One Commentary on Romans, One Baptism is the One Salvation Series #1: Romans in Context, Galatians and Peter.

In the 7 essential doctrines, the ONEs of Ephesians, the One Baptism is the One Salvation!

Chapter 1:  Romans in Context, Galatians and Peter.

Granted while the wonderful book of Romans is the most complete, systematic, and sometimes deep[1] treatment of the one salvation {one baptism[2]} of the Bible; Galatians is a miniature of the book of Romans, like the larger Romans of 16 chapters, Galatians of 6 chapters has a major theme of the One Baptism, or the One Salvation.

I.  One Baptism is the One Salvation of the Bible.

1.  The exclusive nature of Ephesians 4:4-6 on all the major subjects, alias doctrines of the Bible, demands that the One Baptism is the One salvation.

2.  Salvation is sometimes hard to understand, and except for our incomplete personal experience we have only the Bible under the leadership of the Holy Spirit for understanding; and if you have already re-read II Peter 3:15,16, as mentioned in an earlier footnote, as introductory to Paul writing Scriptures hard to understand, Peter writes of in 3:15a that “the long suffering of our Lord is salvation”.  Comparatively speaking, while the word “salvation” is big, deep, and full of meaning in the Bible, the word itself is infrequently mentioned.[3]

3.  With One Baptism as the main theme, that automatically makes Romans six, which some Bibles label as “dead to sin and alive to God”, the central thought chapter[4] of the 16 chapters of Romans, and Romans 6:4 the gist verse.

“Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism[5] into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.”  (Romans 6:4)

II.  Don’t be overly awed at the 16 chapters of Romans, for at the top level it can be broken down into a 7-point outline[6].

1.  (Romans 1:1-8) Initial and personal greetings from Paul as in everyone of his letters.

2.  (Romans 1:16-4:25) “Every mouth stopped” and convinced like all the rest of the world, Jews and Gentiles, that they are sinners that “have come short of the glory of God”.  Being short of the glory of God itself is sin, and God originally created man and woman in the glorified image of God.

3.  Faith Counted for Righteousness (Romans 5:1 – 6:23)

4.  What God does for us in Salvation (Romans 7)

5.  What God does in Us (Romans 8).

5.  The Status of the nation of Israel in the sight of God, and the new spiritual Israel of the new birth (Romans 8,9,10)

6.  Natural applications to life and in life for those of the gospel of the kingdom of the one baptism (11-15:13).

7.  Salutations (Romans 15:14-16:27)[7].

III.  Depending on how serious you are to master the content of Romans under the guidance of the Spirit and comparing Scripture with Scripture for good hermeneutics[8], the science of Bible interpretation, you should first read and study the miniature of Romans in Galatians.  It being only 6 chapters long will be easier.  {Please download Galatians in PDF from .}

NOTE:  The following outline of  Galatians comes from a chapter of volume 3 of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries, “Believe and Be Baptized”.  You can download free–“freely we have received, freely we give”–this  chapter PDF entitled “Galatians, Gospel of One Baptism”; or you can also download free, like all of the LCC commentaries, the whole volume on the “Life and 14 Letters of the Apostle Paul”.

1.  Introduction.

     a.  Ephesians 4:4-6 with examples from the other first 10 books from Paul of the development of the ONEs like one body in I Corinthians, one spirit in II Corinthians and on through 4:4-6 and the books of Paul.

      b.  The one salvation and one baptism of Galatians 2:20 with a comparison to Romans 6:4.

““I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.”  (Galatians 2:20)

2.  Galatians in the other books of the New Testament.

      a.  Region of Galatia in Acts 16:6 and Timothy as resident in 16:1-3.

     b.  Second missionary journey of Paul with the sequencing of churches before and after Galatia in Acts 18:23.

      c.  Churches of Galatia and then Corinth (I Corinthians 16:1) given orders to collect money for the saints in Jerusalem.

      d.  Crescens for Galatia (II Timothy 4:9-21).

      e.  Galatia among the pilgrims of the dispersion from I Peter 1:1.

