ, Revelation 4-7.
5.  War Against the Remnant, Revelation 12-20. 6.  “How Long” ?
7.  The New Heaven and the New Earth, Revelation 21,22 . 8. The Overcomers are the Seven Thousand.
II.  The Gospel of John, the story of the Word made flesh. 9. “Come and See”, the Gospel of John.
10. Signs for Believing in Jesus. III.  The Rest of Security and Protection, Harmony of the little epistles of John and Paul.
11. Security of the Believer . 12.  Complete Outline of I John.
13.  Faith and Faith Contending in the Bible. 14.  Some Sounds of a Sound Faith.
15.  What Do You Do? Volume 3:  “Believe and Be Baptized”, the Life and 14 Letters of the Apostle Paul.
        CHAPTER 1  The Ministry of the Apostle Paul 17 1-1:  Other Scriptures to Support Colossians 1:25. 18
1-2:  Where Paul Got His Doctrine. 20 1-3:  Peter recognized and told the Christian world that Paul was writing Scriptures. 21
1-4:  Peter Verifies that Paul wrote Scripture. 22 1-5:  Paul like Peter championed the doctrine of inspiration of Scriptures. 24
1-6:  Sufferings and the Ministry of Paul. 27 1-7:  Apostle with Children, I Timothy and II Corinthians. 30
1-8:  An Outline of I Timothy. 31 1-9.  “Believe” in the letters of the Apostle Paul. 31
              CHAPTER 2              Paul and Erosions of Doctrine 33 2-1:  Doctrine, often a Tight Shoe that Crimps our Style. 34
2-2:  Marriage, Divorce, and Qualifications of Leaders. 35 2-3:  What Can Happen if We Erode our Tolerance of Sound Doctrine. 36
2-4:  “The Office Should Seek the Man, not the Man the Office.” 42 2-5:  Creations, Christians, and Christian Leaders. 44
2-6.  “Believe” in the Letters of Paul Continued. 49               CHAPTER 3    Magic Outline of the Bible 51
3-1:  THE LIVING GOD OF THE LIVING 53 3-2:   Righteousness of God and Man. 56
3-3: The Composite Witness of the Bible. 58 3-4:  God, Man, and the “Son of Man”. 61
3-5:  THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS. 66 3-6:  Wisdom from God. 68
3-7:  THE GOSPEL. 70 3-9:  What Happened to the Jews as The Chosen People of God? 72
3-10:  The Salvation of God. 73 3-11:  The New King of the New Israel 75
3-12:  The Living God Wants Others to Live. 76 3-13:  “Believe” from the Letters of Paul Continued. 77
                    CHAPTER 4                    Baptism 79 4-1:  Baptism in the Old Testament. 80
4-2:  The 4 figures of baptism of I Peter 3:18-22. 82 4-3:  National Baptism in Jeremiah. 85
4-4:  More on “Baptism of Self” as Predicted in Ezekiel. 88 CHAPTER 5               Gospel in Isaiah 89
5-1:  The 17 quotes from Isaiah in Matthew. 90 5-2:  A Remnant of Israel Saved, Romans 9-11. 92
5-3:  From “The Bible in Context”, Two Sections from chapter 3. 94 5-4:  The New King of Israel, Isaiah 54-66. 96
5-5:  16 more Quotes from Isaiah in Matthew. 98 5-6:  Matthew from the “Prophets and Apostles” Appendix. 99
5-7:  Gospel of the King and the Kingdom. 101 5-8:  And Baptism. 102
5-9:  The “Baptized into Christ Jesus” of Romans 6. 103 5-10:  The Doctrine of Baptisms and One Baptism of Hebrews 6. 105
CHAPTER 6               “Kingdom” in the New Testament 109 6-1:  Where we Have Found Similarities in Hebrews and Romans. 109
6-2:  Methods of the Making of History by God. 110 6-3:  Last Word on the “Kingdom” from John in the book of Revelation. 113
6-4:  “Kingdom” in Luke with guidance from Paul. 115 6-5:  Checking the OT quotes in Luke for the concept of the Kingdom. 119
6-6:  The “Kingdom” in Acts and from Paul to Dr. Luke. 121 6-7:  Our Bible Outline on the Gospel of the King and the Kingdom. 123                                                                                                    6-8:  “Believe” in the Letters of Paul Continued. 123
CHAPTER 7               Gospel of the King and Kingdom:  Romans and Hebrews 125
7-1:  Our Bible Outline on the Gospel of the King and the Kingdom. 125 7-2:  Divine Glory, Human Pride, and Self-destruction. 125
7-3: Appendix OT Book Outline of the Bible on Romans 1-3 and Hebrews 1-6. 129 7-4:  17 Old Testament Quotes in Romans 1-3 and Hebrews 1-6. 131
7-5: “Man Dominions” of Hebrews and “all things work together” of Romans. 133 7-6:  Now, how similar is that to Romans 8? 133
