Index of Subjects


Chapter 1:  Promoting Inherent Unity. 1

1-1:  The book of Ephesians identifies the essential criteria that must be present before peace and unity can exist, before they can be promoted. 1

1-2:  First the preachers real background must be reflected in the style of his own personality; second John Quinn recently made the challenging statements below—.. 2

1-2:  The short answer for John then and you the reader now was and is: 3

1-3:  PURPOSE. 4


1-5:  SECURITY. 8

1-7:  THE “JOB” AND THE “BOSS”. 10

1-8:  ONE. 11


1-10:  History. 14

1-11:  History of Ephesus. 15

1-12:  History of the Christian Life. 16


1-14:  MTD (Moralistic Therapeutic Deism). 18

Chapter 2:  Batten down the Hatches on the Unity God the Holy Spirit has Provided.  (Christ, Grace, and One) 20

2-1:  Introduction to Chapter 1 of One Commentary on Ephesians. 20

2-2:  Ephesians 2 New King James Version (NKJV). 21

2-3:  Paul’s Statement of Faith and Practice in Ephesians as an Introduction to the ONE of ultimate integration in One Commentary on Ephesians. 22

2-4:  Ephesians Chapter One:  Statements of Faith and Understandings, the “spiritual blessings in heavenly places”. 24

2-5:  Paul’s Statements of Faith in Ephesians 2, the BEFORE and AFTER of the IN CHRIST life. 29

2-6:  Statements of Faith in Ephesians 3, Explanation of the Mystery of God, the One Body. 32

2-7:  Paul’s Statement of Faith in Ephesians 4, the unity of the faith, the 7 Ones, and of the one church with Christ. 33

2-8:  A Statement of Practices to Go with a Statement of Faith. 36

2-9:  All this sounds impossible. 37

Chapter 3:  Peace Through the Preaching Words (Faith) of the Cross. 38

3-1:  Shirley, John, and MTD as typical of the majority of unbelievers. 38



3-4:  This Is Your Life. 44

3-5:  Appreciate Your Blessings Now. 45

3-6:  Heavenly Realms to Earthly Armor. 45


3-8:  God is in Control. 48

3-9:  Security of and in the World. 49

3-10:  Exegesis of Ephesians the Goal, probably more Analysis since there is only One ASPI interpretation of the Bible (II Peter 1:19-21), so a Preview for encouragement of Chapter 3 of ONE commentary, chapter 1 of Ephesians. 51

Chapter 4             IN  CHRIST.           (Ephesians 1) 52

4-1:  Count Your Blessings. 52

4-2:  Justification/Redemption in Christ. 53

4-3:  Grace and Peace. 54

4-4:  Outlines of Ephesians 1. 54

4-5:  A Prayer for All Christians. 54

4-6:  Attitude of Ephesians. 55

4-7:  Our Share in the Heritage. 56

Chapter 5     BEFORE AND AFTER    (Ephesians  2) 56

5-1:  SunGrist simply builds on the natural outline of the chapters: 57

5-2:  Time. 58

5-3:  Second of the Triad. 61

5-4:  Third of the Triad. 63

5-5:  Another Contrast?. 64

5-6:  Living Doctrines in Ephesians 2. 66

5-7:  One Baptism is the One Salvation. 67

5-8:  The ASPI. 72

5-9: The Word “Baptism” in the New Testament. 74

Chapter 6:  Where Ephesians and One Commentary is Headed. 78

IV.Ephesians chapter 1:  IN CHRIST. 80

  1. Ephesians chapter 2: BEFORE AND AFTER {BIC and AIC}. 80
  2. Ephesians chapter 3: “WITH THIS IN MIND”. 80

VII.  Ephesians chapter 4:   PEACE, UNITY, AND ONENESS. 80


  1. Ephesians chapters 4-6: GOD’S PSYCHOLOGY. 80
  2. Ephesians chapters 4,5: ESSENCE OF EPHESIANS. 80

Chapter 7:  Not to be Cheated by Paganism and Gnosticism. 82

7-1:  Colossians and Ephesians. 84

7-2:  Some Background on the Asia of New Testament Times. 85

7-3:  OT quotes in Colossians and Ephesians. 88

7-4:  Ministry of the Mystery. 92

7-5:  The Form that the Gnostic Special Revelations were Taking. 93

Chapter 8:  With the One Baptism (One Salvation) of Ephesians and the Bible no other Evidences of the Filling of the Holy Spirit is Required. 95

