SSATFA # 1 of 30: Preface & Outline

Ssatfa stands for Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away



PREFACE:       “Snatching, Stumbling, and Falling Away”


Like many medical diagnosis, this perspective of churches and denominations today is not particularly pleasant to hear. However, the challenge of the Falling Away introduced in THE SOUND OF A SOUND FAITH demand an explanation of the seeming contradiction of “Once Saved Always Saved” and the perspective that most church members will be victims of the Falling Away. This book on SOME MORE SOUNDS is built on the basic Bible convictions of the first book, but tries to explain in a practical way based on the parable of the Seed and the Sower ,the actual process of church members falling away, not from the churches as church attendance may actually go up, but rather from Christ, God, and the Bible. The Falling Away and the process by which it happens as sin abounds and the love of many waxes cold is hard to explain. The Falling Away of the magnitude to call it THE Falling Away only happens twice in history, once to the children of Israel in the wilderness and once before the Second Coming of Christ. It is especially hard to explain simultaneously the sound doctrines of the Security of the Believer and the Falling Away, yet they are both true. The secret of success like in all Bible study is to find the Authorized Public Interpretation {API} from Jesus and the Apostles. By that I mean to look at real Bible on how much like the physical birth where 9 months is required to the spiritual new birth like Jesus said. This is so much unlike the instantaneous new birth of the fundamentalists and others, which is at the foundation of the only approximately 25% of the wheat in local churches and denominations as compared to the 75% of tares. {By the way, Sungrist apologizes for not being able in this book to cover the subject thoroughly, and the reader is referred to the later book of TOLERATION OF THE TARES. This book tries to develop the proper “leave them alone” attitude of Jesus.} We also in the sequel to this book, TOLERATION OF THE TARES, need to utilize the outline of Mark which we diligently develop in this book.


Color, which you will not find in most Bible commentaries, is used to set apart the Bible quotes and immediate comments to the general flow in black letters. The Bible quotes are given in the pleasant color of green, and the immediate comments are given in the pleasant color of blue. I think this will help you in the reading of it along with the 12-point print and double spacing. The CD version of SOME MORE SOUNDS will have sound and animation.


Table of Contents: SOME MORE SOUNDS…Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away


  1. Things…Things…Things, God or Mammon .                                     1
  2. “Cares of This World, Deceitfulness of Riches, and Other Things”. 10
  3. By Bread Alone, or by Bread and Every Word from God
  4. Jesus of Nazareth and Salvation
  5. Traditionalism (Fundamentalism) and the New Birth.
  6. SOME MORE SOUNDS and Peacemaking 20
  7. Sounds of Doctrine and Authority in the Gospel of Mark 29
  8. What is Sound Doctrine? 34
  9. Obstacles to Sound Doctrine. 39
  10. Silence on the Falling Away is a Message 42
  11. The Bible and the Falling Away 48
  12. Paul’s Ministry and John the Baptist 56
  13. God the Father, the Great Maker of History 65
  14. “All Flesh shall See Him” (First and Second Quotes in Mark) 69
  15. Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away (A Closer Look at Evangelism and the New Birth)  81
  16. “Righteousness by Faith” (Romans, Luther, and Gene Scott) Reconciledwith Faith Without Works is Dead (James, Inspiration,and Interpretation)  87
  17. Old Testament Quotes in Mark 98
  18. Some More Proper Interpretations from Mark 106
  19. Kingdom versus Church, Churches, and Denominations in Mark 113
  20. Physical Bread versus Spiritual Bread 121
  21. Some More Sounds on the “Kingdom” in Mark and from Jesus 128
  22. Understanding of the 35 Recorded Miracles of Jesus Extends His Influence 137
  23. Characteristics: Kingdom Citizens and Church Members 143
  24. Lack of Sound Doctrine on the Teachings of Jesus and the Bible 149
  25. Six Responses to Every Word from the Mouth of God and Guidelines for Help 153
  26. Nothing but the Cures and Encouragments 158
  27. Christ’s Kingdom (The 52 Parables of Jesus Extend His Influence) 170
  28. More Understanding of the Miracles of Jesus 176
  29. “We Are Safe” 199
  30. Our Developed Outline of Mark         .     208



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