ONE COMMENTARY ON THE BIBLE: Prophets and Apostles.

NOTE: Now available at half cost in the SunGrist Golden Edition Pubs in immediate PDF download, or on Amazon in Paperback or Kindle.

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25.58 in SunGrist Golden Edition Pub.

10 reasons why Prophets and Apostles should be your one in depth college level Bible course:1. It is like a Study Bible as it is so thorough on both the Old Testament (Prophets) and New Testament (Apostles).2. It is a free book in PDF with the options of later owning it in Paperback and Kindle for a lifetime of reference.3. Since Seminary students after six years or more of study of Theology and Bible find the Bible is a closed book because (1) a lack of will to do the will of God, and (2) failures of spiritual discernment, in Prophets and Apostles you are encouraged to find the open Bible of Authorized Semi-Public Interpretation (ASPI) of II Peter 1:21,22.4. All the Bible is important; however since what is most important in the Old Testament to be known is quoted in the New Testament (NT) with over 200 quotes, then in the NT the meaning of those quotes is explained and implemented.5. Counter to the recent trend to ignore the OT, SunGrist in Prophets and Apostles, recognizes the approach of Jesus of neither jot nor tittle will be neglected in the totality of the Bible.6. In the approximately 400 pages, you are reading and studying the Bible Itself and not about the Bible, a remedy for the bad habits of superficial theology filled with the wisdom of men. Yet the scholarly work of men like Sampey, Hester, and B.H. Carroll are honored.7. Prophets and Apostles is written around the internal structure of the Bible Itself, one might say that structure is the backbone of the Bible and the method through which God the Holy Spirit worked in over two thousand years of history with dedicated Prophets and Apostles and Jesus.8. Old and New Testament is about the Lord Jesus Christ, consistently teaches on the Gospel with a focus on How to Properly Learn Christ.9. Prophets and Apostles recognizes that the Bible is more a guidebook for living than a doctoral dissertation, with internal requirements to be understood as no more book, personal requirements for the individual in touch with the Holy Spirit.10. The Reader and/or student can visualize in 12 Tables the internal structure of the Bible from Genesis to Malachi, and provides an easy topical outline of the Bible in 12 major subjects, starting in Genesis with The Living God of the Living and ending in Malachi and Prophets with The Living God wants Others to Live.NOTE: By the way for you teachers and preachers, or would be, there are many outlines for Bible teaching.
However, you can get the SunGrist Golden Edition Pub equivalent, ONE COMMENTARY ON THE BIBLE: PROPHETS AND APOSTLES for half price to the paperback, directly from SunGrist Bible Commentaries at a cost of 25.58 .


Chapter 1: Introduction to the ONE Commentary. 3
1-3: To the Nations — Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Isaiah 6
Chapter 2: Christ properly Learned is the Major Theme of One commentary, the must goal of Your Life! 26
Chapter 3: Paul Wraps up the Bible. 35
Chapter 4: The Bible is Christ. 48
Chapter 5: The Old Testament According to the New Testament 72
Chapter 6: Matthew and Jesus. 91
Chapter 7: John Mark and the Apostle James. 114
Chapter 8: The Gospel Explained: Paul in Hebrews and Romans. 138
chapter 9: Prophets and Apostles 156
Chapter 10: All the Prophets of the Old Testament. 181
CHAPTER 11: Solid Foothold in the Prophets and Christian Faith. 196
Chapter 12: Prophetic Messages on History. 219
Chapter 13: LAST DAYS and Eschatology in the Prophets 237
Chapter 14: Eschatology in the Book of Revelation. 259
chapter 15: THE PROPHET MESSIAH. 273
Chapter 16: The Kingdom in the Literal Bible 288
Chapter 17: APPENDIX: The Gospel of Learn Christ Proclaimed, Established, Explained, Reinforced. And Appendices. 300

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