7-7: Some Definitions in Romans 4-8 and Hebrews 7-12:2. 135 CHAPTER 8               Skill in Understanding:  I Corinthians 141
8-1.  Our Bible Outline of chapter 2 and 3 on I Corinthians. 143 8-2:  Those Given the Grace of Understanding. 146
8-4:  The Nature of Spiritual Wisdom, I Corinthians 1:18-2:16. 150 8-5:  Extra-Biblical Revelations and the Anointing. 157
8-6:  The Wise, the Miracle-seekers, and the Wind-Bags. 163 8-7:  Wisdom on Apostles. 165
8-8:  Wisdom on Divisions and Contentious in the Church. 165 8-9:  Wisdom on Miscellaneous Church Matters {1,2,3}…, I Corinthians 1:16-17 165
8-10:  Wisdom and Conscience. 165 8-11:  Wisdom About the Falling Away. 165
8-12:  Wisdom on Spiritual Gifts. 165 8-13:  Wisdom on the Gospel, I Corinthians 15:1-58. 165 8-14:  “Believe” in the Letters of Paul Continued. 166
                    CHAPTER 9               The Wisdom of God, I Corinthians Continued 167 9-7:  Wisdom on Apostles. 167
9-8:  Wisdom on Divisions and Contentious in the Church. 170 9-9:  Wisdom on Miscellaneous Church Matters {1,2,3}… 173
9-10:  Wisdom and Conscience. 175 9-11:  Wisdom About the Falling Away. 175
9-12:  Wisdom on Spiritual Gifts. 178 9-13:  Wisdom on the Gospel, I Corinthians 15:1-58. 189 9-14:  “Believe” in the Letters of Paul Continued. 193
                    CHAPTER 10            The American Style 195                     CHAPTER 11            The Ministry, II Corinthians 209
11-1:  The “WE”s of II Corinthians. 209 11-2:  What We Do Get of II Corinthians from Our Topical Bible Outline. 211
11-3:   A Possible Outline of II Corinthians. 211 11-4:  II Corinthians 6, the Ministry of a Distinct and Empowered People of God. 213
11-5:  The Ministry of a Cleansed and Perfected People of God, chapter 7-9. 217 11-6:  The Fellowship of the Ministering to the Saints, II Corinthians 8,9. 218
11-7:  Paul’s Authority for Edification came from Christ, 10-13. 219 CHAPTER 12            Titus, “Our Proven and Diligent Brother”. 221
12-1:  Exhort and Convict Those Who Contradict. 223 CHAPTER 13            Timothy, Sound Doctrine 225
13-1:  I Timothy, Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Devils. 227 13-2:  II Timothy, “Perilous Times” and “The Time Will Come”. 233
CHAPTER 14            Galatians, Gospel of the One Baptism 235 14-1:  Galatians in the other books of the New Testament. 236
14-2:  I and II Peter as Commentaries on Galatians. 237 14-3:  Defense of Apostleship and the Source of Scriptures. 241
14-4:  The One Baptism of “Believe and Be Baptized” of Galatians 2:20. 245 14-5:  Freedom of Choice in Galatians. 248
14-6:  Applications and Implications of the One Baptism of Galatians 6. 249 CHAPTER 15            Acts of Paul and the Holy Spirit 251
15-1:  Acts 8:1-3, Saul Persecutes the Church. 252 15-2:  Saul Converted and Baptized, Acts 9:1-19. 252
15-3:  Saul Preaching, Escaping, and on to Jerusalem and Tarsus. 254 15-4:  From Damascus to Arabia to Damascus and then Jerusalem. 255
15-5:  Acts 13, The First Missionary Journey of Saul. 256 15-6:  The Jerusalem Council, Acts 15:1-29. 257
15-7:  The Syria and Cilicia of Acts 15:30-41  and of Galatians 1:21. 257 15-8:  The Second Missionary Journey, Acts 15:36-20:38. 258 CHAPTER 16            Philippians, the Gospel of Good Church Behavior 261
16-1:  II Timothy versus Philippians on Church Behavior. 262 16-2:  Good Church Behavior and Good Church Attitudes in Philippians. 265
CHAPTER 17            Thessalonians, Second Coming and Prerequisites 269 17-1:  Thessalonica. 269
17-2:  Previous Ministry of Paul at Thessalonica. 270 17-3:  Day of the LORD and Lord. 271
17-4:  I Thessalonians on The Day of the Lord. 273 17-5:  Prerequisites of the Second Coming, II Thessalonians. 274
                    CHAPTER 18                    Colossians and Ephesians 279
18-1:  Some Background on the Asia of New Testament Times. 280 18-2:  OT quotes in Colossians and Ephesians. 283
18-3:  The One Baptism Presentation of Colossians 2 and 3. 289
18-4:  How To Walk? 292
18-5:  One Hope of the Christian Calling, the Message of Ephesians 4:1-16. 293
18-6:  A “Learn Christ” equivalent in Colossians of Ephesians 4:17-24? 295
18-7:  Philemon, Colossians, and Philippians and I,II, and III John harmonized. 297


