Free Downloads Week 711 (almost 14 years), Day of Nov 24 on

NOTE: So many visitors at this website of SunGrist daily, like 1,229 on this day, that reports must be made for one day only. Once again as shown on the last post of free download for the SunGrist newer website of, the complete free books that are also available on Amazon as Paperback and Kindle are shown in bold. (Info at the list end of the author page of Jerry McMichael (SunGrist).

File The full title of this book is Bible Reports for Believing, the way of Continuing Faith. Written primarily based on the Gospel of John and I John for a Pastor in Rangon, Mymar starting Bible classes. This book is completely based on the Gospel of Mark, and the title of What the Churches Don’t Want you to Hear is for attention and warning of the great apostasy of the falling away on the local church level. Friend of Jesus in this Bible and Computer Age, sufficient for the falling away. Jesus made no bones about stating “You are my friends (only) if you keep my commandments”. Some Sounds of Sound Faith (Doctrine) dedicate to my kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids to give them what was most important for them to know from 50 previous years of intene Bibe study. This is also Friends of Jesus. This is volume 3 of the 8 volume set of the LEARN CHRIST COMMENTARIES, the volume being entitled The Life and 14 Letters of the Apostle Paul.
Privilege.pdf Actually on Amazon this is half of the book Forever Kingdom, volume 7 in the Learn Christ Commentaries. second half of Forever Kingdom. This is volume 2 of the LEARN CHRIST COMMENTARIES, Christ for Individuals, the 5 books of the Apostle John–Revelation, the Gospel of John, and the little epistles.

For variety is the SunGrist Paperback books on Amazon, shown in bold in the table above, where you can mark up highlight, underline and make notes during your reading and study as well as future reference. And if you enjoy the ease of reading in Kindle, the books in bold are also available on Amazon at the Author Pages of Jerry McMichael (SunGrist) in Kindle.

SunGrist (Jerry V. McMichael) on Amazon

See over 4 pages of Bible Books, Paperback and Kindle, by Jerry.

1.  United States Link.

2.  United Kingdom (UK) Link.

3.  Brazil.

4.  India (Amazon Asia-Pacific)

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