God and the Gospel.

God and the Gospel.

1.  Genesis 12:1-3 and Galatians 3:8.9.
(1).  With Gods call to Abram to another land, God gave the everlasting covenant of:  (a) From Abram’s seed God would make the great nation of Israel; (b) Through his seed Christ the name of Abram would be great; and (c) Through Abram all the families and nations of the earth would be blessed.
(2).  Paul writes in Galatians 3:8,9 that:
a.  When God said “In thee shall all nations be blessed” God was preaching the Gospel to  Abraham;
b.  This all nations meant the Gentiles, or  heathen  which is the favorite word of the Bible for Gentiles;
c.  This Gospel is justification through faith; and
d.  All Gentiles and Jews who believe in Christ becomes the seed of Abraham through faith.
2.  Genesis 15:5,6, Romans 4:18, and James 2:23.
(1).  In Genesis 15:5 God identifies that the seed of Abram will be as numerous as the stars of the sky, and in Genesis 15:6 since Abraham believed God will He said this the belief was counted for righteousness.
(2).  In quoting “So shall your seed be” from Genesis in Romans 4:18, Paul emphasizes how Abraham believed in hope against hope that he would indeed be the father of many nations although he had at the time no sons.
(3).  The Apostle James in James 2:23  reiterates how the faith of Abraham was counted as righteousness, adding that Abraham was called the friend of God.
3.  Genesis 17:5 and Romans 4:17.
(1).  As God changes the name of Abram to Abraham, He says “A father of many nations have I made thee”.
(2).  Paul tells us in Romans 4:17 that this quote from Genesis 17:5 tells us two things about God Himself:
a.  God is a life-giving God; and
b.  God is a God that can call into existence what did not previously exist.

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