2-2:  The Urgent Need to Properly Learn Christ

“This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk, in the futility of their mind, having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God, because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart; who, being past feeling, have given themselves over to lewdness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.”  (Ephesians 4:17-19)

“ But you have not so learned Christ, if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus…” (Ephesians 4:20)

  1. Consider that you did not properly learn Christ if:

(1) Your life style is influenced more by your culture and associates than Christ and His teachings.

(2) You share a “futility of mind” with your associations which is an imagination separated from the realities of God.

Time in the Word Ministries elaborates from the Bible on the meaning of futility of the mind in these words:

“Their minds are full of are darkness (Eph 5:8), enmity against God (Rom 8:7), poisoned (Acts 14:2), debased (Rom 1:28), set on the things of the flesh (Rom 8:5), blinded (2 Cor 3:4; 4:4), vainly puffed up (Col 2:18), corrupt (1 Tim 6:5; 2 Tim 3:8), defiled (Titus 1:15), unstable (James 1:8), and finally as we will study today, futile (Eph 4:17).”

  1. Is Paul and the Word of God through Paul getting us to doubt, of all things, that we did not learn Christ, that we have not really heard him in our heart, and our church membership has come by outside influences, not Christ; that Jesus has not really been your Teacher through the Holy Spirit in all the things He taught us to do and say; that you got your “truth in Christ” from others more than the Christ of the Bible.

III.  Paul, as a former lawyer was extremely well trained in the law and the Prophets of the OT, and with His enlightenment and conversion by Christ, recognized a similar central common message of the 19 Writing Prophets, namely that GOD’S PEOPLE WERE NOT ACTING LIKE GOD’S PEOPLE.  If we are the kind that compare ourselves by and with ourselves, alias our culture, it is easy to miss the boat on Learning Christ properly.

  1. Sanctification is important here as is your original regeneration or new birth, also the anticipated and assured glorification at the Second Coming of Christ, “when we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.” Even as the Bible in this verse points out the example learning of Christ in eternity, so we learn by the example in the Bible of Christ as we go along in life with sanctification, striving to close the gap in our internal Christ like along the life style path of all the way from new birth to glorification. One is inclined to naturally think that the smallness of our gap between initial regeneration and glorification of Christ likeness when we meet Christ in heaven will help to determine our positions of service on the new earth.

Conclusion:  Even as life style is a complex subject, even more is the Proper way to engage in the process of learning Christ, and to help as a Bible guide or commentaries on this process you are offered free extensive and complete Bible studies in the 7 volumes of the Learn Christ Commentaries (LCC).  Please during the next weeks free download as you have time, at

2-3:  The Obvious Gap between Christ and Church Members.

