7 Essentials of Christian Doctrine

 There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;

 One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. (Ephesians 4:4-6)

1-1:  Respect and Regard for the 7 Essentials of Christian Doctrine.

Let us respect the work of God the Holy Spirit in writing Scripture even in respect of the order He chose to list the 7 most essentials of Christ Doctrine in Ephesians 4:4-5; that is first the one body of Christ the Church or universal assembly of the called out, which is actually the only real new major doctrine of the Bible that Jews and Gentiles might be members of the same body, fellow citizens in the kingdom of God with the saints to whom the one faith was once for all delivered, made possible by the One Lord Jesus Christ in his death on the cross for atonement of the sins of the world of all nations.  The one body and the one God the Holy Spirit go together to create the One hope of Christ’s calling, quite often called the Christian vocation like by Elton Trueblood. One Baptism, that of the one salvation brings together the One Lord and the one faith, which is both a process of individual believing, and a body of beliefs given to the saints in the first century as one faith that is both to be proclaimed and contended for.  The One Baptism of repentance, faith, and new birth of the One Spirit is not so new as revealed in the OT like in Jeremiah as a new heart to believe, only new is given in the Bible of the one faith is the explanations and applications of the OT quotes in the NT as ordained by the one spirit in the writing of one scripture from the thousands more of verses in the OT.

1-2:  Respect and Regard for the Christian heritage of Sound Doctrine.

No less a respect authority than Charles Spurgeon in his book “Lectures to My Students” has stated, “Be not such a wiseacre as to think that you have nothing to learn from the past.”  (And it should be adding, be careful of your sources of learning, the professors and the books.)  Generally, while theology and the best books on Christian Doctrine, as well as sermons on doctrine like and most generally do start with marvelous truths about God the Father,  who is “Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.”  And with statements like God is the fundamental postulate of all rational thinking, which of course does not weigh much with the intellectual idolaters of Romans 1 who oppose everything we stand for as Christians.  Or more close is the Scriptures of the fool has said in his heart there is no God, foolish human wisdom rebelling about the much higher and omniscient wisdom of God the Father, or of the Scripture when the world by wisdom knew not God it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save those that believe.

1-3:  Respect and regard for Preaching in the sight of God.

So, the first chapter of the 7 essentials of Christian doctrine should naturally be on Preaching, like how can the intellectual idolaters and the Scofield mites explain why so many thousands, yea millions in the world stand up and preach the word, instant in season and out of season and preach Christ, preach Christ crucified and preach Christ, millions preach as you consider all the local churches throughout the whole world, in fact tens of millions that each Sunday, twice stand up and faithfully preach the Word of God on Sunday and teach It on Wednesday night.  It is a scientific phenomenon that even the intellectual idolaters struggle with, and as long as the Holy Spirit is not withdrawn from earth then preachers and pastors and teachers of the Word and NT prophets of the Word are going to accept and practice the Call.

Thus, the first chapter will be called “Preaching and Christian Doctrine”, the second will honor the order and magnitude of the One Body of all believers in Christ under the title of “The Cause of Christ”.  The Cause of Christ is what Paul through the inspiration of God the Holy Spirit and his re-study of the OT after conversion and commissioning by Christ (during the 7 years of silence back at his hometown of Tarsus) referred to as the One Body of Jews and Gentiles, through the cross of Christ.  This chapter must include “The Preacher and His Preaching” as W. B. Riley, the fundamentalist saint of early northern Baptist preaching wrote as the title of His book.  Also, the distractors of the proper preaching in the 21st century must be considered, that is the theology and theological education, often under the disguise of Christian doctrine of Biblical studies, of which Dr. Peter Jones so aptly lets us know is being overcome by paganism and gnosticism.

1-4:  Respect and regard the Bible teachings on False Doctrines and False Teachers and Preacher, including how modern they are for today.

Also, must be considered in this chapter on Preaching and Christian doctrine, those false doctrines Jesus Himself, the Ascended Christ, identified as enemies of good Christian doctrine, perhaps the chief false doctrine of which was that of the Nicolaitines, by the way which is doctrine the loving Person of the Lord Jesus Christ hates, the hate indicating how detrimental this false teaching is.  Then there is the doctrine of Jezebel in the seven churches of Asia Minor, the false doctrine of Balaam, that advised the enemy of Israel how to seduce the army of Israel to sacrilege by adultery with the Baal worshippers.  There is the false doctrine of Core or Korah to usurp the authority of the chosen leadership of God much like deacons are doing in NT churches today.  Yes, to properly consider in these days of the falling away, sound Christian doctrine, it must be considered in the realistic context of what the Church is up against.