8-1:  The One Baptism Presentation of Colossians 2 and 3. 95

8-2:  How To Walk?. 97

8-3:  One Hope of the Christian Calling, the Message of Ephesians 4:1-16. 98

8-4:  A “Learn Christ” equivalent in Colossians of Ephesians 4:17-24?. 99

8-5:  Philemon, Colossians, and Philippians and I, II, and III John harmonized. 102

Chapter 9:         Let God Be God. 108

9-1:  Interaction: God with the people, then the people with God. 109

9-2: Old covenant between God and Israel of Deuteronomy 29-34. 113

9-3:  God predicts Rebellion in the Land. 115

9-4:  Moses wrote in the Song of Moses of the Rebellion in the Land. 116

9-5:  History of the Hebrews and Jews in Romans. 118

Chapter 10:  The Course of Ephesians versus the “Course of this world”. 122

10-1:  Below is a reminder of the outline of Ephesians of Chapter 6, where we want to go in Ultimate Integration in Christ, but the reminder of Ephesians 2:1-3 above still tugs at our disintegration. 122

10-2:  So powerful are these disintegrating forces of the natural world mentioned previously, especially with the addition of the savage wolves of false teachers and leaders, that it begs us to get now into THE ESSENCE OF EPHESIANS. 124

10-3:  The Course of the World is easily illustrated by Passion Preaching to the MTDs. 124

Chapter 11:            The American Conscience. 127

11-1:  American Creativity for Greed and Cover Up. 127

11-2:  More on Greed. 128

11-2:  Pre-programmed Bible Answers to the Bible Search Question of More on Greed. 129

11-3: Covetousness and Greed Destroy any Community or Church. 130

11-4:  National RIGHTEOUSNESS vs National SIN. 131

11-5: The Text of the Message is Proverbs 14:34. 132

11-6: The Marvel of Gods Established Plan for Marriage and Happiness. 132

11-7:  Gay Rights is a Sign of Spiritual, God-Knowledge Bankruptcy. 133

11-8: The Context of Proverbs 14:34 Provides clues on Righteousness. 135

11-9: When the Supreme Court of Judah Ruled on Jeremiah. 136

11-10:  Conscience in the Bible, a Contrast of The Human Conscience:  Some Seared,  Some Good, and et cetera– 140

Chapter 12.  The Lie and Greed plus Seducing spirits and doctrines of devils from Preachers and Theologians Led to the Strong Delusions of MTD. 143

12-1:  Consider the Mountain to Climb in Order to Turn Away from Truth. 143

12-2:  What Happens to the Unbeliever or Departed in this Lifetime on Earth?. 145

12-3:  What God does in This Lifetime to Those Who Turn Away from Truth! 146

12-4:  Love of Truth in the Abstract Can Wipe Out Real Truth in the Concrete. 148

12-5:  “We don’t have to win, only Fight” During the Falling Away. 149

12-5:  What Will Church Members Get Over that Hump as they turn away?. 151

12-6:  The Body of Beliefs called “The LIE” of Falsehood. 152

12-7:  Non-Religious Dimensions of Personality without God retention. 153

12-8:  Greed in America has Disintegrated the American Economy. 155

12-9:  Strong Delusion from American leaders about the Economy. 158

12-10:  How This Relates to the “To Believe” and “For Believing” Gist of this Book. 161

Chapter 13:  “We Shall See Him as He Is”  (I John 3:2) 163

13-1:  How sufficient can be see Jesus as He really is in Ephesians?. 164

13-2:  Okay let’s take a break with the Beloved Apostle John for the Beloved. 167

13-3:  Who is Jesus according to Hard Times Minister T. F. Thompson. 167

13-4:  Signs:  Who is this Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible?. 169

13-5:  The Seven Miracle-Signs of the Gospel of John. 171

Chapter 14:  The Sufficient Jesus with Sufficient Scripture.  (Q&A in the Bible on Who Is Jesus?) 176