The contemporary gap between Christ and church membership should be obvious to all.  It hardly matters which church or denomination as you look at church members around you, and then look at the Christ of the Bible and the teachings of Christ, there is little similarity.  The discouraging aspect of the gap is that it is getting larger each year.  That means that it is diverging; and if it is diverging, it is conceivable that shortly the churches and Christ will be going in opposite directions. Horrible, yes; but what is the answer.  What is the cure for this obvious and serious problem that has gripped the world of Christians?

The answer is for church members to Learn Christ.    Which Christ?  The Christ from the apostles and prophets of the Bible.

If one passage of the Bible were chosen as a gist or theme for this Bible commentary, LEARN CHRIST FROM THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS, it would be Ephesians 2:19-22.

“Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, in whom the whole building being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.”  (Ephesians 2:19-22 NJKV)

I know the classic reply for church leaders.  “No human can be perfect”, and “at least they are trying.”

No, that is the point.  The church members are not trying.  They are doing what they want to do.  They are not making positive efforts to be like Christ and to be like God which is demanded in the Bible from the apostles and prophets.  The description of what is presently happening to church members is like the description from the Apostle Paul in II Timothy 4:3,4

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers, and they will turn their ears from the truth…”  (II Timothy 4:3,4 NJKV)

You see it is no longer a negative thing of “we are trying…our heart is in the right place…but we just cannot reach perfection.”  No, that is not it!  It is a positive matter of first, a lack of tolerance for sound doctrine–church members will not listen to sound doctrine, church members will not go to hear sound doctrine, and church members will not tolerate preachers and teachers who preach sound doctrine.  You see how horrible that is as compared to the excuses from the heaped teachers of itching ears.

Church members, according to the Apostle Paul’s description, are motivated not by any effort to be like Christ and any effort at perfect but are motivated by their own human desires; that is, “according to their own desires,” and “because they have itching ears.”  In short, church members are doing what they want to do, and they are believing what they want to believe.  What they want to believe is things that will tickle their ears.  Things that will give them pleasure like, “nobody is perfect” and “you are the people of God”, and “at least you are trying”.  Maybe 20 or 30 years ago that was true; but not now.  And the apex of the gap in Paul’s description is that they pile up or heap to themselves teachers.  It is much like building a dirt fortress or batiment around themselves in order to protect themselves from sound doctrine.   They buy books from teachers that feed their desires; they run off teachers and preachers that offend their itching ears with the truth; and they call as pastors, teachers, and administrators those “teachers” that will teach according to their own desires.

The whole motivation is to turn away from the truth.  Now, brother, that is a positive thing.  It takes a lot of effort for so-called “Christians” to turn away from the truth of the Bible.  It takes a lot of effort for church members to cease to Learn Christ; and in the place of learning Christ to learn some kind of church membership that is based on “desires” and “itching ears”.

2-4:  God’s Great Design of the Bible. 

“Marvelous are all thy works of Creation, Oh Lord.”  We stand in awe of both the astronomical creations of God and the microscopic.  Man through the years has come to learn that even one atom is a marvel of a nucleus of positive protons holding together an equal number of electrons in orbit; think of just the marvel of water with two molecules of Hydrogen, a gas, with another on molecule of oxygen, making a liquid by which we live and survive, and the Periodic Table of Elements with well organized groups and rows is a discovery by man of some of the marvels of God’s creation, He whose righteousness and wisdom is greater than the mountains and deeper than the seas. Man is a marvel and is called in the Bible the Crown of Creation.  Not nearly as many people appreciate that the structure of the Bible, God’s great design of the Bible over a period of two thousand years with selected and diverse men with different careers, is a miracle of design and construction with the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament holding it firmly together, this marvel of the work of God by the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son (the Word made flesh), and God the Holy Spirit.  As you read for starters here, first the whole outline of the Bible around 12 topics made possible by quotes in the New Testament of the most important Old Testament verses from Prophets and the Spirit, for Gentiles and Hebrews, then with the marvels of the proper interpretations by Jesus and the Apostles (the Bible is summarized by Apostles, Prophets, and the Holy Spirit), then applications and implementation to provide humanity with the wisdom of God based on His own character a guidebook for Life and Living.  Hopefully, an inspiration of your reading here will be what Jesus said of a balanced life, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.” McLendon Day of Baylor University captured some of that marvel of THE BOOK when she wrote “The Wonder of the Word”.   See—