What we preachers and pastors of the Word have found is that there is no really original problem like paganism and gnosticism faced today for which we are not given wisdom in the revelations of the Bible as the Word of God.  Even as Solomon wrote that “there is nothing new under the sun”, so there is no argument of the modern contemplative mystics of the Passion Movement or of the intellectual idolaters of theology professors and unbelieving groups like the Jesus Seminar that is really new, and if these liberal northern theological teachers would spend more times in their Bibles and what they have to say about false teachers and false doctrines, we in the Church today, the very Church of which they claim membership and by and large of whom they are put in their positions and paid large salaries, mainly because they research and publish heresy as compared to the faith once for all delivered to the saints in the Bible of the One faith.

1-5:  The Nicolaitines.

According to the online Word from “Sparkling Gems of the Greek”:

According to the writings of the Early Church leaders, Nicolas taught a doctrine of compromise, implying that total separation between Christianity and the practice of occult paganism was not essential. From Early Church records, it seems apparent that this Nicolas of Antioch was so immersed in occultism, Judaism, and Christianity that he had a stomach for all of it. He had no problem intermingling these belief systems in various concoctions and saw no reason why believers couldn’t continue to fellowship with those still immersed in the black magic of the Roman empire and its countless mystery cults.  {https://renner.org/who-were-nicolaitans-what-was-doctrine-deeds/ }

In this same article online, Renner of teaching you can trust, give some of the speculated characteristics of these hated by Jesus Nicolaitines; and as you read them you will notice similar deeds today of both the intellectual idolaters of modern paganism and gnosticism and the unsound NT deacons like Judge Pressler who was instrumental in the destruction of the SBC, falsely called in a PR coverup as the conservative resurgence.  If it was really conservation on anything, it was conservative on the Scofield Bible notes and their preaching based on the theology of Scofield mites that for the first time in Christian history invaded through their theology recorded in millions of Bibles the homes of Christians.  You might compare on the level of American Christianity, this triumph in the American homes of the Scofield Theology to the welcome and helpful technology of the Personal Computers, tablets, and smart phones.  But judge for yourself as you read Renner below:

Acts 6:5 tells us that this Nicolas was “a proselyte of Antioch.” The fact that he was a proselyte tells us that he was not born a Jew but had converted from paganism to Judaism. Then he experienced a second conversion, this time turning from Judaism to Christianity. From this information, we know these facts about Nicolas of Antioch:

He came from paganism and had deep pagan roots, very much unlike the other six deacons who came from a pure Hebrew line. Nicolas’ pagan background meant that he had previously been immersed in the activities of the occult.

He was not afraid of taking an opposing position, evidenced by his ability to change religions twice. Converting to Judaism would have estranged him from his pagan family and friends. It would seem to indicate that he was not impressed or concerned about the opinions of other people.

He was a free thinker and very open to embracing new ideas and concepts. Judaism was very different from the pagan and occult world in which he had been raised. For him to shift from paganism to Judaism reveals that he was very liberal in his thinking, for most pagans were offended by Judaism. He was obviously not afraid to entertain or embrace new ways of thinking.

When he converted to Christ, it was at least the second time he had converted from one religion to another. We don’t know if, or how many times, he shifted from one form of paganism to another before he became a Jewish proselyte. His ability to easily change religious “hats” implies that he was not afraid to switch direction in midstream and go a totally different direction.

1-6:  Like Jesus, disrespect and dis-regard of those obviously of the world that are also of unsound Bible and Christian doctrine, no matter of what their status and education in the world.

Does this above from Renner not sound like false teachers of bad deeds like Judge Pressler of Scofield persuasion and also the intellectual idolaters being paid by the Church and so-called Christian institutions like Mrs. Pagels of the Gnostic writings and the Seminar of Jesus, mostly those who have survived today are tenured professors of Christian institutions, including Baylor University.  We have long known that deacons or those that demand to be deacons in control of the local church and influential in the larger Church body run pastors off of sound doctrine and faithful ministry.  Of course, a large instrument of Satan in the Falling away of the church and the Scofield destruction of the SBC.  Already the Southern Baptist group on Facebook is talking about what would the Convention be called if it were split again with the election of a self-called women teacher, preacher, and maybe evangelist by the name of Beth Moore.  (By the way, a similar lady preacher Joyce Meyer started off as a deacon as well as Caine of the Passion Movement.)