3.  I and II Peter as commentaries on Galatians.


NOTE :  A top outline of I and II Peter would go like this–

   I.  Respect for the Living Word of God, the Scriptures, as shown by applications in the world, government, toward supervisors, husbands, and the good life:  I Peter 1-3:12.

    II.  Sufferings, Christ and believers, in proper perspective:  I Peter 3:13-4:19.

  III.  Holy Conduct and Godliness for elders, youth, and Silvanus:  I Peter 5.

   IV.  Life and Godliness with escape from the world’s corruption, with the resources

from God for which, in II Peter 1.

    V.  Destructive Doctrines and False Teachers, the Scoffers and their Scoffing’s.

II Peter 2.

    VI.  A five-point summary of the Message of II and I Peter:  II Peter 3:1-13.

 VII.  Paul, the OT, Scriptures, and things hard to understand that some twist to their own destruction:  II Peter 3:14-18.


4.    The One Baptism of “Believe and Be Baptized” of Galatians 2:20.

 5.  Freedom of Choice in Galatians.

 6.  Applications and Implications of the One Baptism of Galatians 6.

NOTE:  And so starts the beginning of a thorough study of the book of Romans from many aspects.  It is sort of like a diamond or jewel of the Bible, where you get something different from each view.  Remember to read the book of Galatians as a miniature of Romans and recall that you can download a PDF copy at .

IV.  Evangelist Swaggart and family, it is Illumination in the Bible rather than Enlightenment.

Even as Paul had to correct Peter on circumcision and the Bible, so somebody for the sake of all those that get Swaggart’s set of Expositor’s Bible, must correct one of the 7 greatest evangelists of America and Donnie, his son, on Enlightenment and Illumination when it comes to Bible understanding.  Last Sunday Donnie made the statement that “John Wesley was wrong; he just did not have the Enlightenment that we have today.”

Before we get into the details of Illumination verses Enlightenment and how the word enlightenment is a famous word of American Thought, it is NOT a word in the Bible.  Herein the Swaggart’s have developed a theology like that of the Scofield Mites where the whole philosophy and theology (one might say isogesis of reading meaning into the Bible in terms of hermeneutics) is built around the 3 words not even found once in the Bible—that of rapture, millennium, and dispensationalism.  By the way as well as inventing Bible words and theology on the subject of illumination, the Swaggart’s are also Scofield Mites.

Since the Old fashion gospel aspects of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry is more than weekly appreciated with the outstanding spiritual and unique music, no minister is allowed the excesses of liberal freedom with the Bible, that is taken in their enlightened exposition of the Bible.  Stacked up against the “faith once for all delivered to the saints”, their Bible exposition is approximately 85% accurate, just like the Apostle Peter was 98% accurate on the Gentiles, law and faith.  (Peter did take correction, but the Swaggart’s remain egotistically at the top of world evangelism confident both, in the condemning words on unknown tongues in I Corinthians 14, that “the word of God came to them only” and “the word of God came out of them.”

Let us face it, the Swaggart’s think as some other Pentecostals, that new revelations have come out of recent Pentecostal movements and their own ministry even more so.  They think they invented the message of the cross, a fallacious “baptism in the Holy Ghost as evidenced by the speaking in unknown tongues”; and so many other inaccuracies of Bible exposition that after the music on the Wednesday night program as Swaggart taught on the Bible, supposedly, it was turned off even as the other services where extensive they began speaking in unknown tongues.  (The gist of I Corinthians 14 is that worship like in unknown tongues is reserved for private devotions, the speaking of unknown tongues in public worship promotes confusion.)   And these confusions of unsound doctrines come basically, not only as gimmicks and the need to provide and promote a unique and popular ministry, from failures with the substitution of Enlightenment with the Bible ordained word and method of ILLUMINATION, also a misunderstanding of gifts of ministry in the Bible as they weekly show evidence that all the gifts are their possessions, respecting little all the millions of sound Bible doctrine Christians and ministers from the first century to the Azusa Street meetings.   Appropriate for Jimmy, Donny, and Gabriel would be the saying of Charles Spurgeon as, “Be not such a wiseacre as to think that you have nothing to learn from the past”.