2-5:  GOD’S GREAT DESIGN OF THE BIBLE is of a Literal and Total In-Context Book

As promised. before given to Publishers, you are entitled to the free downloads first, and below are some of the free downloads from SunGrist–

“A Brief Literal Study Bible by SunGrist

  • Complete Bible Outline in 12 topics
  • Jeremiah Outline
  • a Doctrinal Outline of the Letters of Paul
  • A “that sort” outline of II Timothy
  • All with Quotes and Notes for ease of Bible Study.
  • Paul’s Statement of Faith and Practice in Ephesians.
  1. Read the complete review on SunGrist WordPress at:

  1. Free download the complete mini Study Bible at:

You should understand the method of ONE:  Besides being literal, it is the most complete IN CONTEXT and complete COMPARISON of Scripture that you can find in print, simple because the writing and desktop publication has been on the basis of the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament, a Table of which you can check in the Appendix to this chapter.  In classical hermeneutics, sometimes called the science of biblical interpretation like in Bernard Ramm’s marvelous book on the subject, the two principles are set forth as (1) compare Scripture with Scripture, in other words compare what you are reading in the OT with the NT and vice versa, compare what you are reading or studying in Mark with Matthew, Luke, and John, and primarily since there is a weird tendency started by Scofield and Scofield mites to approach the book of Revelation as if it is separated from the rest of the Bible, there is the need to compare Revelation with Ezekiel and with the teachings of Jesus on eschatology especially in Matthew 24, also to keep consistent with the Day of the LORD of the OT which many times is more descriptive than the NT; and (2) keep your understanding of any verse or book of the Bible in the total context of the Bible.  Take the word of the Bible Itself on this matter, and note how this comparison of scripture with scripture being lead not only by the way He wrote the Book but also how He Revealed the 66 books of the Bible, how we understand the Bible only with the help of God the Holy Spirit, but how the opposite of this method of Bible study is Theology, the wisdom of men, II Corinthians 2:10-14.  There are too many natural men in the Seminaries of Harvard and Yale for their theology to be the required curriculum for Bible study.  It violates not only the spirit of what you find here in the Bible next, but also the law or text of the Bible.

 “But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.  For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.
Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.  Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.
But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him:  neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.  But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.  For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.”

2-6:  Prophets and Apostles explains what the Bible is all about.

God the Holy Spirit wrote the Old Testament for mankind through carefully chosen Prophets in the Old Testament and that same Spirit wrote the New Testament based on what He had done in the OT through Jesus and carefully chosen Apostles.  You have heard the unique conversion of Saul of Tarsus to Apostle Paul on the road of Damascus by an encounter with the Ascended Jesus Christ Himself, then God the Holy Spirit used Paul to write 14 out of 27 books of the NT, and sponsor with manuscripts he gave to John Mark and Dr Luke, 3 other books of the NT—Mark, Luke, and Acts.