“It seems that the “doctrine” of the Nicolaitans was that it was all right to have one foot in both worlds and that one needn’t be so strict about separation from the world in order to be a Christian. This, in fact, was the “doctrine” of the Nicolaitans that Jesus “hated.” It led to a weak version of Christianity that was without power and without conviction — a defeated, worldly type of Christianity.One last quote by Renner and we move on to the solution…”

1-7:  Paul and the Holy Spirit dealt with similar doctrines and false leaders of little respect and little regard.

While Paul was captive at Caesarea Philippi and Rome he heard of this unsound doctrine at Ephesus, a church that he himself had founded and loved dearly as the place of his longest church ministry; and wrote that as he compared to what the One calling of Christians should be, and the hope thereof, with the pagan and occult practices of Ephesus and of the goddess Diana of Ephesus, mixed quite like today of similar dens of thieves with the business of the silversmiths.  (Love of money and greed are often the source of unsound doctrine.)  Paul wrote in Ephesians, THAT IS NOT THE WAY YOU LEARNED CHRIST IF INDEED TO SAW AND HEARD HIM.  And in contending in the common Church and its educational institutions and even nation for the one faith of the One Lord Jesus Christ and under the One God, Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all, we too must urge such intellectual idolaters and Scofield mites of the cult of Scofieldism to recall the way they originally like Christ, like Mrs. Pagels converted at age 14 in a Billy Graham meeting; and to get them to even check that along with all their higher learn did they include the becoming as little children because of such is the kingdom of heaven initial Learning of Christ.

1-8:  Respect the Word of God and Christ in you over regard for false teachers and preachers.

Here is the initial problem with the gnostics and follower of Nicolas and Diana of Ephesus, and the solution God the Holy Spirit provided in the writing of the book of Ephesians.

1.  The problem of the Nicolaitines and Gnostics, compromise with the world.

“This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:  Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.

 But ye have not so learned Christ…”  (Ephesians 4:17-20)

Please do not think that compromise with the world in the Church is the real problem as we see in the detrimental affects of modern theology on the preachers and teachers even in the hallowed ground to Baptist and Texas, and basketball of Baylor.  Hopefully, you will read or have read the “One Commentary of Ephesians” where the preaching of a young Baylor and Wake Forrest graduate is analyzed, and one who has the audacity to claim as he was taught that the love not the world of I John and the separation from the world of many Scripture was just the then Roman world; for goodness knows the secular world of Baylor and Theology, and America, can not be considered part of the world, thus essentially justifying the “pride of life” that with status of the world and degrees in the downfall of the current victims of theology.

2.  The solutions to Nichols, gnosticism, and paganism.  (Of course, the best description since the early world history of paganism is given in romans 1, and the end result and evidence of such in any society is homosexuality.)

a.  Ephesians 4:20-21, the solution is to properly Learn Christ.

“But ye have not so learned Christ; If so be that ye have heard him, and have been taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus…”

     (1)  Each local church and church member of the one body of Christ must seriously consider in light of the influences of the world environment around and about them, that maybe “ye have not so learned Christ.

    (2).  Did you really hear Jesus?

    (3).  Were you really taught by Jesus?

    (4).  Was the truth you heard preached and taught THE TRUTH IN JESUS, in other words sound Christian doctrine based on the One faith delivered in the Bible.

b.  Ephesians 4:22-24, Continue to put off the old man of the world and his ways, the corrupt and man of deceitful lusts, and let the spirit of your mind be subject to the One God the Holy Spirit, be constantly renewed in Him.  Put on the new man which after God or in the likeness of God is created afresh and anew in “righteousness and true, (notice TRUE) holiness.

 “That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.”

Is it sacri-relgious or disrespectful to challenge to this authority in Ephesians on the intellectuals of seminaries of the Church?  I think not, we would call Mrs. Pagels and Dr. Smith of Notre Dame, and Baylor Profs to the authority of the Word of God to the whole Church, and in the name of peace and unity in the One body, to either learn Christ better or keep on learning Christ with their theology.  It has been noticed by many preachers and pastors, that far more time is spent on theological study than study of the Bible.  And it is the shame of the church today that they demand PhDs of their pastors, dominated by the theology of Yale, Harvard, and Princeton, which in the nature of educational accreditation and the demands of approval of liberal professors must destroy the students thereof. Surely not, because these two solutions for paganism and gnosticism are the two criteria by which all of us will be judged at the End.

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