NOTE:  It is just prayed that much of the set of Swaggart Bible Expositor Commentaries was written by his large staff of assistant pastors and teachers, who by the way some more evidence of Bible training and Bible knowledge that he himself.

No more of this now, although as each opportunity comes during these Bible expositions on Romans to correct the Swaggart’s Bible inventions with some unique and convenient process of enlightenment, it must be mentioned especially on their major failing to substitute of the One Baptism in the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, by the way found no place in the Bible, for the One Baptism of the One salvation in the Bible.  (Granted that Jimmy Swaggart has been one of the greatest on the one salvation, evangelism and music are his gifts, not Bible exposition.)

  • It could seem strange to you to enjoy for the most part the Family Worship Center on TV and object to the Swaggart Bible; so right up front now will be given one example of the failures in sound doctrine of his Bible. 
  • “The Apostle Paul was Defeated by Sin
  • One of the most dangerous teachings found in the Swaggart Bible is that, according to Swaggart, the Apostle Paul was continually overcome by sin while he ministered the gospel and wrote scripture, and that Paul did not understand the substitutionary atonement of Christ on the cross, and in fact, none of the other apostles understood it either. In short, the apostles didn’t know what they were talking or writing about. Jimmy Swaggart claims a special divine revelation of God about the cross and that God has called and ordained Jimmy Swaggart Ministries to bring this new revelation to the world.”

[1]When the Apostle Peter wrote in II  Peter 3:15.16 of the Scriptures from the Apostle Paul that were hard to understand, and how that some wrested them to their own destruction, you know he had in mind Romans and the miniature of Galatians.  The history of Christianity even before Luther shattered the connection between the Vatican of Rome and Protestantism with “the just shall live by faith” of Romans 1:17, has in subsequent years wrestled and wrested almost to destruction with the predestination versus free will of Romans, when in reality they are both true!

[2]In the 7 ONEs of Ephesians 4:4-6 {“There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in your all.”} we have a summary of all major doctrines of the Bible, a summary in the total 6 chapters of Ephesians of all first 10 of the letters {books} of the Apostle Paul, including Galatians and Romans; and you may be shocked to find that one salvation is not one of the 7 major ONEs of Ephesians 4:4-6, the obvious reason being that the One Baptism is closest to the salivation God and from God of Galatians, Romans, and in fact of the whole New Testament.

[3]Apart from a detailed look up in YOUNG’S ANALYTICAL CONCORDANCE or STRONG’S, if you take the average concordance that comes in most Bibles, you will find “salvation” listed only 12 times while baptism and its other forms like baptize, etc. is listed 16 times. Granted “saved” is mentioned another 10 times, and I’m saved is what you hear most often from people although salvation is a past, present, and future process.

[4]If Paul had included the 3 very critical chapters on Israel, Romans 9-11, to explain how salvation was so great and yet rejected by the majority in Israel–by the way like today–Romans 6 would have been closer to half of the 16 chapters of Romans.

[5]This is not water baptism but the one baptism of salvation of which water baptism is only a symbolic representation.  Water baptism not only acts out the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, but also acts out our own death and burial to self and sin and our own resurrection to a new life in Christ.

[6]This is the core of the Pre-Outline, which will be expanded as the Bible sessions continue, and then summarized again with quotes and notes in a Post-Outline, one like you are familiar with in the development of years in the Bible studies of Jeremiah.  The free download of the Jeremiah outline is among the most downloaded PDFs from SunGrist_Bible on .

[7]A longer closing is required of a longer book like the 16 chapters of Romans.

[8]The subject of study in colleges and seminaries is really simply a study of the rules the Bible Itself lays down for proper understanding or interpretation.

There are few places that you can get this depth of Bible study, immersed in quotes from Scripture and appealing to your search of the Scriptures to prove. More than usual, you are urged to free download this Bible study from SunGrist at:

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