14-1:  The Lord Jesus Christ of Ephesians. 176

14-2:  There are 7 total “Lord Jesus Christ” in Ephesians listed below and working backwards as we have the need to progress farther along in the 6 chapters of Ephesians. 178

14-3:  And if you can handle that much Sufficient Meat of the Word, we should get into more depth with Q&A on Who is Jesus from the Gospels. 179

14-4:  What did Jesus teach them?. 182

14-5:   Conclusion, A Summary of What They Said About Jesus. 185

14-6:  Three skeptical questions from the agnostics who claimed to be children of Abraham and of God. 188

Chapter 15:  Contemplative Mysticism and Some Sounds of Sound Doctrine’s (ssosf) “Grace to Know”. 188

15-1:  The best recommendation of Extreme Theology by Chris Rosenbrough. 190

15-2:  And that was written to present you some lead in to the Extreme Theology blog of Chris, in particular blogs that deal with the Mysticism of Warren and Beth Moore. 191

The blog is about The Brutal Truth About Lectio Divina which by the way was sort of a confession of faith or meditation that Beth Moore and Giglio led the our youth to recite during a recent Passion Conference, and that alone should be proof to you of the Mysticism of Passion and how that they must have crowds for marketing. 191

15-3:  Connections of Charles Stanley and Andy Stanley to the mysticism of Passion also motivated by the marketing of getting rich and famous, you know the way of the savage wolves of Ephesus. 191

15-4:  We turn to Got Questions for the definition and answer to Contemplative Mysticism. 192

15-5:  A quick look at  Center for Contemplative Spirituality. 193

15-6:  Enough this mysticism slop for now, we need to get into Some Sounds of Sound Faith and the “Grace to Know”. 194

15-7:  The sufficient answer which demands some additional explanation is that SOUND DOCTRINE (this, of course, includes sound faith) IS “EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD”. 194

15-8:  A Few Biblical Statements About What Sound Doctrine Is! 197

15-9:  What are Some Obstacles to Learning Sound Doctrine?. 199

Chapter 16:  “With This in Mind”  (or “Let this mind be in you such as was IN CHRIST…”. 203

16-1:  What Do we Keep in Mind from Ephesians 1 and 2, a review and summary. 204

16-2:  Church (ecclesia). 205

16-3.  What do we keep in mind from Ephesians 2?. 206

16-4:  In the ONE original outline for chapter 2, the last 2 will be saved for the concluding chapter even as The Final Check with Colossians and Gnosticism will be included in that last chapter. 211

16-5:  With This in Mind we get into the Great Mystery Revealed in Ephesians 3. 211

16-6:  The chief theme of the prayer is for comprehension of the four dimensions of love: breadth, length, height, and depth.  (We talked about that earlier in the Essence of Ephesians.) 214

16-7:  “Faith and Ethics” out of Baylor ignores the realities of the Falling Away, and once gain promotes under theology more than under Bible in spite of giving a lot of lip service to Jesus and the Bible. 215

Chapter 17:   Prayer about Paganism, Prosperity, and the Prisoner of Christ. 218

17-1:  Before Prayer, cast you mental tents on Paganism and how Dr. Peter Jones calls the present trend in theology and Biblical studies as Paganism. 218

17-2:  Baylor as with other Theological Seminaries (Primarily under the leadership of Yale and Harvard with pressures of such from accreditation and academic excellence in the human wisdom and philosophy of theology has trended toward Paganism in excellence of education as that is what most of the world will agree with without argument, providing false unity of a global mission and message. 221

17-3:  A Prayer about This Prayer. 222

17-4:  Prayer with Preparation. 224

17-5:  The Special Prayer. 225

17-6:  A Prayer for   Heart. 226

17-7:  The Dimensions of Love. 227

17-8:  Origin of the Love Vector. 228

17-9:  The Benediction. 229

Chapter 18.    World Love versus God Love. 231

18-1:  Non-Conformity to the Extreme Tolerations of the World from Bible preaching. 232