This book of the Apostles and Prophets, or Prophets and Apostles, are Learn Christ from the Apostles and Prophets, back in about 1990, was the first Bible commentary written, and only recently when I saw the need for one in depth and thorough Bible course, did it occur of the necessity to get it out there for both the consumption of Katy McMichael, a Christian brain of “sound mind” and to complete in public availability (beyond the free downloads of SunGrist websites) the 7 volumes of the Learn Christ Commentaries.  Actually, this is more than the equivalent of two Bible courses, a survey of the Old Testament and a survey of the New Testament, only in one volume, because it is primarily a study of the Bible Itself more than “about the Bible”.  It could be compared to a Baylor freshman equivalent course of Woodfin’s survey of the NT using the RSV Bible Itself, or a UT Austin Bible chair course at University Baptist Church on the book of Acts where Acts itself was studied in the Moffatt translation.  Romans under MacGorman at SWBTS in the summer of 1961 was meant to primarily use the book on Romans for which he was famous on campus, but as was the personal habit for Bible Itself, a complete study, teaching, and preaching outline was done on Romans to more than supplement the Bible course.  If you have seen the seventh and second volumes of the Learn Christ commentaries on either Amazon or other numerous bookstores, you will recognize that the originality of this volume 1 was not changed; that is, the custom of all Bible quotes in green has been wavered for this first volume to help preserve the inspiration of the moment, first written on a typewriter and then later on a MAC computer and printed out on old printer sheets with the holes on the sides.  (There was just no heart to change such marvelous moments of Bible concentration from 1985-1995 at Rosamond California while working second shift at the F-16 Combined Test Force at Edwards Air Force Base.}  Ann came out to California later and with her marvelous sense of humor of expression, said, “The words just poured out the trailer when she opened the door.”  It was not long after coming to Rosamond as she had the habit of doing at least six times, she miraculous came out of the inability to walk, which started at Mineral Wells Hospital while on duty in the ER, and where the doctors said she would never walk again since her spinal cord was 99% occluded with a slipped disk.  She went to work again as an RN at Ridgecrest and herself rented a nice trailer with an outdoor hot tub, the point being that the pouring out of pages in the Comfort trailer at Rosamond continued, and we had the weekends together at Ridgecrest.  (Ah, the great memories!)  And partly this paragraph is added for Katy as she is so much like her grandmother, Ann McMichael.)  And quite frankly, as the final preparations were made for the publisher, there was a sense of amazement not unlike that of J. B. Philips stated in the preface to his translation of Revelation, “It was felt as if electricity was going through my body”; for it is still a marvel that God has allowed us to see the wonderful structure of His Design of His Book by using through the Holy Spirit and Prophets, through Jesus and the Apostles, the unity and consistency of the Bible by the way of the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament.  You too, with continued reading and study, will be awed as the Great Design of the Bible by God the Father as you grasp and bask in the spiritual illumination of one quoted verse after another!  In the final editing of this book, often a pause was made to revel in the spiritual insight of almost forgotten Scripture of the Bible, benefiting myself as I pray Katy and others will benefit from this volume 1 of the LCC.

Lately, especially on Facebook, disparaging words have been said about the Old Testament as compared to the New Testament, which makes a mockery out of the internal structure of the total Bible God the Holy Spirit used to put in all together in a book of 66 books, that structure being the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament.  It also makes a mockery out of the Jewish people of whom Paul wrote their chief advantage and contribution was “committed unto them were the oracles of God”.  It would seem that they are either admitted an ignorance or neglect of the Old Testament, or the Scofield followers find the Old Testament interferes with their addition of dispensations to the Bible.  In either case, they cannot be forgiven for minimizing or tampering with the total “faith once for all delivered to the saints”.  God speaks through His total Word, much in the New Testament is made clear in the Old and even more of the New Testament makes clear and builds on the Old Testament.  There just is no Word of God without both Testaments.

APPENDIX OF MASTER Tables: The Gospel in the Bible.

Table 1:  Gospel in Genesis

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Job 42:2 10:27
Genesis 1:27 19:4 10:6
Genesis 2:24 19:5 10:7,8
Genesis 4:8 23:35
Genesis 5:2 19:4 10:6
Genesis 6:11-13 24:37
Genesis 7:7,21 24:37
Genesis 12:1-3 Romans 4
Genesis 15:5 Romans 4:18
Genesis 17:5 Romans 4:17
Genesis 17:7 1:67-73
Genesis 18:14 19:26 10:27
Genesis 19:24 11:24
Genesis 38:8 20:28,38 12:19

Table 2:  Gospel in Exodus

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Exodus 3:6 20:28,38 12:26
Exodus 9:16 Romans 9:17
Exodus 12:18-20 14:12
Exodus 13:12,16 1:67-73
Exodus 20 18:20
Exodus 20:10 2:24
Exodus 20:12 7:10
Exodus 20:12-17 10:19
Exodus 20:13,14 5:21,27
Exodus 20:13-17 Romans 13:8,9
Exodus 21:17 7:10
Exodus 21:24 5:38
Exodus 24:8 14:24

Table 3:  Gospel in Leviticus and Numbers.

