Build Yourself Up a Library of Reliable, Conservative Bible Commentaries.

As Spurgeon wrote in Lectures to My Students, “Be not such a wiseacre to think you have nothing to learn from the past.” How important it is to be selective on your Bible reading and study; for example giving priority to those who in turn have followed some of the best in Christian preachers, writers, and teachers like Dr. R. G. Lee, George W. Truett, B.H. Carroll, Wayne Oates in Christian psychology, F.F. Bruce in the New International Commentaries, C.S. Lewis on Christian apologetics and evidences, also Bernard Ramm and on hermeneutics. On church growth and administration, P. E. Burroughs and Gaines Dobbins. Also Peter Marshall and Lloyd Ogilvie for preachers and Bible commentators. What you will find, cutting across denominations and ages is a few men that consistently hold true to the Bible as the Word of God.

Complete Set of SunGrist Bible Commentaries in Amazon Kindle

A Low cost offer to study completely thru the Bible in only 7 volumes.

Using SunGrist books on Kindle and Kindle, also Kindle Unlimited, you can either slowly or quickly build yourself a library of Kindle Bible commentaries

That are conservative and not caught up in either liberalism and theology.

NOTE:  Adding up the total cost of 7 volumes by checking the COST column below, the total is ……………    62.48                                           Cost                                                                         

1.  Volume 1.                                     0.00      In Kindle Unlimited

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Description automatically generated

2.  Volume 2.                                   9.99

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

3.  Volume 3.                                         0.00            Kindle Unlimited                                           

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Description automatically generated

4.  Volume 4.                                      0.00          Kindle Unlimited   

                                                                                                                                                          2.99          Matchbook 

5.  Volume 5.                                     0.00            Kindle Unlimited

6.  Volume 6.                           15.50

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Description automatically generated

7.  Volume 7.                               0.00             Kindle United

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Description automatically generated

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2.95              Matchbook

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