18-2:  A Redefinition of Tolerance. 233

18-3:  The Embrace of Self-Defeating Relativism. 233

18-4:  The Church Apes the World. 234

18-5:  Jesus, the Intolerant. 235

18-6:  Truth is Intolerant of Error. 236

18-7:  Conformity to the Extreme Tolerations of the World from Baylor’s Theological best preaching. 237

18-8:  Half truth begets a half love and certainly a half faith and half Jesus, and less than half a Bible. 239

18-9:  World Love brings to birth a Gospel of Prosperity and Success. 239

Chapter 19:  The Proper Learning of Christ versus the Gospel of Prosperity. 241

19-1:  Introduction. 243

19-2:  The Bible Gospel of the Kingdom. 244

19-3:  The Real New Birth is the One Baptism or Salvation. 247

19-4:  Who Called and Authorized These Popular Preachers of Prosperity. 248

19-5:  The Treasure of the Real Gospel is in Earthen Vessels. 249

19-6:  Popular Preachers Practice Forbidden Deceit with the Bible. 250

19-7:  Any Other Gospel of Another Kind Brings a Curse. 250

19-8:  The Gospel of Prosperity is Just Plain BAD! 251

19-9:  The Great Falling Away in Churches. 253

19-10:  Learn Christ. 254

Chapter 20:     GOD’S PSYCHOLOGY     Ephesians 4-6. 258

20-1:  God’s Psychology in Ephesians 4-6. 258

20-2:  Implementation of Teachings. 259

20-3:  Paul stops preaching and goes to meddling. 260

20-5:  Paul spells out in specific detail what it is to walk worthily. 261

20-6:  Walk Differently. 263

20-7:  Walk Circumspectly. 264

20-8:  Fighting Sandals. 265


Chapter 21 of One Commentary on Ephesians, continuation of God’s Psychology. 268

21-1:  One against Two. 268

21-2:  First, however, before we go to war against these principalities and powers along with Satan and his many fallen fellow angels, let us continue with the exegesis, analysis, and implementations of Ephesians. 270

21-3:  Attitude # l: BE LIKE GOD. 271

21-4:  Attitude # 2:  YOU ARE LIGHT. 272

21-5:  Attitude #3:   TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE WILL OF THE LORD. 273

21-6:  Attitude # 4:     LET THE HOLY SPIRIT FILL YOU. 274

21-7:  Attitude #5:  HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE TO GOD. 275

21-8:  Attitude #6:  FIND YOUR STRENGTH IN THE LORD. 275

21-9:  Attitude #7:  PUT ON THE HELMET OF SALVATION. 275

21-10:  Next, a Review of One in the book of Ephesians. 276

Chapter 22:  Gospel of God’s Psychology Part III. 279

22-1:  Even as modern Scoffers of the Church deny all the seven basic ONEs of sound doctrine, so they have developed a belief system of ONE quite different from the Oneness of the Bible and in particularly Ephesians. 279


22-3:  The Ten Commandments of Ephesians. 283

22-4:  Specifics of the Passage Ephesians 3:17 thru 5:9. 284

22-5:  A Liar?. 286

22-6:  Love ‘s ingredients in Ephesians. 287

22-7:  Like Sardis, which had “a name that thou livest, and art dead”. 289

22-8:  We love what God loves and hate what God hates, that is part of striving to be LIKE HIM.  (The Nicolaitans were early mystics and gnostics.) 290

22-9:  We as members of the body of Christ despise “THE LIE” of DOM because it begins, ends, and remains always IDOLATRY, a rejection of God our Heavenly Father. (This is a brief exegesis of Romans 1.) 291

22-9a:  God Versus DOM (Deification of Man) Part I. 291

22-9b:  God Versus DOM (Deification of Man) Part II. 292

22-10:  With a failure of the retention of God in human philosophy, theology, and knowledge, God allows the minds of His creatures to become “debased”. 295

22-11:  The Destination  of security in the arms of God with the local VOR, the runway, and the hangar of respectively Romans 8:1, with Romans 8:18, and Romans 8:39. 295

22-12:  Destination:  The Mountain Top of the Love and eternal care of God of Romans 8:39 and the larger context of Romans 8:28-39. 297