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Leviticus 2:13 9:49
Leviticus 4:18-20 14:24
Leviticus 4:20 Hebrews 9:22
Leviticus 12:8 1:67-73
Leviticus 13:49 1:44
Leviticus 14:2-32 1:44
Leviticus 18:16 6:18
Leviticus 18:19 10:26,27
Leviticus 19:12,18 5:33,43
Leviticus 19:18 Romans 13:8,9
Leviticus 20:9 7:10
Leviticus 20:21 6:10
Leviticus 24:9 6:3,4 2:25
Leviticus 24:16 14:64
Leviticus 24:20 5:38
Leviticus 26:42 1:67-73
Numbers 8:17 1:67-73

Table 4:  Gospel in Deuteronomy

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Deuteronomy 5:14 2:24
Deuteronomy 5:16 7:10
Deut 5:16-21 10:19
Deut 6:4,6 12:29
Deuteronomy 6:5 10:26,27
Deuteronomy 6:13 4:8
Deut 6:13,16 2:6
Deuteronomy 6:16 4:12
Deuteronomy *;3 4:4 4:4
18:15 9:7
Deuteronomy 10:20 4:10
Deuteronomy 18:15 Insert from Acts:     Acts 7:37
Deut 18:15,19 Insert from Acts:     Acts 3:22,23
Deuteronomy 19:15 18:16
Deut 23:3-6 5:43
Deut 23:25 2:24
Deuteronomy 24:1 5:31 10:4
Deut 25:5  ff 20:28,38
Deut 25:5,6 12:9

Table 5:  Gospel in the Historical Books.

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
I Samuel 15:22 12:33
I Samuel 21:1,6 6:3,4 2:25
I Samuel 21:6,16 12:2,3
I Kings 10:2,10 9:13
I Kings 19:10-18 Romans 11:2-4
II Kings 19:31 2:12
I Chronicles 1:1-4 3:23-38
I Chronicles 1:1-34 1:1-17
I Chron 1:24-28 3:23-38
I Chron 2:1-15 3:23-38
I Chron 3:1-19 3:23-38
II Chronicles 32:15 Romans 8:31

Table 6:  Gospel in Psalm 1-41.

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Psalm 2:1,2 Insert from Acts:      Acts 4:24-26
Psalm 2:7 3:17 Hebrews 1:5 9:7
Hebrews 17:5
Romans 5:5
Psalm 8:4-6 Romans 2:6
Psalm 8:7 20:42
Psalm 12:36 Hebrews 8:7
Psalm 14:1-3 Romans 3:10
Psalm 16:20 1:24
Psalm 18:3,4 1:67-73
Psalm 18:25 5:7
Psalm 18:49 Romans 15:9
Psalm 22:1 27:46 Hebrews 5:34 22:18 15:24
Psalm 22:19 27:35
Psalm 22:22 Hebrews 2:12
Psalm 24:3-5 5:8
Psalm 34:12-16 Insert from the Apostle Peter:     I Peter 3:10-12
Psalm 34:20 Insert from the Apostle John:     John 19:36
Psalm 35:19 Insert from the Apostle John: John 15:25
Psalm 41:9 Insert from the Apostle John:     John 13:18; 17:12

Table 7:  Gospel in Psalms 37-118.

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Psalm 37:11 5:5
Psalm 40:608 Hebrews 10:5
Psalm 41:9 Hebrews 14:18
Psalm 42:1 Hebrews 1:11
Psalm 42:6 Hebrews 14:34
Psalms 45:6,7 Hebrews 1:8
Psalm 48:2 5:33 ff
Psalm 55 Hebrews 5:6
Psalm 62:12 16:27 8:38
Psalm 69:9 Romans 15:3
Psalm 69:21 27:34
Psalm 69:22 Romans 11:9
Psalm 72:18 1:67-73
Psalm 78:2 13:35
Psalm 82 21:16
Psa 89:4,26,38,48 16:18
Psalm 91:11 4:6 Romans 4:10
Psalm 95:7,8 Hebrews 3:15
Romans 4:7
Psalm 95:7-11 Hebrews 3:7
Psalm 102:25-33 Romans 1:10
Psalm 104:4 Hebrews 1:7
Psalm 104:8,9 Hebrews 1:8
Psalm 105:8;106:10 1:67-73
Psalm 110:1 Hebrews 1:13 12:36
Psalm 110:4 Heb 5:6/Rom 7:21
Psalm 111:9 1:67-73
Psalm 117:1 Romans 15:11
Psalm 118:22 21:42 Romans 9:33 20:17
Psalm 118:22 f 12:10,11
Psalm 118:26 21:9 23:38 ff 11:9

Table 8:  Gospel from Solomon.

