“Preaching Thru the Bible in One Year Book I: PTB #1 thru # 9 and Resurrection.”

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“Preach the Word” symbolized Dr. R. G. Lee and Dr. Lee personified the preaching of the Bible. He wrote in a copy of his life story, “A Chosen Vessel” given to me by my wife Ann while Dr. Lee at Bellevue was our pastor: “The world has yet to see what God can do with the man that is steeped in the Word of God.” Well, it was impetus during many years of preaching; however, what Dr. Lee himself epitomized was the saying, for the world each time they listened to him heard the Word, heard thoroughly the Word, whether it was the most famous of his sermons, “Payday Someday” or from the weekly bread with which he feed his listeners in messages like “Bread from Bellevue Oven”. Dr. Lee simultaneously was an Orator—you are reminded of that if you read the words under the photo—a called man of God that reveled in the Bible, knew the Bible, and shared it peerlessly and incomparably with great convictions. I recall one Sunday night standing near the altar as another member of Bellevue made a typical statement that Dr. Lee was flattering, to which the immediate response based on how deep the Bible had sunk into his life, and how deeply the words “were hid in his heart that he not sin against God”, replied “I never flatter”.The greatest honor of my life, other than Jesus as my Savior and Lord at age 9 in a revival by Hyman Appleman, is to be able to say that Dr. R. G. Lee not only licensed me to preach, but also set the supreme example like the Apostle Paul to “Preach the Word, be instant in season, out of season, reprove rebuke and exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine.That time has come now and passed into even Christian fables from may pulpits, and what Dr. Lee preached and wrote in one message from Bread from Bellevue Oven which was entitled the “Menace of Mediocrity” has been fulfilled not only in his pulpit at Bellevue but also throughout his beloved SBC of which he was President, namely: “Times will come so bad that wrens back prey where eagles dare not perch.

The Kindle Version of Preaching Thru the Bible in one year, PTB #1 thru 9 and the Resurrection is also available on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SXCYSKN

Lest we forget the greatest preacher of the SBC!

In keeping with the “freely we have received, freely we give” and “more Bible, more world” themes of SunGrist (Jerry V. McMichael), you are also welcome to free download in PDF this Book I of Preaching thru the Bible in one year, on SunGrist at:


Lastly you may want to browse on the Amazon Author page of SunGrist (Jerry Vaughan McMichael) other books that are available. See at: https://www.amazon.com/Jerry-Vaughan-McMichael/e/B07LB2B11Y?ref=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000

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  1. Hello my dear pastor how are you?
    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I hope that you will considered me in your program thank you for that I hope you will reply soon


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