Chapter 23:   The Two Shall Become One. 299

23-1:  GIST:  The world cries out in rebellion against everything God, the ONE SHALL REMAIN ONE, while God in His Word and way demands in Christ and the body of the Church the two shall be one, in marriage and life male and female shall become one, Jew and Gentile shall become one body, and so on and on in the Bible the goal and struggle of believing humanity only with and by the grace of God is that the two might be One. 299

23-2  Unity on Christian doctrine of the Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterians and all denominations. 301

23-3:  It is a peace and unity during the storms of current culture between the ONEs of Ephesians, the solidarity of Christian doctrine, and their expression in the total One Church Body. 302

23-4:  By now we are ready to do some things of love, so back once again and to conclude on God’s Gospel of Psychology in One Commentary on Ephesians. 303

23-5:  ONE and Evangelism. 306

23-6:  A FINAL CHECK with Colossians, comparing Scripture with Scripture. 307

Chapter 24:  Knowledge in Ephesians and Colossians. 318

24-1:  Knowledge in Ephesians 1:17, larger context, and in the Colossians equivalent. 319

24-2:  Knowledge in Ephesians 3:2-7. 320

24-3:  Ephesians 3:10-21, the Manifold Wisdom of God. 321

24-4:  Again, it comes out of the clouds of the total church body, agreed to be invisible in one sense of the word but visible anytime one believer witness to faith in Christ 322

24-5:  It is easily understood when the majority of those in the body of Christ presently will not endure sound doctrine, as the renowned leaders of Bible and Theology have sold out in the words of Dr. Jones to paganism and gnosticism. 325

24-6:  How foolish and unprofitable to consider today any but Paul on Gnosticism.. 327

24-7:  Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ. 328

Chapter 25:  Paul’s Plan for Peace and Unity in the SBC based on Ephesians and Colossians. 334

25-1:  We have a plan and a program in the Southern Baptist Convention for almost everything, let me ask you why it is that we do not have a plan and program for peace and unity in the Southern Baptist Convention?. 334

25-2:  We must keep positive about this; therefore, our subject is:  PAUL’S PLAN FOR PEACE AND UNITY IN THE SBC. 336

25-3:  The Unity Which the Spirit Gives as Summarized in the Seven One’s. 337

25-4:  Relationship of the Bonds of Peace to the Falling Away. 340

Chapter 26:           Continuing Faith. 343

26-1:  Two Steps of Salvation in BELIEVE and BELIEVING of John 20:30,31. 344

26-2:  “Evil Heart of Unbelief in Departing from the Living God.   (Heb. 3:12) 345

26-3:  Covetousness Causes a Straying from Faith and Personality Destruction. 346

26-4:  Misunderstood “Covetousness” has two basic Meanings in the Bible. 348

26-5:  Covetousness is Destructive:  (1) nationally to neighbors; and (2) to self. 348

26-6:  What Caused the Recent Destruction of the American Economy?. 349

26-7:  Covetousness in America Has Made of Churches a “Den of Thieves”. 350

26-8:  Cover Up of the State of the American Economy Eclipsed by Churches. 352

26-9:  Saving and Continuing Faith versus “Believe and Tremble” by James. 352

26-10:  Reconcile “workout your salvation” with salvation “not by works”. 353

26-11:  “With the Holy Spirit”, the Place of the Spirit in the Bible Reports. 353

26-12:  Back to the “Fear and Faith” of I John 4:18. 354

26-13:  Today, Chose God’s Eternal Rest over Any Unbelief! 355

Chapter 27:  “Spare No Effort”. 357

27-1:  Advance in the Bible and Bread life and the total integration IN CHRIST. 357

27-2:  QUESTION: What is a reprobate mind according to the Bible?. 358

27-3:  What happens to intellectuals and other men and women that SUPPRESS THE TRUTH OF GOD?. 360

27-4:  In this summary of “Spare no effort”, supplemented with the 7 ONEs of Ephesians 4:4-6, all the work is done for you to understand the book of Ephesians, and thus all of the 14 letters of the Apostle Paid. 363

27-5: Peace among all Christians is shattered anytime a group {church, religious business, or denomination} takes just one doctrine out of context, running with it alone to the neglect of the other six; and primarily to the neglect of a frontal movement with all Seven. 364