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Proverbs 3:12 Hebrews 12:6
Proverbs 15:16 Insert from Apostle Paul:     I Timothy 6:6
Proverbs 26:11 Insert from the Apostle Peter:     II Peter 2:22
Proverbs 27:4 Insert from the Apostle James:     James 4:5
Ecclesiastes 12:1-3 13:24

Table 9  :Pre_Isaiah Prophets.

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Obadiah 15 Insert from the Apostle John:     Revelation 16:14
Obadiah 21 Insert from the Apostle Paul: I Corinthians 15:28
Jonah 3:1-4 11:29
Joel 2:28-32 Insert from First Sermon by the Apostle Peter:     Acts 2:16-21
Joel 3:13 4:29
Joel 4:16 13:24
Amos 5:25-27 Insert from Stephen in Acts: Acts 7:42
Amos 9:11,12 Insert from Acts:     Acts 15:15-17
Hosea 11:1 2:15

Table 10: Gospel in Isaiah.

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Isaiah 1:9 Romans 9:29
Isaiah 2:18,19 11:5
Isaiah 5:1 ff 21:33 12:2
Isaiah 5:17 11:17
Isaiah 6:9,10 13:14,15 Romans 4:12 8:18
Isaiah 7:14 1:23
Isaiah 8:14 21:44 Hebrews 9:33
Isaiah 8:17 Hebrews 2:13
Isaiah 10:22,23 Romans 9:27
Isaiah 11:1,10 Romans 15:12
Isaiah 13:9,10 24:30
Isaiah 14:13-15 11:23
Isaiah 27:9 11:27
Isaiah 28:16  9:33/Rom 10:11
Isaiah 29:10 Hebrews 11:8
Isaiah 29:13 15:8,9 Romans 7:6,7
Isaiah 40:3 3:3 1:2,3
Isaiah 40:3-5 3:4-6
Isaiah 40:8 17:5 21:32,33
Isaiah 42:1 3:17 9:7 1:11
Isaiah 42:1-4 12:18-21
Isaiah 45:23 Romans 4:11
Isaiah 49:12 8:11
Isaiah 49:23 Romans 10:11
Isaiah 51:6 21:32,33
Isaiah 52:5 Romans 2:24
Isaiah 52:15 Hebrews 15:21
Isaiah 53:1 Romans 10:16
Isaiah 53:4 8:17 22:37
Isaiah 53:12
Isaiah 56:7 21:13 19:46
Isaiah 58:6 4:17,18
Isaiah 59:20,21 Romans 11:26
Isaiah 61:1 4:17,18
Isaiah 61:2 5:4
Isaiah 62:11 21:5
Isaiah 65:1 10:20,21
Isaiah 66:1 Hebrews 5:33 ff
Isaiah 66:24 9:48

Table 11a  :Gospel in Post-Isaiah Prophets.

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Micah 6:15 Insert from the Apostle John and from Jesus:     John 4:37
Micah 7:6 13:12
Nahum 1:15 Romans 10:15
Jeremiah 5:21 8:18
Jeremiah 7:11 21:13
Jeremiah 31:7,15 2:17,18
Jeremiah 31:31 14:24

Table 11b:  Gospel in Post-Isaiah Prophets

Proclaimed Established Explained Reinforced Appendix
(Old Test) (Matthew) (Heb/Rom) (Luke) (Mark)
Micah 5:2,7.8 2:5,6
Lamentations 3:57 Insert from the Apostle James:     James 4:8
Habakkuk 2:4 Romans 1:17
Zephaniah 1:14-16 21:25 ff
Daniel 4:9 4:32
Daniel 7:13 14:27 13:26


Daniel 8:10 13:24
Daniel 9:27 13:14
Daniel 11:31 24:15
Daniel 12:1 13:19
Daniel 12:2,3 Hebrews 11:6
Ezekiel 12:2 8:18
Ezekiel 33:31 15:7
Haggai 2:6 Hebrews 12:26
Zechariah 9:9 21:4
Zechariah 13:7 14:27
Malachi 1:2 Romans 9:13
Malachi 3:1 11:10 Romans 9:12 1:2 4:5
Malachi 4:5,6 1:17


NOTE:  As normal from SunGrist you can free download this chapter 2, and by the way which will be needed so you have the info available in the spectacular Bible Tables:                               or




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