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Spare No Effort at Peace and Unity Book I:

LCLC series (Learn Christ, Low Cost Black and White)

And Below is the Link to review and purchase it on Amazon.  Previously all the books on Amazon were in color with a higher cost; however this is the beginning with 3 books now published in the series of a Low Cost, Learn Christ in Black and White series.  The goal is to duplicate what as a young sailor newly licensed to preach by Dr. R. G. Lee was found from Moody Press to be both affordable and spiritually helpful.

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A Short Brief (More to Follow in Notes from Spare No Effort at Peace and Unity)

16-6: The chief theme of the prayer is for comprehension of the four dimensions of love: breadth, length, height, and depth. (We talked about that earlier in the Essence of Ephesians.)This comprehension as the Holy Spirit looks ahead to the time of Revelation would certainly prevent a leaving of the “first loves” but the four-dimension baffle, even those that do not sympathize with Adam’s statement about communicating in the language of mathematical physics are forced to turn to the math of physics for the most plausible explanation of four dimensions.

Three dimensions are easy, the fourth is more difficult. Mathematicians automatically think of the x, y’ and z axis of the Cartesian co-ordinate system or those in technical work think of the azimuth, range, and elevation dimensions of radar.  You can picture the love of Christ as being like the cross where it. reaches down to the fallen, then out to our neighbors, and then up to God. Yet in this case and the one from mathematical physics above, where do you get the fourth dimension? The answer is easy! The fourth dimension or parameter, just like in physics, is time! In fact, movement in any of the three dimensions of x, y, or z with respect to time is called velocity. Velocity is a vector that has both direction and speed.

B. H. Carroll says that the book of Ephesians is also a book of great loves and so the four dimensions of love should be called the love vector, with direction and constant speed.

NOTE: Where the falling away really started in the SBC was with the warfare of Scofield fundamentalists against what they called moderates and led by Criswell who told Moyer on TV that “we will keep fighting until one side or the other wins”, announced for other feuding fundamentalist a war of a lack of constant or continuous love.   Right then, LOVE DIED in the SBC with leadership from the football player warrior Adrian Rogers, the administrator Paige Patterson, and the corrupt Judge Pressler, and of course thousands of followers now hiding in the shadows as the SBC disintegrates without love.

The string of world evangelism and co-operative work was broken as Winfred Moore predicted would happen.  Of course, this fight to save and restore to control the Scofield mites was then hidden with the cover-up of a fight for literal truth, now it continues to be covered up with a falsely called conservative resurgence. How can the bad mathematics of Scofield theology that does the Bible forbidden curse of addition to and subtraction from the Bible, be called in any sense a CONSERVATIVE RESURGENCE.  It is a lie!  And how can destroying the careers and reputations of fellow pastors and teachers, falsely called moderates—much better men than themselves, be called either conservative or a revival like resurgence.  We must hand it to these pastors, administrators, and the judge for a worldly like PR job well done.  What happened in the Protestantism of the once largest denomination in the world, the SBC, was a repeat of the Roman Vatican of around 1000 A.D., victimized by “seducing spirits and doctrines of devils” (I Timothy 4:4,5) as they forbad priests to marry and meat blessed by God to be eaten.

It is doubtful if this can publicly or in reality every be reversed with public confession and repentance from the many Scofield mites still in control of the SBC.  The 10-year plan by Criswell, Rogers, Patterson, and Pressley out of hell worked, now 30 years later their appointees still control the SBC, like Thom Ranier that both promotes the contemplative mysticism of Beth Moore and the new Scofield Reference Bible with the image of Scofield on the cover.  And what a PR job these Scofield mites did as they convinced the Convention of their noble crusade to promote literal Bible with a false theology centered around the three words not even found in the Bible—rapture, dispensationalism, and millennium.

About the SunGrist BibleBooks LC2Bw series:


  1. Security of the Believer, a Harmony of the Epistles of John and Paul.: SunGrist BibleBooks B&W LC series

Kindle Edition

  • ASIN: B07QJ1LP5R


Security of the Believer, a Harmony of the Epistles of John and Paul.: SunGrist BibleBooks B&W LC series


  • ASIN:1093280220
  • ISBN-13:978-1093280227

Spare No Effort at Peace and Unity Book I: LCLC series (Learn Christ, Low Cost Black and White)


  • ASIN:1096788012
  • ISBN-13:978-1096788010


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