27-6: All we have for PEACE and UNITY among all Christians of the ONE BODY. 366

27-7: For peace and unity as given by the One Holy Spirit, Christians must put on over their lives these seven doctrines. 369

27-8:   “Above all” (Ephesians 6:16-18) find leaders and examples, who wear obviously and out in the open. 373

Chapter 28:  Top 12 Topics of the Bible. 376


28-2:   Righteousness of God and Man. 380

28-3: The Composite Witness of the Bible. 382

28-4:  God, Man, and the “Son of Man”. 385


28-6:  Wisdom from God. 391

28-7:  THE GOSPEL. 393

28-8:  Listening More Important Than Sacrifice. 393

28-9:  What Happened to the Jews as The Chosen People of God?. 395

28-10:  The Salvation of God. 396

28-11:  The New King of the New Israel. 397

28-12:  The Living God Wants Others to Live. 399

Chapter 29:    Jesus, the Author of Sound Christian Doctrine. 401

29-1:  Part of this lack of respect for the Ancient Jesus by intellectuals and their followers, is a failure to see what came to the Apostle John by revelation on the isle of Patmos, in order words the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, which gave him the eternal perspective on Christ, that like God the Father Jesus is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, so after John recorded the book of Revelation he was able to start his Gospel story of Jesus in the words—.. 401

29-2:  While it can be said that Christianity started in the First Century as Christian itself, only found 3 times in the Bible, as a word did enter the human world then, Christ and Christian Doctrine started at the beginning of Creation; in fact, before the Creation of the World as John 1 makes clear. 404

29-3:  Let us move on to some chapter conclusion on Christ as the author of Christian doctrine by an exegetical look at the word author for Jesus as given in the Bible, Hebrews 12:1,2. 408

Chapter 30:   Preaching Thru the Bible Every Year:  A Revival of Christian Doctrine with All Scripture Approach and Movement. 412

30-1:  Since God in His Word has informed us that a great apostasy movement in the church (II Timothy 4:3,4) will inevitably happen, we cannot stop the falling away in churches; however, there can always be some revival, and how about a revival of Christian Doctrine with the All Scripture approach of II Timothy and an All Scripture continuous movement lead by authorized leaders in the church to get through the Bible every year. 412

30-2:  Outline of the Literal Bible for Preaching Thru in One year.  (Note that in each of the 12 major topics, there is generally four roman numeral divisions, I thru IV, each of those will be a Preaching Sermon, so 12 time 4 equals 48 or so.) 413






30-8:  WISDOM FROM GOD. 437

30-9: THE GOSPEL. 439






30-15: A full, complete, and original outline of the Bible. 447

Chapter 31:  The Ephesians Supplement to Preaching Through the Bible in one year.  (The Cause of Christ) 449

31-1.  We pray as taught by Jesus for the kingdom to come, the complete government of Christ on the new earth; we are half of the visible church now here on earth as some members of the thousands and millions of local churches assembly to honor Christ are also members of the one Church; and of course as such will be in the literal forever kingdom on the new earth. 449

31-2.  In preaching through the Bible, we must each time add one point on the Cause of Christ as OT quotes in the NT could not cover this Cause since in all the ages before Paul, this revelation was not made.  “…Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men…”. 450

31-3.  Several things can be seen immediately by the failure of the church today to distinguish between the One Church of all believers in Christ and the one literal kingdom of Christ to be fully fulfilled at the second coming: 451

31-4.  You see how important these 5 quotes are to implement in Ephesians 4-6 the Cause of Christ, although meager if you compare the number of 9 OT quotes in the first chapter of Hebrews alone, and the 5 quotes in Romans the first two chapters. 452

31-5.  Master Tables Bible Outline. 454

31-6.  So many movements today centered around the nation of Israel, do not either get Romans 11 and IN CONTEXT or want to understand it as their eyes are blinded by the false mathematics of the Scofield mites. 455

31-7:  Israel’s Rejection Not Final 456

31-8.  In the Context of the Bible we preach through the Bible in one year allowing the book of Ephesians to be our commentary on the Bible as it contains the new revelations of the Cause or Mystery of Christ revealed by God in the first century. 457

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